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Ban List for The Donald Trump Presidency

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
Honey_Bee03/16/2019 11:22pmPoster needs a psychiatrist... As all conservative/Republicans know,916
Fast Eddie12/30/2018 08:37pmNot willing to reply to posted questions on more than one occasion after being warned...You're really going to defend his obviou4
chronicle06/19/2018 10:52amInappropriate...Puke Barf Gag. Seagrove's immature resp1
maduran06/08/2018 12:01pmBizarre and mentally ill... insulting and offensive to the moderator, provocative and inappropriate behavior... Why do you say the Holocaust was a3
Celtictrader05/05/2018 06:18pmIgnores questions...You really are a LonelyWanker 3
freelyhovering10/21/2017 04:21pmInsulted a genuine war hero...I am quite disturbed by what these Ameri139
Abraham Lincoln07/24/2017 09:12pmDisruptive to the flow of dialogue...Look drill sergeant, I don't know what y26
sandeep01/18/2017 12:57pmToo many childish tantrums...Why don't you read? All people over 16 a17
rdkflorida201/13/2017 04:24pmRepeated thread violations, insulting other posters, attacking me on other threads, he's a gutless coward and not welcome...LOL!! You have a real bad memory. You200
Heywood4012/16/2016 09:15pmNot welcome...Sheriff Joe didn't like Donald pulling o1
ryanaka09/30/2016 04:06pmNot invited...Markets fear Donald Trump because Donald5
RMF09/21/2016 11:04amAsinine comments and hides, refuses to answer simple questions, unwilling to participate, NOT WELCOME!!!I think I know Iran pretty well. Yo24
AdvocatusDiaboli07/11/2016 10:06pmNot invited...Who was polled Dung - you and buddies? 3
greenamber005407/01/2016 12:05pmDifferent name but the same crap...n/a0
mac727906/30/2016 10:24pmA confused and misguided poster..."I hope we still have a country left by16
Rarebird06/13/2016 10:08pmNot invited to participate and posting racist comments...<35
Ricky Williams06/02/2016 09:08amIllegal and spam...n/a0
PayItForward05/27/2016 09:29pmNot invited to the party...Just shows you he is a pussy and a phony10
Elroy Jetson05/10/2016 09:36pmNot invited...Goldman Sach alum Steven Mnuchin is goin1
The-Democrat03/22/2016 11:59amNot invited...Trump is a Chump. He will never get el2
doubledip03/13/2016 01:55pmUnable to engage into a normal dialogue without ranting unintelligible gibberish...yeah, right- the next time you're at one5
Land Shark03/02/2016 09:49pmContributes nothing...Read a Trump's "platform" in the header2
MCHVE02/21/2016 03:09pmNot invited...Let's wait till May, June, July: http7
idol breaker02/18/2016 05:16pmNot invited...The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Tru2
puborectalis02/04/2016 01:24pmChildish...more right wing palaver. 10
Vitas12/31/2015 06:21amInappropriate comments...n/a1
lizardK12/24/2015 09:41pmNot invited...Food for thought: Trump winning means1
Mannie12/22/2015 03:35pmInappropriate comments...If you want to continue posting comme2
elpolvo12/22/2015 06:07amInsulting other posters...that's impossible. if that were true, i'13
bentway12/21/2015 08:36pmRepeatedly off topic...You're invested in something linked to B269
Alex MG12/11/2015 05:03amInappropriate all muslims are murderers? if we a18