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Left Wing Democratic Porch
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This is a thread for those with Left leaning political and ethical beliefs. Participants should also believe that political representatives should be judged mainly by their actions and outcomes and should not be easily swayed by speeches, promises, and party affiliation.


“Left-wing politics supports social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. It typically involves a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.”

Things To Keep In Mind
  • Left wing policies cost money. Money or more accurately wealth is not infinite. Typically, some will lose and some will win when a left leaning policy is implemented.
  • There are many different possible ways to reduce wealth inequality. Not all of those ideas are equally viable.
  • Many candidates propose Left leaning policies which is great, but which(if any) truly is purposing a viable policy, has a plan to pay for it, has the ability to get it done, is sincere, etc.
  • Wealth inequality is a world-wide issue. Most in the US (even the poor) are rich when compared to the world’s poorest. Feel free to discuss, but try and stay focused on how we can do better here.
About Thread Moderation

If you hold mainly Right leaning political beliefs OR you believe that the Democratic party has been doing a “fine job” at championing the disadvantaged OR you believe in settling for "the lesser of two evils", this thread is likely not for you. Feel free to follow along, but please do not post here.

I understand that moderating in this way is heavy handed and against the spirit of free speech, but I believe that it is necessary in order for the thread to stay focused on debating Left Wing topics and representatives without being distracted by debates over Right leaning policies and representatives.

Lastly, I know that it can be hard to disconnect emotionally from a topic this important, but please try and stick to reason, facts, references, and data when attempting to make a point or defend an opinion. Personal attacks (even between left wingers) will result in a temporary, cool down, bans and repeat offenders will be treated harshly.
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1816I think Biden will be almost as bad as Trump if he gets elected. I heard him recRarebird-June 23
1815I expect Biden's lead in the polls to continue to widen to the point where mRarebird-June 12
1814This is Biden's election to lose. The only problem I foresee is that I expecRarebird-June 12
1813He’s tried using the army to fight the virus, but rubber bullets, tear gas and fLand Shark1June 4
1812"he tried to save sanctuary cities from ruining themselves." So that&Wharf Rat-June 4
1811As for his threat to bring the military into a State or States, I think he losesThomas M.-June 4
1810Trump is a very divisive President. I want a President who will unify, not dividRarebird-June 2
1809Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he may not be racist. He may just disdain Horgad-June 2
1808All Trump has to do to stop the rioting is to say "Black lives matter"Rarebird3June 2
1807The democratic party seemed to have learned nothing from the last election excepHorgad-May 21
1806I was going to sit out the Presidential election and vote progressive on the resRarebird-May 21
1805Now you're the liar. Show us the clip where he claims he was being sarcasticBroken_Clock-March 25
1804Message 32633201Land Shark-March 25
1803Is it a lie? Fubho posted the video you dipsh*t [youtube video]Broken_Clock-March 25
1802I'm surprised you're not claiming Trump caused to virus to wipe out stupBroken_Clock-March 25
1801Lie, you moron that $ was cut to prevent the GOP from filibustering it to death.Land Shark-March 25
1800It doesn't bother you that the man you trust, Chuck Schumer, fu*ked over eveBroken_Clock-March 25
1799You have a fucking idiot for a IMPOTUS, who only cares about his Re-election proLand Shark-March 25
1798Whatever dopeLand Shark-March 25
1797What does that have to do with Schumer bragging about stripping $875,000,000 awaBroken_Clock-March 25
1796[tweet]Land Shark-March 25
1795If there is anyone who can blow an election with the stock market in free fall aRarebird-March 23
1794That is an extremely small sample size that no one except a panic stricken persoRarebird-March 21
1793That's a death rate of 1.59%; pretty high. Posted: Mar 20, 2020 / 08:42 PM Wharf Rat-March 21
1792With 126 confirmed cases of the virus in Clarke County, NV and 2 deaths, inside Rarebird-March 21
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