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Qualcomm has undergone a lot of changes. For one the founder Dr. Irwin Jacobs has passed the torch to his son Dr. Paul Jacobs on June 7, 2007. Since PJ assumed his CEO position, Qualcomm stock appreciates 18% while DJIA has reached a new all time high gaining 34%, Nasdaq gaining 31% and S&P500 gains 30%. LTBH stockholders do feel the pain of watching other technological companies appreciating triple digits during that period, such as Research in Motion, Apple Computers, Google, Baidu etc.

When the original Coming into Buy Range thread was created by Craig Schilling on 9/11/1996, Qualcomm was a young company, and investing then was extremely profitable. Legal challenges were limited and settled quickly. The New Qualcomm is facing legal issues on many fronts, and the company spends $ 200 million a year and may even double that amount for legal fees. Yet, it seems that Qualcomm legal department has not performed well to defend the company's IPR.

While previously QCOM could concentrate on just working on new technologies, that's not the case now. It needs competent legal department. Qualcomm is a great place to work, just witness the Christmas parties they hold for the employees, self-funded healthcare, generous vacation and you practically have to punch the CEO to be fired. And maybe that's the problem: keeping unproductive employees.

This Board welcomes positive and negative views. After all, when we invest in a company, we need to know from 360 degree angle, and not just the positives. The Board is moderated to the extent that no personal attack (you stupid, you idiot) is acceptable, nor profanity and spam. We expect people posting messages will treat each other in civil manner. The success of the board is when the number of bans remains zero. A poster will be warned before being banned, and we will publish the reason a poster is banned.

If you don't feel like reading posts from a certain member, use the ignore button and if you don't have that feature, press Next.

This is your board, and it is run under a democratic environment.

While we learn more each day about QCOM, we like to have fun as well. Consider this a picnic area where friends gather having a good time and exchange views and information. If you have ideas how to make more money by owning QCOM stock, you are welcome to share - such as option trading etc. I might bring up some option opportunities as well.

In the meantime, don't forget Hedgefund's 2007 open toaster invitational. If you are in that, here is the link where you stand:

Message 23256027

Good Luck to each of you and profitable investing in QCOM.


Thanks to Jon Koplik for suggesting the title of the thread

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