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This is the forum Dmitry invited us to open and use. It is unmoderated as a general rule. The only exception is if a poster continues to abuse the board's intent by attacking other posters or continuing to post off-topic content after repeated warnings. Otherwise, you are invited to speak your mind.

From: SI Dmitry (code monkey)
8/29/2013 11:39:13 AM
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Dear New feature discussion board users,

I'm very sorry that a group of you do not like drop down menus. This feature is not going away, and no switch to turn off the active navigation menu system is being contemplated.

It is not our intent that this New Feature discussion board come to resemble so many other discussion forums on SI, where groups of individuals reinforce and support a particular viewpoint not commonly held, and continually disparage other viewpoints, in this case ours. You are welcome to open your own board in another forum on SI if you wish to continue this discussion amongst yourselves. I moderate this board. If you wish to participate on this board, I would ask that this topic be closed.



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1517I don't post much here any more but thought it appropriate for someone to megreg s811/17/2017
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1515Isn't the windows updater ad on SI a scam. Anything not directly from windowACAN-11/6/2017
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1513REFR .50 by summerRancon56-3/4/2017
15124th Quarter earnings are about to come out on REFR. Looks like REFR will be goinRancon56-2/27/2017
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1510A quick check of several SI message boards chosen at random seems to indicate th1Coffeehound-1/22/2017
1509Make that 27 recommendations. I don't know how I missed recommending it bacTEDennis112/10/2016
1508Here is a post from only a few months back on the New Feature board in which the1Coffeehound112/10/2016
1507Dmitry made some changes that were well received, and he was commended for maki1Coffeehound112/9/2016
1506Again, you're missing the point. The early SI team was very responsive to uTEDennis212/8/2016
1505You've been at SI since 1997 and I've been here since 2001. We are both goldworldnet-12/8/2016
1504Apparently you're missing the point. Dmitry spent the time to collect respoTEDennis-12/8/2016
1503I'm a circuit designer and there's a multitude of ways to do anything. goldworldnet212/8/2016
1502It has been about three years or a thousand days since the Poll feature was impl1Coffeehound112/8/2016
1501I don't know why SI even continues its MARKETS page farce. A company I follo1Coffeehound111/25/2016
1500I was critical of SI when it dropped Yahoo as its financial data provider, but i1Coffeehound-9/28/2016
1499I'm just curious as to why Dmitry makes such a big deal of the recommendatio1Coffeehound-9/4/2016
1498Hey, don't knock the "count of recommendations" feature !!! It waTEDennis18/29/2016
1497I wonder what fancy new "feature" has been implemented. Well, remem1Coffeehound18/29/2016
1496SI is *horrendously* slow. It started yesterday, and continues today. I have hTEDennis-8/24/2016
1495In three months, it will be three years since this board was started. It began b1Coffeehound28/2/2016
1494Mario: I'm so disappointed in you ... You didn't claim your "ChrisTEDennis-8/2/2016
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