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Ban List for Climate Change

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
Wharf Rat03/11/2020 11:20ama self-righteous moron
b4himdude.02/06/2020 07:53amHe wants to "stop breathing..." because of climate change. The precise idiocy that climate deniers are spewing.alright.... climate change is real.and i1
rxbond01/22/2020 04:01pmclimate denier rxbond will be dead in a James Bond movie of climate change, only real.I want the movie to be a drama, but the1
Winfastorlose11/29/2019 12:00pmscience-politicizing science-denying existence-threatening climate deniers can go only 1 place - hellWhat caused the highest tide?2
Bonefish11/15/2019 05:48pmhis intelligence is as good as fish boneObama doesn't believe that.1
Litore Lapis10/11/2019 10:14pmOpposite views are valid from qualified people, such as a physics paper reviewed by another physicist who devoted to research in similar problems and area. What climate deniers say as opposite views is like on profound math problem a theologian maki The Climate From 2014... h1
Proud Deplorable10/01/2019 08:46amHe is a deplorable and idiot.This climate change you speak of is a fr1
POKERSAM09/25/2019 08:13amPKERSAM is nothing but hate, just like Donald Trump. They both can serve the people best not by showing up. This is the inmates running the asylum1
Conrad Murphy08/10/2019 09:03pmHis only interest is to promote Trump, the America's Hitler.A Chinese group is in the process of buy1
mel22107/12/2019 11:26amclimate change is not CONservitude or liberal issue as all idiot reptards seem to think. They will be killed by climate-change induced violent weather events. Look what is going on the enormous rainfall thus far and how much they are expected to ge I love to discuss climate change with16
IC72006/09/2019 02:57pmto this guy fake news like fox news and pro trump is true news, and mainstream media are fake. he is fake "He provides the best confirmation to4
IBDaMann05/30/2019 10:36amSpreading Climate Denialsim Propaganda Garbages. He just made this account to spread anti-climate propaganda. IBDaMann must work for coal miners to deny climate change. "IBDaMann" must also be a duplicate ID who holds multiple SI account. His famIn Message #https://www.siliconi3
TideGlider02/19/2019 08:28amhe wanted to be banned with this only post.This Bozo got himself cancelled lol1
wherry01/06/2019 08:55pmNot allowed to post climate propaganda sites here.Very UNsettled science. http://notric1
golfer7211/10/2018 09:35pmhas nothing intelligent to contribute to the board, perhaps to the world too. He sounds like a conspiracy theorist, maybe a Qanon.Nonsense. If Gillam gets elected after t8
James Seagrove11/04/2018 11:05amThis rightwing idiot keeps posting rightwing political propaganda that have nothing to do with this board.[yt]05ro6fcj6Ek[/yt]14