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Natural Resource Stocks AKA......Iso's Patch

On Topic discussion includes stock picking, sector analysis, and how secular and macro economic trends impact on the natural resource sectors. That brings in fiscal AWA monetary policy and how they interact with levels & trends of aggregate private and public debt.

Whether you attack the challenges of the markets with fundamental or technical analysis tools (or any combination of them AWA other strategies and techniques) PLEASE try to substantiate serious and strongly held opinions with evidentiary and factual material. Unsupported opinions aren't all that compelling or interesting.

FWIW, I'm not in favor of the guru approach. It makes people too dependant and passive. So please don't paint me into that corner, OK? Your responsible for ALL your own decisions. Nobody should ever make a decision to buy or sell anything based on an opinion posted here, be it by me or anyone else.

I'm going to do my best to remain neutral vis a vis paid investment services. Since leaving Wall Street in 1982, I've not nor do I now receive compensation in ANY form - directly or indirectly - from commercial investment advisory or management services. Therefore, I'll try to avoid making specific recommendations.

AND, I'm NOT selling my own advice either. Remember this is a discussion board only. And it's for entertainment purposes ONLY.

There's nothing wrong with subscribing to a good paid advisory service. And I don't mind one receiving mention in one of your posts. now and then. But as with stocks, NO SPAMMING. Otherwise you'll get the boot.

In the long run always strive to hone you skills and judgement in order to do your own thinking and make your own decisons. Afterall, it's your money. The decisons are your responsibility, too.

Over time you'll find:

<You never get rich playing another man's game>

Develop the art and habit of independent thinking. Don't let yourself get programed by CNBC, the Wall Street Journal or other publications.

No No's:

1) This is NOT a political thread. Anybody who comes there to just talk politics will get one warning and then they're banned.

2) Please don't come here to spam a stock, over and over.

Rule of thumb is: No more than 5 posts per day mentioning 1 stock only. In other words, you can post a name more than 5 times if you also mention other stocks with it. Next day the count starts from scratch.

Persistent stock spamers will be given a warning, then they're out

3) Likewise for personal attacks, which are prohibited on this thread. One warning, then poof, you're gone. I also reserve the right to eject the rare case where I decide to toss somebody after they take their first cheap shot.

Those who know me, know I don't fool around with bashers. In fact, as a preventive measure to minimize future problems with that ilk, I've banned a number of chronic offenders that I've seen stir up trouble on various SI threads, for years.

My banning decisons are final. So, don't PM me. There will be no appeals. Nuff said.

Can't emphasize enough that having fun is as important as making money. There's few things I enjoy more than a little old fashioned enthusiasm. In a sense, we're all competitors in the markets. Let's remember to be a little supportive of eachother. Personally, I enjoy giving some praise and recognition to other people now and then. One of the things I dislike about many thread monitors is they are too insecure to give that kind of encouragement to others.

I'm not an expert in a lot of market sectors. So, there will be questions and challenges that I'll defer one of my friends whose done more work in those situations.

Most of my work has been in the energy sector and to a lessor extent with precious metals stocks, AWA some hard assets.


Because I do this for a living, my time for posting is VERY limited. So won't answer a lot of how to questions, or mentor anyone on board OR via PMs. I've set up this thread so we can share information and have some fun together. I will contribute posts on most business days, when possible. Will NOT be here on weekends.

Welcome to Iso's Patch. Let's make money AND have some fun doing it.