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Elliott Wave and Index Trends with POKERSAM
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The emphases will be on short term to long term Index trends.

Note the Bull/Bear Logo will change with Cycle Trend changes.
This is not a perma bear or perma bull board.
As of confirmation on 1/21/2022 the odds are extremely high that the fifth wave extension up of IntermediateWave (5) of [5] of V of (I) failed, and a major Super Cycle (II) correction is underway.
Super Cycle (I) began at 666.75 in 2009 and ended at 4818.62 on 1/4/2022.
This market correction will be Super Cycle (II) with a target of 2200.
As always, there will be opportunities to play up and down moves in the market.
All bounces will be resolved to the downside.
A bearish mind set will be necessary to take full advantage of this rare opportunity.
The rest of 2022 will be the perma bull's worst nightmare.1/21/2022
In my opinion 2024 will be more dramatic as the Bear Market extends lower. My originaltarget of 2200 may not be low enough for the final bottom. As we grow closer to 2200 we will know for certain if that target is low enough. 12/17/2022
The Perma Bull will call a bottom at every bounce all the way down to target. He and his chartist have now called a total of five bottoms as the absolute lows for the correction.The last one at 3491 on October 13, 2022, will be the next one the market will take out. Eventually they will be right but not for a long time and many bottoms yet to come. They prove the danger of having a directional bias.

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*Elliott Wave is the preferred system of TA. All others may be discussed, however.
You are free to disagree with the moderator on this issue but please do it somewhere else.

That aside, your comments and questions are welcome.

Elliott Wave Basics. Elliott Wave theory: Principles, Patterns, Explained (

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Warning: This is a stock market board and attacks and bashing of any kind by anyone but me and those who agree with me will be dealt with immediately.

1/23/2022 - Anyone who calls himself a market analyst and cannot see the huge bear market ahead is a fraud.
Many, many indicators of the stock market mania are at points unknown in history.
The mother of all bear markets lies ahead.
Perma bulls will fight the tape and they will lose the battle. They will also reveal the frauds they are
and have always been.
2022 will be a year that will be referenced for decades when discussing milestones in stock market history.

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1654opps. I noticed that I made a typo, 4191 should have been 5191 in my last post. POKERSAM-Monday
1653Looks like a reversal at the end of 4 and now in 5 of (C) of [Y] of B at 4191. POKERSAM1May 31
1652I must have hurt your feelings, windy. My advice is stop crying and take a lookPOKERSAM-May 26
1651What you need to understand about inflation in the USA. Sorry President Biden, POKERSAM2May 18
1650Keeping it real. Debunking Biden’s “Greedflation” Claim: The Fed Reveals The TrPOKERSAM1May 14
1649Da bulls are feeling pretty confident. IMO that is a mistake. In the first wavePOKERSAM-May 3
1648Remember the CNN reporter who said these were mostly peaceful protests but some POKERSAM1May 2
1647You're 100% correct, what they're doing is NOT protected as free speech.GROUND ZERO™2May 2
1646I wish Newsmax would stop referring to the student riots as protests. A protestPOKERSAM5May 2
1645Very good, thanks... GZGROUND ZERO™-May 2
1644Ignorance is Bliss .... Later, MMs. Baby Boomer1May 2
1643I don't use google, what does it say??? I use duckduckgo for my searches...GROUND ZERO™-May 2
1642Today's Trending GOOGLE Searches ... "Israel" ... Can U believe Ms. Baby Boomer-May 2
1641There are lunatics everywhere, we just have to be careful... GZGROUND ZERO™1May 1
1640Oh, okay, thanks... I began to scratch my head... All is good... LOLOL!!!!! GROUND ZERO™-May 1
1639I just noticed that I sent that post to you and not Claude, sorry. No wonder itPOKERSAM-May 1
1638Set down and listen to all of this. If you are a MAGA it will stir your soul wiPOKERSAM-May 1
1637I wasn't talking about you. Claude brought it up. He wrote, " MaybPOKERSAM1May 1
1636Huh??? I don't think I said anything like that, maybe you misread my commenGROUND ZERO™-May 1
1635No one said all the civil Palestinians should be killed. Why do you insist on mPOKERSAM1May 1
1634That's no excuse for not taking the terrorists out!!! Those who live in gazGROUND ZERO™1April 30
1633Yes, I'm fully aware... GZGROUND ZERO™-April 30
1632Well said. I agree with you. Except for one thing... not sure the current situatClaude Cormier-April 30
1631The problem for the "peaceful" Palestinians is Gaza is where Hamas is.POKERSAM1April 30
1630There are extremists in all countries while the majority remain silent. Claude Cormier-April 30
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