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Ban List for Sioux Nation

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
XenaLives03/17/2024 10:33pmDoes not follow forum guidelines, trolling.Biden is an incompetent shill for the De14
Cogito Ergo Sum11/15/2021 12:23pmProvoking and attacking posters personally despite posted rulesChev Colorado 2018 V6.. Dropped the V8 F3587
Rarebird04/20/2020 04:19pmTrollYou will get your once in a lifetime luc121
Travis_Bickle02/08/2020 12:29amAdvocated tragedy for respected posters here who are decent and kind.i've limited my posting and my READING13309
Joachim K01/23/2020 10:04pmProvocation that is better suited for other forums.I'm red,
Conrad Murphy08/07/2019 03:55pmWants to bait and promote pro-Trump and race-baiting fights in a clearly stated moderate, non-aggressive, and liberal forum.Blah, blah, blah... [embedded image]10
FJB01/29/2017 07:46pmn/aDemocrats have7
James Seagrove10/31/2016 03:41amThis poster is not a Democrat or a liberal in politicsSiouxPal - I respect this is your thread3
Vitas07/22/2016 09:02pmn/aCaps were on. Do you know who Al Capp42
Steve Lokness10/23/2015 07:01pmExtremely horrible<<<5
mistermj08/16/2015 03:58pmn/aThe FBI and US law defines WMD as that f11
garrettjax03/19/2015 03:39pmn/aIf you like your doctor, you can keep yo1
Sdgla01/04/2015 04:34pmn/a[embedded image]2
Wayners11/20/2014 10:53pmn/a"The GOPwingers pretty much had a lock o5
nicewatch11/13/2014 04:43pmn/aFair enough, I'm down with that. Do you18
golfer7210/04/2014 08:47pmNot germaine to democratic rules of this threadSo this is a thread for Dumbasrats ?1
longnshort07/04/2014 04:28pmHe's a republican, and was warned not to postA little known 20 40 year old climate ch95
Bread Upon The Water04/25/2014 02:07pmn/aThe SCOTUS is just saying that in our Fe123
steve harris04/19/2014 10:24pmn/aFuck Barack Obama. He has bullshitted4
chartseer02/25/2014 05:01pmTrollHere I thought the sequel is to be title1
joseffy02/19/2014 07:39pmn/a. 1
i-node02/19/2014 05:44amn/a>> e will be a one term president Pre6
Broken_Clock02/18/2014 07:34pmA horrible personBout time! seriously tho, it may be t81
Pogeu Mahone02/17/2014 12:13amObama haterI'd have to give him a B. That tells101
Jane4IceCream02/14/2014 12:36pmShe begged to be bannedAre you really Alberto Del Rio?? Hmmm. 19
Tom Clarke02/09/2014 08:27pmn/a[embedded image]11
denizen4802/03/2014 10:56amWrirdoCan I say something? Shame on you, Sioux280