Ban List for A Real American President: Donald Trump

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
chronicle06/17/2018 11:51pmFirst post for the sole purpose of a personal attack on James SeagroveMeet Chairman Trumps newest paid shill.1
Rarebird02/25/2018 06:20pmPersonally attacking the moderator - more than once.Honey Wimp is such a meek little lamb wh11
zzpat12/02/2017 10:34amInsulting the moderator and taking over the thread with insults.Conservatives can't handle facts. I resp25
puborectalis08/21/2017 11:23amHit and run off-topic post intended to disrupt the thread's clearly stated intention.Republican nihilism and Democratic negle2
freelyhovering07/25/2017 11:41amHe came to thread to insult other posters and post filthy comments about the President - not allowed here"..Pedo.." You mean his coming on to Bo4
Heywood4006/19/2017 07:11pmComes to this thread just to cause trouble.Both, actually. The ban: http19
The-Democrat05/17/2017 08:32pmTrolled the thread only to insult other posters.Your President is a Chump.4
J_F_Shepard05/13/2017 08:47pmThis person trolls threads to cause trouble then claims he "doesn't participate" because he won't answer questions.Sorry, I don''t participate on this boar20
Celtictrader05/12/2017 08:27pmVulgar attack on thread.Will some ever help Trump pull his fat h1
ksuave04/10/2017 10:01pmNasty name-calling not allowed on my thread.I hate to break the news to you, but you5
roguedolphin04/07/2017 10:41amPosting lies and insults about the president - knows it's not welcome on this thread.POSTED FOR YOUR COMMENTS AND OPINIONS...100
sinclap04/05/2017 10:29pmOngoing harassment of other posters.There is no details of what she is accus11
Gene C.03/29/2017 11:10pmChronic stalker! Spammed thread and insulted moderator with this one.low esteem women like trump [fbv]14817

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