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Specializing in:

10 Baggers
Low floats
Bounce plays that are down -50% or more intraday
Filing out after years of nothing
SOS site reinstatements
Occasional triple zero plays
News feed runners
Management change

My strategy is simple and not to the norm. I buy stocks when no one wants them and HOLD. For example say a company has 4 filings or has recently reinstated. Most traders will flip out of these on day one for a couple of bucks and they wont even wait to see why the company even made the changes. I like to buy these kind cheap and will hold through the BS and wait for company updates. That is when the real money can be made with patience. There is no get-rich-quick secret to being successful at this. you can be a "daytrader," where you aim to earn a couple hundred per day if you are lucky, or you can do what i do-try to find stocks that are cheap, undervalued, and offer monsta potential, regardless of how long it takes for them to rise in value. I am not advocating holding a triple zero stock forever, but i have learned that the road to huge gains requires PATIENCE.

A few rules to remember.

1. Never chase a stock i may do it from time to time if something real hot but usually chasing is a losing proposition. There is always another one right around the corner. If i enter a stock i will write "in" before the symbol and will say why i entered. I will continue to post price quotes on it and any updates that may arrive whether it good or bad. So if you see me posting stock prices make sure you know where bottom was by doing a simple SI search at the top.

2. Triple Zero and bancruptcy stocks are the riskiest kind to play so always be careful before buying. Some can run like crazy as you may have seen in this room but alot dont so only invest what you can afford to lose; which goes for almost any pink sheet stock but especially for these kind. The lower the SS on these kind the better chance they have at moving.

3. I also have made it my own personal rule that i hold 99% of my alerts through day one and most much longer. I dont think its right to dump onto your followers so thats not what this room is for. Only exceptions of this rule are if its a trip zero or a news play. I say this because alot of companies dump on news so one has to watch close to whether or not the company gonna dump it into red. If they arent dumping large and say for example its a new management PR i will then hold for as long as it takes for management to do new business plan. Most ran trip zeros are usually group pushed momo plays and typically the runs dont last long but if the floats are low i will hold these too. So one must play accordingly and watch the L2 close.

4. Exit strategy is the hardest part of the game imo. Sell when you are most comfortable selling but please sell on the ask on the way up. All i can say is i cant stand 10 minute flippers. Yes i realize there are a few situations where one might need to but 99% of the time it is unnecessary if you buying the right types of stocks. All it does is kill momentum.

Good Luck with trading