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wagerr is a crypto project to create a decentralized sports betting eco-system.

The home page with news releases, team description, roadmap and other information is here:

They raised about $10 million in crypto currency during their Initial Coin Offering back in June 2017. Due to the appreciation in Bitcoin and other crypto since June 2017 they probably have much more than that in their "bank" today. There are links to their crypto holdings in one of their press releases on the website.

wagerr trades today as a token on the Waves Decentralized Exchange, Tidex and I think some exchange called Yobit.

The roadmap says mainnet and testnet are supposed to be released to the public on January 15th, 2018.

Anyone interested in following a crypto project from ICO to launch to mass adoption (or mass failure, who the hell knows!??!) might want to follow along.........
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36Augur Is Live: Decentralized Prediction Market Launches After 2-Year Beta DavidGlenn Petersen-July 12
35Well well, this is sort of interesting. Wagerr has release a public testnet forElroy-July 11
34wagerr is supposed to launch on chain betting in the World Cup (starts in 6 daysElroy-June 7
33Wagerr network has 1,966 masternodes active at the moment. Betting is supposed Elroy-May 5
32 Get Ready to Wagerr on the World Cup! The Wagerr Team has been extremely Elroy-April 22
31Wagerr now has 1,239 computer servers worldwide running the wagerr blockchain coElroy-February 27
30wagerr now has 931 masternodes active. I think that means there are 931 serversElroy-February 24
29Wagerr released a web-based Explorer for the wagerr blockchain. explorer.wagerrElroy-February 23
28Lets see, the wagerr network is up to 603 masternodes - that means 603 machines Elroy-February 23
27 wagerr has provided step by step instructions on setting up a masternode: wageElroy-February 21
26wagerr update...... The wagerr Mainnet/blockchain is active again creating new Elroy-February 21
25Update on the wagerr launch. The wagerr blockchain had some problem with a blocElroy-February 20
24Wagerr completed their ICO back in June 2017. People who bought Wagerr coins inElroy-February 19
23wagerr email is out.... -- Hello Wagerr Community, Wagerr Mainnet is live! TElroy-February 16
22So at this moment there is no wagerr wallet, and no way to transfer wagerr tokenElroy-February 16
21Well, this is interesting. Wagerr put a bunch of code up on their Bithub site tElroy-February 16
20Feb 16th - wagerr is supposed to launch their public blockchain today. Feb 16thElroy-February 15
19wagerr has released a video of their wallet in action. or l.facebooElroy-February 6
18Wagerr has an announcement today. I received the email - I think you can sign Elroy-February 1
17Well wagerr has failed to actually release anything, and the wagerr token price Elroy-January 31
16Here's the latest update from a wagerr advisor. It's pinned in their DiElroy-January 19
15[graphic]Elroy-January 17
14Latest update on the launch delay: We have determined a solution to the issue rElroy-January 16
13And so, we wait for 12 hours.........another 3 month delay would kill interest iElroy-January 16
12The email which announced the delay has this screen shot of the new wagerr walleElroy-January 16
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