Ban List for NNVC - NanoViricides, Inc.

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
Its_lose_not_loose09/28/2017 02:06pmPrivate insults via PM - Inadvertantly sent one to me and 'got my hackles up' - Is a dipshit himselfIt's fun trying to match up the identiti21
Doctard Spaz08/01/2017 01:16pmSame old reason - its our multi-spammern/a0
Ostriches07/31/2017 04:24pmFirst post, already derogatory.n/a0
unorom06/02/2017 07:31amShows up first time ever - immediately accuses others of being multi-aliasn/a0
He's gone senile04/13/2017 09:59pmSame old fool - new dayn/a0
INS Deportation04/11/2017 03:07pmAnother disruptive influencen/a0
Marvelous Marvin03/21/2017 12:12pmobvious fooln/a0
nanoviricides shirts03/14/2017 07:15pmwhat an a-holen/a0
Mick...Jaggre03/13/2017 11:10amSame fool - new dayn/a0
Deportation Official03/09/2017 05:20pmprofane idiocyn/a0
Kunt_©02/08/2017 02:30pmFoul mouthed and foolishn/a0
ur reallydumb02/08/2017 02:29pmFoul mouthed and foolishn/a0
Word Smith01/30/2017 01:07pmFool has returnedn/a0
Airborne 55th01/10/2017 01:27pmfirst post on the board already insultingn/a0
Timmothy01/09/2017 12:27pmIntentionally insultingn/a0
arvitar08/15/2016 10:03pmThis individual has a history of disruption and antagnostic behavior in discussing NNVCSounds awesome. Where is NNVC mentioned?2
Nanotoday06/02/2015 09:18amUnreliable - makes things up.Has nnvc finished developing the Tox tes3
NewMoney_81204/18/2015 04:51pmIncompetent and FOS!I think the issue holding the stock down1
Rawnoc12/10/2014 08:55amToo much bear and bullshit.Good thing he doesn''t reply to individu29

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