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Laughter is the Best Medicine - Tell us a joke
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***** Be nice. *****
I love jokes.
Some times I don't get them, but that's OK... everyone has different opinions about what is funny... the ban on politics is from the original board here and requested by SI -- and let's face it, these days politics tend to be quite divisive -- people think some political jokes that slam "the other side" are funny and everyone else is offended and flaming ensues... so let's just try to remember that if you really want to post political material, there are literally dozens and dozens of boards dedicated to that already... let's have one board that is all about fun and laughter only and leave the contentiousness behind on all the other boards set up for partisan politics.
If it's pornographic to the point that it is something you wouldn't want your mom, wife or daughter to see, knowing that you posted it, it's probably not appropriate to post here.

Note, this doesn't mean dirty jokes are not allowed, just be "clean" about it, i.e., no nude/porno pics or vids like from Pornhub, etc... we've had many many jokes here with nudity, but were not pornographic, i.e. explicitly showing intercourse or something similar with genitallia and all... and to put a finer point on it, I can imagine jokes about all sorts of sex acts, but as long as the pics and words are not outright pornographic? Think of cartoons/panels that are sexual in nature, but not in your face pornographic.

Also, someone PM'd me saying I banned over a MSFT/AAPL joke... not true, to my knowledge... in fact, jokes about AAPL and Windows are perfectly fine as far as I'm concerned -- I've made a lot of money off both of them and used products from both to earn a living... I was wrong, I didn't ban anyone for it but I warned them. Even I think the moderator (me) at that time went way over board -- I plead temporary insanity during the transition between no moderation here and a full time one and didn't seem like anyone agreed or liked what I was doing to try to make the board more civil and a LOT less political -- all of the rest is really just following the general SI policies.
This is not a joke discussion board. It is a "bulletin board" where people can "pin" their jokes (post them) and others can read the bulletin board. If you feel the need to discuss the jokes/posts, please do it via PM.
I try to give people the benefit of the doubt... personal attacks are not funny and not cool and I'm obliged to crack down on the attackers -- I try to handle that via PM, but will temporarily ban people who don't cooperate with the intent of this board: tell some jokes and make us laugh...
Any questions/problems? PM me... -- you can PM me anything and I respond to every PM...
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61028Now that's strange. I figured it's twenty firth street as the person whoekimaa1yesterday
61027Ol' Frank.. [graphic]Savant4Monday
61026Or the coed warning the new coed about a certain professor...."don't woSavant1Monday
61025The short version, couched as a pickup line: Can I see if I can make you laugh Jeffrey S. Mitchell-Monday
61024There is a factory in Northern Minnesota which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys. TStephen O4Monday
61023WHY OUR HEALTH CARE COSTS ARE SO HIGH!!! Kevin had shingles. Those of us who spStephen O7last Saturday
61022A Spaniard visiting the United States went into a store to buy a pair of socks. Joachim K8last Thursday
61021Along those lines, here's this from Apple: [graphic]Kevin Podsiadlik-October 19
61020My GPS took me to the cemetery and the GPS voice said ''You have reachedPianoman19973October 18
61019Son: Dad, I'm suicidal. Dad: Hi Suicidal, I'm Dad. - Jeff [File underJeffrey S. Mitchell-October 18
61018There's a street sign near my house, on a road ending at a cemetery fence..Savant1October 17
61017There's one at the end of my street 36nd AveStephen O2October 17
61016Good, FascinatingSavant-October 15
61015Pronunciation is easy. Twentyoneth street.Jams3October 15
61014Absolute Truth [graphic]Savant3October 15
61013No See um [graphic]Savant8October 15
61012Smack my head....can't believe I didn't notice sooner....That the authorSavant2October 14
61011Sign Language>> [graphic]Savant6October 13
61010J, clever redo of the guys in prison joke...funny LIfe sentence....>>You&Savant-October 13
61009National Day Today: We keep track of fun holidays and special moments on the cumonkey's uncle-October 13
61008Which reminds me of a joke... A bunch of guys from the Laughter thread on SI goJeffrey S. Mitchell6October 11
61007Pardon my misuse of words, a common failing for me since English is my first lanSedohr Nod1October 11
61006The real essence of joke telling is in the delivery...that's why the mail seSavant1October 11
61005[graphic]Tom Clarke9October 11
61004Stealing one here.....which is the very essence of telling a joke, I suppose: ISedohr Nod1October 10
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