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just a few things that interest me.
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123trade deficits with a 'thought experiment'... ========= Why the U.S. TgrusumAugust 15
122a 1985 article that explains what a 'debtor' nation really is and its ecgrusumJuly 27
121the last 30 years the planet has been getting greener (and why it's happeningrusumJuly 17
120quoting Thomas Sowell never hurts... ====== March 16th, 2017 | Written by ScotgrusumJuly 13
119here's congressional testimony by Daniel Griswold for people like lou dobbs grusumJuly 13
118This piece from ZeroHedge by Taleb fits well with objective observers who may frdvdw©July 7
117in an email today... ------------------ Police State in Slo-Mo by Jeff ThogrusumJuly 2
116putting to rest the notion that the constitution is outdated for 'complex mogrusumJune 16
115"I suspect he either knows or listens to good advice." by the way trugrusumJune 12
114trump doesn't understand the economics of tariffs In that he suggested theyJoe BtfsplkJune 12
113it's possible larry kudlow is having an influence on him. i'm sure trumpgrusumJune 11
112Trump has me wondering. His surprising call for elimination of tariffs indicatesJoe BtfsplkJune 11
111jeff thomas warns of the dangers of tariffs ========== "Bastiat was rightgrusumJune 11
110i strongly disagree with him that increasing productivity through automation is grusumJune 3
109Article on trade deficit fallacies exposed again by Sowell and written by mark pgrusumMay 30
108from Jeff Thomas today: "Cuba Re-invented" or as i tend to say, 'grusumMay 21
107quotes from Jeff Thomas in an email today. "The debt levels in the US are grusumMay 14
106Thomas Sowell: Wealth, Poverty and Politics youtube.comgrusumMay 10
105Thomas Sowell: "after the stock market crash (of 1929) unemployment peaked grusumMay 8
104Thomas Sowell "forget racism. racism is in one's head. concentrate on grusumMay 7
103Thomas Sowell on the Larry Elder show "it is my belief that the great deprgrusumMay 7
102steven kates --------- on john stuart mill's fourth fundament proposition grusumMay 7
101yes, getting government out IS the only real solution. but it's entrenched sgrusumMarch 17
100I continue to believe that exports are a cost, imports a benefit. There are a loJoe BtfsplkMarch 16
99by Doug Casey today ------- Justin: Donald Trump just slapped a 25% tax on stegrusumMarch 16
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