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After viewing the first 2 videos below, please start at the 1st post. The 3rd video needs complete attention as does the video in post 28 (or any of Rolf's videos in particular).
There will be some natural disasters occurring on a very regular basis throughout the world. The frequency will be extremely high in the coming decade. Many publicly traded companies ARE highly vulnerable based on geographic location. Other companies will benefit as their competitors begin to suffer the effects. Still other companies will find that their products or services are no longer desirable while some will find their products in extreme demand. There will be plays both ways on this but I would rather entertain the ideas for positive outcomes rather than profit off the devastation that will hit some.

There will be many instances of advance signals prior to many oncoming events leaving about a week to a couple days to pre-position.

Besides looking at opportunities in the markets, people need to also understand that a new script has been handed to mankind and most, if not all of the old script is going to rather quickly be rendered irrelevant.

The timing of the overall process has reached the point where several critical dynamic sub-processes have been triggered and tectonic shifts will be regular events.

At the very beginning of both these videos it appears the same thing is being said about the Sun.
Total polar field strength on the sun was reduced by 50% during the minimum of the previous 11 yr solar cycle. The second video is a good confirmation of the opening statement of the first. The science is several years or more older in the 2nd though.

"New Solar Minimum Could Change the World Economy"

"New and exciting research is telling us that the next solar minimum in sunspot cycle 25 may be the deepest minimum in more than 100 years of observation.If that is true, data showed that during solar minimum with less sunspots, solar surface flares and CMEs, there is a strong potential for a large scale cooling of the weather systems on Earth. This is contrary to many who believe that a steady increase in global temperatures are due primarily to human factors.

The Sun and its output are now being looked at as the main source of future economic conditions on Earth.

New research claimed that a spotless Sun during previous sunspot minima have lead to sustained periods of cold weather and crop failures around the planet.
The most pronounced was the great Maunder Minimum from 1640 to 1715, in which the Earth experienced some major climactic change. There have been other deep solar minima, but not on the same scale as the Grand Minimum, as described above. They are the Dalton Minimum (1798-1823), the Gleissberg Minimum and the current Eddy Minimum In the most simplistic way, the research tells us that the less sunspot numbers on the Sun, the cooler the planet becomes. The higher the sunspot numbers, the warmer the planet gets.

More cooling and there exists a greater percentage of crop failures, as well as, higher fuel prices and food prices. That would not be good for the global economy, as we may approach this small mini ice age.

Another amazing fact that is coming out of the research on the Sun deals with cosmic rays. These powerful energetic atomic particles travel at nearly the speed of light. During solar maximum, the Sun produces a large plasma bubble around the Earth, like a giant shield which helps to deflect these potentially harmful particles around and away from Earth.

During solar minimum, the protective shield is weakened and more of these particles can affect us here on Earth. Can the increase in cosmic ray activity have long term effects on human DNA and plate tectonics? No one really knows for sure. (Ed: It is known...this article is not accurate on this point)

Some scientists have also theorized that the silica magma inside the Earth is excited by the increase in cosmic rays, possibly increasing the number of earthquakes and volcanic activity."

[Since I just noticed 2026 TeoTwawKi has a thread song...I like the idea:

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