Ban List for Politics for Pros- moderated

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
chronicle06/21/2018 06:23pmusing my thread as a PO ''boxStill waiting for that response on the o3
sylvester8005/01/2018 04:48pmTrollRepublicans have so corrupted EPA, Ameri31
zzpat09/15/2017 02:31amTrollMessage 1. Al Gore didn't create climate9
FUBHO09/03/2017 11:11amThis wall should also have SNIPER TOWERS killing all ILLEGAL TRESPASSERSDON'T CARE WHAT POOL OF MONEY GETS A WA15331
Celtictrader08/15/2017 10:33pmTroll What with about 10000 skinheads ,a lot more if you start counting the closet (internet)skinheads hereWhat with about 10000 skinheads ,a lot8
freelyhovering02/17/2017 09:20pmTrollDo whatever soothes your brain, LB.17
Ahda10/21/2016 10:24pmTrolln/a30
sandeep10/13/2016 12:33pmAn unhinged, loser Trump will get you thereTrump has only one way to redeem himself11
ryanaka10/03/2016 06:24pmTrollTrump win will bring Market Crash, anoth2
Gene C.08/21/2016 07:04pmn/aexcuse me?? where are the pros??? all i3
puborectalis08/16/2016 10:07amTROLLAmazing how stupid your bunch is.......d66
Heywood4006/06/2016 10:55pmtrollHow do you reconcile your "Libertarian o2
Alex MG05/28/2016 01:10amtrollyes indeed, as you say the whites are th35
bruiser9805/11/2016 11:07pmAll propaganda. We have more Jewish media than Palestinian media.We have been indoctrinated all our lives3
Augustus Gloop03/05/2016 12:14amTrollI'd love to see what your SAT looked lik177
bentway02/25/2016 07:37pmTroll[embedded image]156
RMF02/14/2016 06:39amYou are the FARTHEST thing from political pros... You guys know NOTHING about politics...You guys aren't Political Pros... Y98
Pogeu Mahone12/31/2015 08:29ampersonal insults.Lindybill You have lead a life of no58
Broken_Clock03/02/2015 12:52amoffensive post
LLCF04/24/2014 11:09pmtrollHUH!!??? Umm, those arguments were very39
sinclap04/16/2014 07:19amA trollLove Justified, but filmed in Cali. W60

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