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Ban List for Natural Resource Stocks

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
Gib Bogle07/01/2020 10:41pmBaiting & trolling monitor w. petty arguments clarified in header. Recall banning him years ago.That's funny, since I was responding to18
FUBHO04/07/2020 06:57pmColossal arrogance to show up & post long after putting monitor on ingnore despite no arguments or harsh words between us. I've even rec'd some of his posts for years. Other problem, poster has long history of flooding boards with 100s of posts. NoThey are rolling out the National Guard21
Andrewagain03/19/2020 12:51amIgnores other poster's repeatedly written points. Then repeats points in lectures as if he was contributing them. Earlier posts show more confused, disconnected writing. Ignored monitor's several pvt msg requests he try posting on other boards. Pai USD /GOLD First deflation. Then ser90
E_K_S02/21/2020 08:35pmArrogant, condescending manner from earliest thread posts. Now, illogical, & unreasonably demanding.No mention of fuel cells specifically NG95
stsimon01/27/2020 08:21amCallous disregard expressed for the value of human life, on such a scale, is provocative & disruptive.Well, with a world population of 7.5 bil2
John Koligman12/12/2019 05:22pmRepeated baiting & sniping negative stories OT on bull board despited warning posted by monitor.The NY Times featured an NG article toda23
sm1th11/24/2019 12:36pmPoster ignored thread monitor's polite PM request to refrain from OT posting & arguing & continued to troll the monitor [blockquote]The next 5 yrs will witnes28
TigerPaw08/12/2019 02:32pmPoster is Off Topic. Was cautioned in a pvt. msg. and replied with more OT arguing. There are some key tests about to happ6
The-Democrat01/08/2019 06:36pmContributes nothing. Tries to bait and provoke regular posters. Has even followed moderator to other threads and done the same.I simply love my DGAZ ;)68
Postman09/24/2018 02:00pmSpamming. Pumping the same stock with same msg on 4 different threads today.Great news for Romios (RG.V). A sweet de164
FreedomForAll12/06/2016 10:28pmDisruptive. Argumentative and way Off Topic.It was never supposed to be a democracy.751
joseffy12/20/2014 03:06pmAttempting to control thread discussion with heavy posting volume. And false, insulting, accusations.There is a closely connected group of su42
Zincman04/29/2014 05:33pmDishonest posting. And refusal to publicly rectify the problem after private discussion with thread monitor.
DJK102/06/2014 09:51amPoster spamming this stock on multiple threads.$VMS.V $VMSTF February 2014 CEO Interv3
ecrire02/02/2014 05:51pmPersonal attack on the thread monitor. He has a history of doing this to me which caused me to ban him several years ago.Last IHeard from you, the stock market w123