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Here is a thread for people who want to discuss Applied Materials as a company and/or as an investment without wading through hundreds of posts on the latest hot political issue.

For the sake of newbies, Applied Materials is the leading manufacturer of equipment used to make semiconductors. They also make semiconductor wafer inspection equipment.

Your cooperation is requested in posting material of a political nature elsewhere. I don't mind if you want to point out the impact of a political event on AMAT or its industry, but I recommend that you draw the line when the discussion starts to be about politics rather than about investing.

Please note that this thread is unmoderated, and as such it operates on the honor system. I have neither the time nor the power to police it twenty-four and seven.

FiloF was kind enough to provide a place for AMAT enthusiasts to engage in off topic discussions:

Subject 51922

I suggest that whenever you see something political (or seriously off topic, for that matter), and you feel that it simply must be answered, post the reply on the above thread, and then if necessary, post a link to the reply here. If one or two people do this, that should be enough to get the discussion shifted over, once enough people see the link.

For those who are new to the thread, you may also want to check out the original AMAT thread:

Subject 588

Note that I do not advocate off-topic posting there. I am providing the link for reference, as there are many worthwhile discussions on that thread.

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