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The Green Room. A 99.999% unmoderated NOT investment-relate
An SI Board Since June 2015
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The Green Room Humor Board. 99.999% unmoderated. NOT investment-related.

Origin of the title "The Green Room"

If you are easily offended (and/or do not wish to be offended), please do not read or participate here.

Post JOKES and FUNNY STUFF only - NOT political OPINION, or political discussion or witty political repartee in posts. Political jokes and political cartoons are just fine, and note that the "political" element of jokes is perfectly OK... just not any unfunny political opinion, debate or discussion, even if posted with an OJ (obligatory Joke)... because no aspect of the opinion, debate or discussion posts are allowed here.

The rules here include NO debates on jokes being offensive. That's called "heckling". It's rude. And boring. If you don't like Lenny Bruce... then, don't go to a Lenny Bruce performance... expecting the audience to support your effort to disrupt his performance. Humor often is offensive... sometimes that is even the point of it... with that often making those who are offended into the butt of the joke... because they are offended. We won't allow that to happen to you here... just because you violate our space, our rights, and the rules of social etiquette... by volunteering to offend us with your posturing about being offended.

You're allowed to BE offended, of course... you're just not allowed to talk about that here. It's just REALLY not about you... and we won't allow you to try to make it about you... by forcing a discussion about you to occur here... when the rules of social etiquette forbid audience participation in a discussion during a performance... much less audience control of the stage.

No posts about other posters. This is a Joke thread for funny stories and jokes. IF we see YOU start whining about what others think is funny that you don't think is funny, or posting about what you don't like... or debating the jokes... or posting about other posters... YOU will be banned.

The point here... is the experience OF THE HUMOR... and not intruding upon that experience with endless quibbles about what's funny and what's not... to you. If a joke "misses"... just look for another that doesn't without thinking your personal morality, integrity, sexuality, intelligence, or the lack of any of those, is being challenged by someone else who is posting a joke... that might miss... miss badly... or miss completely.

This board just IS NOT about your opinion about the jokes... or those who post them...

Let the comics here succeed or whiff... love them or hate them... without your applause... and without your heckling them...

The ONLY limits here are:

1. Don't violate the SI terms of use: Terms of Use

2. Don't violate the law.

Why ?

I agree that laughter is the best medicine... and that the potentially positive qualities of that medicine should not be diluted by allowing some asshole in the audience ruin it, to bury that potential by generating pointlessly dark clouds... by making this board into just another place on SI where any asshole can expect to impose his/her/their/its own opinion on others... disrupting the purpose of the board... then quibbling about it.

Don't be that asshole.

That means there will probably be some negative and offensive stuff to wade through here... reality often being negative and offensive as well as providing the ugly core element of truth as the foil exposing our tacit acceptance of social lies... that conflict with reality often being at the truthful core of humor...

But, at least, we won't ALSO have to suffer through the even worse bullshit imposed by assholes posturing about being offended by it... when its just a joke. Ensuring we will not bear the load of that here should compensate for the bad jokes... by reducing the total load of negativity here by half or more... thus enabling the comics in delivering a far MORE positive user experience on balance.

If you don't like it... ignore it... and press on. If you feel the need to complain... you don't belong here... and you should press on and not come back.

If you just ARE that asshole and can't help it... and need to be all the asshole you can be... and have a comment about a joke that you just HAVE to make... do NOT post it here, but make that comment here:

Sour Apples: Or, The Green Room Toilet.
So, the FIRST exception I'm making to the rule about not posting about the posts... is that the AUTHORS ONLY of posts... may post a single request ASKING for comments... which solicitation of comments must direct that any responses will be posted on the other board, as linked above. Any other comment or request for comment will be met with the most severe opprobrium. IF the author wants feedback...give it. But, not here.

The SECOND exception... is that I'm enabling polling by users... with the additional caveat that origination of polls here will be limited to the authors of joke posts... and the subject of those polls will be limited to "market testing" audience reactions to their jokes or their "performance" here. That creates a form of feedback that is allowed here... but ONLY if the author asks for it... and then, it happens only by enabling user participation in a poll... without any discussion.

The THIRD exception... is that I will allow posters of jokes to post about other posters in the jokes they post here... but only if those other posters have first agreed (elsewhere) to allow themselves to be named when being made the subject of a joke.

Three purposes for that duality being created, and for the rules being what they are:

The first is so that an audience feedback function is enabled... without disrupting the performance... in a way that most benefits those actually seeking the feedback... without ever imposing it on those who don't want it.

The second is so that there is a forum (not here) in which budding SI comics might discuss the "technology" of humor, the structure of jokes, what makes them work... or not... even while they are working on improving them in a supportive (?) environment... without that discussion ever distracting from the venue or the performance... where the jokes happen.

The third... is so that all the assholes who just have to let us know how offended they are by particular jokes... can be ignored somewhere else without their assholiness disrupting the performance here... while the budding comics here also gain the ability to deal with the hecklers themselves... while doing that elsewhere, and without occupying bandwidth here, or imposing that on us, here.

Maybe this experiment will allow the "humor" function to work... as it should... without enabling and allowing the compounding errors in disruptions caused by imposing opinions... and the problems caused by opinions being expressed where they're not wanted ?
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