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This thread is not mine, nor even my idea alone, in fact all the credit for the LIST goes to SSP. He's done very well using this method.

The theme behind this site is about stocks with forward looking events and impact dates.

For a stock to be nominated for THE LIST, it must meet the following criteria:

A forward looking event (mergers, product introductions, spin-off's etc.)

An impact date (the time line given necessary for the above event to take place)

Must be from an extremely reliable source (press release, SEC filings, president of company etc.)

All the stock nominees for the LIST are submitted on this thread, at the close of each day the nominees are reviewed and the best are added to THE LIST, stocks with expired impact dates will be removed from the LISTS.

THE GOLDEN LISTS thread has many stocks mentioned during the day, this is because some are LIST nominees, some are day momos for the day players, position trades, and some are news release updates.

The thread will be reviewed each day for the good picks and if you don't have the time to go through the hundred + posts each day you can always go to the Golden Lists web site for updated LISTS.

The best time to buy a LIST stock is not necessarily the time it first gets mentioned! Stocks can fall back , but as they approach their impact date - they usually make a run, so time your entry wisely!

Throughout the day a RTQ list will be posted on SI for your review of the LIST stock performance (not to be confused with the OTCBB GROOVERS list)

If it's a momo, a POS, a P&D, a hyped all over the place email blitzed, going to the moon whatever, just identify it as such right off the bat.

We'll jump on momo's, we'll jump on just about anything when conditions are right.

Please no spamming. If you have sometime good, post some DD along with it. If you have something that you think qualifies for one of the LISTS then post the news, and the impact date....we're not going to do the work for you.

You can view the "THE LIST" and the "SHELL LIST", our reminders, and some links here:

Best of luck to all, and remember, be careful out there, and don't play with $$ you can't afford to lose.

SSP and Jim Bishop


And just to make this header, a little longer, but this is important, especially for new readers or contributors:

Everyone should read the SI terms of use, they apply here, as they do to all message boards, and threads.

Paraphrased, for this thread:

We cannot assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of information posted here, except for what we ourselves each post as individuals.

ie: Ultimately, you can only trust, yourself.

You should exercise caution, discretion and skepticism before relying on information in messages, since they may be incorrect or misleading.

Posters may pretend to be people that they are not. Some posters may have dishonest and/or deceitful intentions or may have inaccurate be careful out there.

You should make an independent investigation (DO YOU OWN DUE DILIGENCE) before making any financial decisions, and if you rely on information posted by others, you do so solely at your own risk.

It's YOUR money, PROTECT it!