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Ban List for Zen Graphene Solutions Ltd

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
tturner04/13/2020 06:10pmSoft bashingI guess I could have mentioned the pot o21
Steakhouse03/31/2020 10:24amUtterly careless of you. 3 week ban for something you asked not to happen on this board.So ban me. It just shows that some can536
Allik03/07/2020 09:07amThis board is for ZGS information purposes only.Not sure what your definition is of a pu1
Bentonstocks03/06/2020 04:08pmYou were asked not to bring up CCB again on this board. Obviously by your comment it was a shot at ZGS.In terms of market cap, ZEN now worth le57
David R.08/12/2019 02:04pmPoster constantly bashing Zenyatta BOD.So I guess the plan worked out. Have a f209
Happygurl06/25/2018 07:29amYour posts are insulting and bullying. You bring no value or eitics to the conversations on this board.THUNDER BAY AIR BAG. ROTFLMAO. And you t74
gettingbacktoeven04/25/2018 03:07pmIt is clear your intent here is in-line with other TCC followers.Well happygurl. I will make you a deal.5
Clinteroo04/25/2018 03:05pmIt is obviously your only intent to post on a board with which you own no shares is to stir the pot with I'll bet $10,000 that gurl wont t15
Big_Tim_I_AM_Banished04/20/2018 02:17pmWas asked to discontinue bullying, instead he chose continue to insult posters.How much are you getting paid NL?73
CantwaitforPEA09/20/2017 02:21pminsulting remarksYou need to stop making predictions...yo35
ThatsTheTruth01/19/2017 07:07pmSoft bashing...lipstick on a pig, no real ZEN shareholder would use that phrase to describe ZEN...What makes you think I haven''t talked t27
905stocking09/22/2016 06:25pmbashingYes /no to my question? Or was this just2
Gilmar106/02/2016 10:14pmBashing not tolerated on this board. Work on other boards contributed to this ban."We divide this by an estimated future2
Fact Czecher03/25/2016 07:50pmEmotionally unstable, does not play well with others. Suffers from delusions of grandeur.Muskavite You posted: Show me the p6
silverfox2203/03/2016 04:05pmbasherExactly. ZEN clowns are not even bright2
Tbill8901/21/2016 04:05pmIf you want to play on my board, you have to get along with others. Take it private if you have issues. 1 week ban.Great idea and take Zengold with you. Bt34
naimarantz01/20/2016 02:03pmChief's pets are not welcomed!All wild stories aside, the Chief recomm2
jiggydo01/06/2016 03:39pmInsulting a poster is not acceptable conductIronMan anyone who will believe that BS1
mahon12/10/2015 02:50pmbashing/insulting/sarcasm with other posterskeep er' up NL , you're one of the best2
the Chief12/09/2015 01:43pmKnown basherI am here to assist you in getting real4
sfnsie11/27/2015 12:55pmoff topicWe may have here a breakout to watch ove1
DealNoDeal11/25/2015 07:01pmBashingWell the Titanic sank and the SpaceX roc3
LearntoTrade10/01/2015 11:48pmsoft bashing is not tolerated here.And what is it they need to 'tweak'? Thi5
Darby08/23/2015 10:15ampersonal attackTay where is your wolastonite mine? Is2
Shoto07/26/2015 04:34pmMisinformation is not tolerated here.A lot of talk about Tesla here Tesla3
GrumpyGus07/21/2015 11:47pmYou keep ruffling feathers here Gus so maybe this is not the right board for you. Good luck.I like CCB, just a matter of proving up36
roadguy51306/24/2015 02:48pmPersonal attacks are not tolerated on this board.And anyone else who recommends your post69
Bigfind06/01/2015 02:31pmNeeds to reread the banner of this board!Oh no, I loaded the boat on Friday after9
NuclearCrystals03/27/2015 06:23amBob G is a known basher and not welcomed on this boardOk Threshold, it appears this topic has4
youngun03/17/2015 10:39pmfoul languageArctic99 who the f--k made you judge and18
techsupport03/04/2015 10:48amBashingIt looks bad for my 1.33 bids. [/i3