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Climate Change
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"Climate change is happening whether you like it or not. If you ignore it, it is still going to happen."
"A more immediate danger (to the future of this planet) is runaway climate change. A rise in ocean temperature would melt the ice cap and cause the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide. Both effects could make our climate like that of Venus with a temperature of 250 degrees centigrade (482 degrees Fahrenheit)" - Stephen Hawking.
Note: The arctic sea ice is melting fast. Message 31925105
Message 32086044

There are certain things that can't be decided by a popular vote (or plurality), climate science is one such thing, and science in general. You can't judge scientific truth by popular vote. Imagine, at first when the greatest discoveries are made, how many scientists, let alone people in general, would have voted in favor of such new truth? Like the general theory of relativity or quantum mechanics. ("Science isn’t like politics: It is not based on popularity polls.”) Right now, the climate change policy is being decided by popular campaign strongly distorted by the right wing disinformation campaign. The debates seem like happening between the climate scientists who had been studying the phenomena by applying rigorous scientific methods and judgements for a long time ( Message 31965471 ) and the high school educated crackpot experts who failed in many STEM classes bolstered by Trump, energy industry and the rightwing media who are feeding this latter camp with lots of propaganda and disinformation. Climate policy can not be decided by popular vote or by who is louder with lots of nonsense pseudoscience data. Wrong policies can permanently harm the livelihood of humans on earth. The correct policies can be guided by a president and Congressional leaders who are well informed and are wise enough to listen to the right people and make the correct and crucial decisions. Right now, the Trump administration policies are accelerating the destruction of the earth climate.


Future climate analogs for the years 2020, 2050, 2100 and 2200 according to three well-established models. If greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed, the study says, the climate will continue to warm until it begins to resemble the Eocene in 2100.

Note: During the Eocene Optimum at around 49 million years ago, little to no ice was present on Earth with a smaller difference in temperature from the equator to the poles. "The end of the PETM was met with a very large sequestration of carbon dioxide in the form of methane clathrate, coal, and crude oil at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, that reduced the atmospheric carbon dioxide"; "Today the carbon dioxide levels are at 400 ppm or 0.04%; at the maximum of global warmth the atmospheric carbon dioxide values were at 700–900 ppm while other proxies indicate large changes of carbon dioxide of over 2,000 ppm over periods of time of less than 1 million years."
WEATHER 2050 ...

Check out your city: Message 31909114
Message 31963354 Six major US cities under water by 2100; 670 coastal communities too affected.

"Barring the arrival of dramatic new carbon-sucking technologies, which are so far from scalability at present that they are best described as fantasies of industrial absolution, it will not be possible to keep warming below two degrees Celsius — the level the new report describes as a climate catastrophe. As a planet, we are coursing along a trajectory that brings us north of four degrees by the end of the century. The IPCC is right that two degrees marks a world of climate catastrophe. Four degrees is twice as bad as that. And that is where we are headed, at present — a climate hell twice as hellish as the one the IPCC says, rightly, we must avoid at all costs. But the real meaning of the report is not “climate change is much worse than you think,” because anyone who knows the state of the research will find nothing surprising in it. The real meaning is, “you now have permission to freak out.”"

An aerial photo shows homes and businesses destroyed after Hurricane Michael smashed into Florida's northwest coast in Mexico Beach. The storm rampaged through Georgia and the Carolinas on Thursday. Courtesy James E. Wyatt / U.S. Customs and Border Protection/Reuters

Even god won't save this stupidity. Idiot Trumptards are driving oil tanks full speed into the towering inferno. These Trumptards not only take themselves and their family into the harms way, but they take the entire innocent people with them. Trumptards and climate deniers preach psudoscience, the right column in the Table below.
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