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Thread Rules As Of 2/13/2018:

No chatter.
No commenting on jokes, i.e., "that's not funny"


There will be zero tolerance on politics of any kind, regardless of whether it is a "joke" or not -- in politics these days, what's funny to half the people is an insult to the other half... therefore, given the history of political flaming here, it is worse than OT.
1st offense earns a "timeout" ban of 14 days... 2nd offense earns a permanent ban... no exceptions.
This is a Joke thread. Funny stories and jokes. IF YOU start whining or debating jokes, you will go into timeout protocol, possibly a warning, but just as possible, a timeout at my discretion -- repeat/flagrant violators face permanent ban.
You will find that I am scrupulously fair at enforcing the rules and I will try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but DON'T TEST ME on purpose...
Anything that has any potential to start a flame war will not be tolerated.
SI has asked that I also enforce a "no nudity" policy. If it's something you wouldn't want your mom, wife or daughter to see, knowing that YOU posted it, it's probably not appropriate to post here.
This is supposed to be a refuge from politics and flame wars.
If in doubt, contact me via private msg. -- you can PM me anything without fear (unless there's death threats or something nasty strictly directed at me personally).
I want to be inclusive and encourage participation, not discourage it -- I urge any lurkers out there to take a stab at posting some humor -- surely everyone knows at least one joke (and don't call me Shirley!)
Most members are adults and understand why the board needs moderation. I dare say, the average poster here probably skews to the 45 and older demographic with more at the higher end than the younger end. So let's act like it. If these rules seem extreme, it's because SI has identified this popular board as sliding into total anarchy and feces flinging mostly along political lines -- I've promised I will do my best to make people comfortable posting jokes (even "dumb" jokes are encouraged) here without fear of starting a food fight.
Any questions? PM me.

And for anyone who wants other options, Ground Zero has started an "anything goes" type of joke board here: Subject 59949