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2018 NCAA College Basketball March Madness
An SI Board Since January 2018
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Emcee:  Jeffrey S. Mitchell Type:  Moderated
Welcome to the 20th annual March Madness thread! This year's challenge for Silicon Investor members (and their family and friends) will be, once again, on the CBS Sportsline site.

1. To access the pool, click here [note that Sportsline has retained the "si2004" ID from years past]:

Our group password is: si2008 [retained from 10 years ago]

2. If you have don't have a Sportsline account, you will be prompted on how to create one.

Important Note: If you wish to remain totally anonymous, you should either register using an anonymous e-mail account, or, after accessing the pool home page, click on "Options" then "Personal" to control what information about you gets revealed to others in the pool.

3. Scoring will be 1 point for the first round, 2 for the second, 4 for the third (Sweet 16), 8 for fourth (Elite 8), 16 for the fifth (Final 4), and 32 for the championship game. A bonus will also be added equal to the number of the winning seed. For example, in round three if you correctly choose a 9 seed to beat a 3 seed then you get 4 points (for a round three winner) + 9 points (for the seed) = 13 total points.

4. If you use a name different from your SI ID, please indicate here which person is you.


BTW, the odds of guessing all 63 games correctly is 1 in 9.25 quintillion!

Good luck!

- Jeff


All Time Standings by Year:
1999 (out of 35): 1. Jonah123, 2. Bob047, 3. Henry Volquarsden, 4. richris
2000 (out of 19): 1. Jeff Mitchell , 2. Patrick Slevin 3. Denis Guenette, 4. Tom C
2001 (out of 22): 1. Robert Fisher, 2. Mike Skyy, 3. Mike Chen, 4. Heyward Hodges
2002 (out of 15): 1. Kerry Carmichael, 2. J. Conley, 3. Denis Guenette, 4. Scott Edwards
2003 (out of 14): 1. Buckey, 2. Kerry Carmichael, 3. Michael Skyy, 4. Denis Guenette
2004 (out of 25): 1. Jeff's Son, 2. Tom C, 3. Jeff Mitchell, 4. Salesperson
2005 (out of 18): 1. Jeff Mitchell, 2. Tom C, 3. Kevin Podsiadlik, 4. Jeff's son
2006 (out of 14): 1. PlayItDown™, 2. (Blank), 3. Buckey, 4. Kevin Podsiadlik
2007 (out of 20): 1. J Conley, 2. Michael Skyy, 3. Jim Mack, 4. Tom C
2008 (out of 19): 1. Stuffed Quahog, 2. Salesperson, 3. Tom C, 4. Bill
2009 (out of 25): 1. mike sky, 2. Jeff Mitchell, 3. PlayItDown™, 4. Agustus Gloop
2010 (out of 20): 1. mike sky, 2. Big Mackey, 3. PlayItDown™, 4. tomc_si
2011 (out of 20): 1. Bill, 2. Tom C, 3. SE, 4. Sam Snead
2012 (out of 20): 1. Jim Raynor (son of longnshort), 2. Agustus Gloop, 3. Jeff's son, 4. KJC
2013 (out of 23): 1. Jim M, 2. Agustus Gloop, 3. Tom C, 4. Leslie Hanson
2014 (out of 22): 1. J Conley, 2. Jeff Mitchell, 3. Jim M, 4. Jeff's son
2015 (out of 22): 1. Leslie Hanson, 2. Caly, 3. Mike Skyy, 4. Bob Newton
2016 (out of 21): 1. Jeff Mitchell, 2. mike Skyy, 3. Gloop Jr, 4. longnshort
2017 (out of 19): 1. Sam Adams, 2. Gloop Jr, 3. Agustus Gloop, 4. Kerry C

Most wins: Jeff Mitchell (3)
Most Final Fours: Tom C (8)


Boards from years past:
1999: Subject 26408; 2000: Subject 33883; 2001: Subject 50948; 2002: Subject 52504; 2003: Subject 53458; 2004: Subject 54619; 2005: Subject 55531; 2006: Subject 56441; 2007: Subject 57018; 2008:Subject 57400; 2009: Subject 57680; 2010: Subject 57966; 2011: Subject 58154; 2012: Subject 58585; 2013: Subject 59110; 2014: Subject 59372; 2015: Subject 59582; 2016: Subject 59664; 2017: Subject 59822
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431OK, your wish is my command. Here ya go, the 2019 thread: Subject 60015 - JeffJeffrey S. Mitchell-1/22/2019
430ok time for a 2019 board. just looking at bets - Duke to win 3.25 Tenn 15 to 1Buckey-1/22/2019
429NCAA dropping RPI in favor of NET for March Madness... EK!!!EL KABONG!!!-8/22/2018
428We should all meet in Ontario and get recreationalAugustus Gloop-4/19/2018
427Thats wrong......the world ended on the 17th when I wrote the IRS a checkAugustus Gloop14/19/2018
426Well that's when the Net Neutrality regulations are set to expire, so, obvs.Kevin Podsiadlik-4/19/2018
425World ending on April 23rd... If there's anything of value you want to get rEL KABONG!!!-4/19/2018
424Of course he does but that doesn't matter. I'm his dad - not his friendAugustus Gloop24/17/2018
423So he doesn't touch the stuff while he's away at school? Like you, rightBill-4/17/2018
422He's 19....the only suds he can drink around me come in an A&W can. I dAugustus Gloop-4/17/2018
421I bet we lost a 45 inch (plus) Northern last year.....that was a nice fishAugustus Gloop-4/17/2018
420Does your son bring his own cooler of suds? Or does he mooch off you?Bill-4/17/2018
419Upper 50's are on the way starting in 3 days. I want to be here for that beAugustus Gloop-4/17/2018
418You're probably right. The thing with that setup is that it often leads to Augustus Gloop-4/17/2018
417Get on a plane to Florida and wait it out.Bill-4/17/2018
416All in good fun. Now we're supposed to get 5 inches here tomorrow this hasAugustus Gloop-4/17/2018
415they said only 11 inches so I bent down and measured No no no. You are supposedJeffrey S. Mitchell-4/17/2018
414Maybe we’ll have one of those winter to summer years with no spring.Bill-4/16/2018
413lol That was a wild event. Ice & snow.....they said only 11 inches so I beAugustus Gloop-4/16/2018
412You could play leapfrog with your companions.Bill-4/15/2018
411Yeah but we're losing a lot of I left my snow wedge at homeAugustus Gloop-4/15/2018
410We came for a fraternity graduate event and none of us are getting home. There&Augustus Gloop14/15/2018
409Did you bring your clubs?Bill-4/14/2018
408Wind and rain down here near Marquette U. :) Heard some crazy stories about SE-4/14/2018
407Hard to argue but the outcome still stands. About 4 or 5 of us accept that factAugustus Gloop-4/14/2018
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