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As traders, we all face a most difficult challenge, which is maintaining our focus on finding and managing successful out-sized return trading opportunities. Focusing on ONLY the large opportunities, and rejecting all other options, has been the key to not only mine but other great trader's success. And if one person can excel in finding these opportunities, imagine the power of a large group of dedicated traders who use every tool available to find and then share these opportunities with a group of like-minded traders in one central location.

If that type of discussion board existed, it would be considered the most valuable place on the entire internet for those so inclined to capitalize on the ideas presented therein. That is exactly the intentions for THIS board, and if you share the same objective, you are heartily welcomed here to partake together with us in the unbridled excitement, joy and euphoria that accompanies successful large gain trades, which brings us back to the title of this board. TRIPLE TRADES was selected as the board name to set the MINIMUM criteria for a trade to be PROFFERED here by a fellow trader. That would be a trade that returns 200% or more (3 bagger) on the initial investment. Traders will proffer one of 2 types of trades here: 1) A Stock trade, or 2) An Option trade on any stock, index or futures contract.

IMPORTANT!!: TRIPLE TRADES is an idea built on the overwhelming power of a series of successful large gain trades and its effect on starting capital:

For each $1,000 in starting capital, if a trader embarks on a series of 10 successful TRIPLE TRADES, the capital grows as follows:

TRIPLE TRADE #1) $3,000
2) $9,000
3) $27,000
4) $81,000
5) $243,000
6) $739,000
7) $2,217,000
8) $6,651,000
9) $19,953,000
10) $59,859,000

That's right... 60 MILLION DOLLARS.

Great trades often return far more than 200%, which reduces the number of completed trades each trader needs to achieve their wealth objective.

IMPORTANT REQUEST: Before YOU set out to not only read and consider the trades proffered here by other world class traders, but to also hopefully proffer some yourself, please DECIDE what YOUR wealth GOAL is, and based on YOUR starting capital, DETERMINE the number of triple trades YOU will need to execute to REACH your desired GOAL. In your first post to this board, please SHARE with fellow traders the number of TRIPLE TRADES you intend to make to achieve your GOAL. Please be serious, at least in your first post with this number. Fun and games can come later.

Each post which PROFFERS a TRIPLE TRADE must contain 4 essential items:

1) The number of PROFFER that it is from you (ex: Your first proffer, state 1st PROFFER - Your third proffer, state 3rd PROFFER). Board readers and participants will be easily alerted that the post has an important trade idea from you, and it will help in tracking all Proffers from all participants.

2) State the Stock or Option Contract Symbol, Strike Price and Expiration Date.

3) The suggested price at which to buy the Option or Stock within the next 3 trading days ONLY. If your trade set-up requires more time to develop, please wait until it appears to be within 3 trading days of materializing to make your proffer.

4) State the target price of the trade, and the longest possible time it will take to reach your target.

Proffering participants are obviously expected to rely only on all publicly known information on an investment vehicle. Any inside information would not be welcome here. It is well known most great traders rely on a combination of technical and fundamental information regarding the investment vehicle they are trading, and your full explanation of the technicals or fundamentals you are relying on are welcome with your post, along with price charts and accompanying analysis.

In helping all participants to not only track all participant's CURRENT PROFFERS, but also realize the QUALITY of each participant's past Proffers, as soon as several proffers are presented on this board, an area will be maintained on this Intro page that tracks each participant's current proffers and PAST success percentage defined as: Did the trade achieve the minimum 200% gain within the specified time frame of the participant's proffer.

Once the first successful Proffer has been completed and the trade is considered closed, a LEADERBOARD will be established that tracks the number of successful trades presented by all participants. 5 Successful proffers with a success percentage of over 50% on all proffers will place that participant in the TRIPLE TRADE HALL of FAME, an area on this Intro Page to be established once the first participant qualifies. As the board matures and capital multiplies, prizes and award will be established, and an Annual if not Biannual celebration party will be planned here in Las Vegas, NV for all participants, their guests and loved ones, as well as those invited investors who read this board, take these great ideas and achieve their own wealth goals, and wish to shower the proffering participants with gifts, admiration and a heart-felt "Thank You" while enjoying a wonderful long weekend in Vegas.

Posts on this board need to focus on the task at hand.... NO OFF-TOPIC POSTS WILL BE ALLOWED. The information contained here will be far too important to be cluttered by anything off-topic. If in doubt... don't. Questions to the proffering participant are quite alright, as are updates by the participant. Repeated offenders may earn the dreaded ban designation from the moderator.

On a final note, it is understood that it may take time for other great traders to buy into the idea of sharing their great trading ideas on a public forum such as this. But when trading investment vehicles like options on the major Indices, Commodities, Bonds etc, careful reflection should lead all to conclude that the ocean of liquidity in these vehicles can not be swayed by a few dozen traders. More importantly, what is to be gained by the synergy of working with others far outweighs the benefits of keeping the light hidden under a bushel. Until other great traders begin posting their proffers here, I will prime the pump, so to speak, with several enormous trades that are currently in the works. Several dozen of these TRIPLE TRADES are spotted each year by this trader alone, so even if multiple-party participation is limited, what is presented here by one trader alone will have the capacity to accomplish every wealth goal one could imagine. Good luck to all, best wishes and Good Trading!!


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