Ban List for The Trump Presidency

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
pcstel07/12/2018 01:20pmJust sick of this guy "Show me the law the gop tried to pass290
arno07/05/2018 01:00amOne rule violation***They wouldn't all be blue if the Repu207
FUBHO06/13/2018 09:22pmcan't follow the ONE RULERE: I know you like Snopes [colo382
Alex MG01/02/2018 08:01pmHe just can't follow the ONE RULE of this thread..>>>I was under the impression, for so730
denizen4811/26/2017 05:30pmbreaking the one ruleAmazing how you can spout off on all th143
golfer7209/27/2017 08:50pmattacking the moderatorYou aint gonna learn shit Bentway watchi138
StockDung01/28/2017 09:12pmPosting stuff of unknown provenance unrelated to TrumpTurns out it was just more staged FAKE N17
longnshort01/09/2017 05:20pmposting fake newsNepotism http://www.thepoliticalinsider18
Sdgla01/09/2017 12:57pmpersonal attack on moderatorYou protest when change comes for you an89
Rarebird01/03/2017 10:28ampersonal attacksLimit to what? Your political correctnes53
The Black Swan01/03/2017 10:26amtroublemakerSorry Bentway... He can still read right184
James Seagrove12/20/2016 01:03pmcontent free troll[embedded image]3
jlallen12/15/2016 12:30pmpersonal attacksIOW, you're FOS.167
locogringo12/15/2016 12:28pmn/aAll you want to do is argue. You are38

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