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This board is the replacement site for the RB FBPP annual football contest.

Welcome all to the home of the 15th annual NFL picking/prediction contest!

The rules are simple, as follows:

1. Your picks must be posted with "NFLPICKS... Week #_..." in the subject of your post.

2. You do not need to post your name -- unless you want to remind us who you used to be if you've changed your alias from a previous contest/board.

3. Each week I will post the games for play.

4. You either list your pick or team, or highlight/boldface team names you pick to win the game. "Points" are not taken into consideration.

5. Picking mistakes by anyone will be scored as a 'dnp' (did not play), unless caught and corrected prior to game time. You will be notified if and when I catch an error.

6. Your entries must be posted by game time on the day of the game, the posted time of your picks will be the time keeper. EXAMPLE: l:00PM/ET games must be picked and posted by 12:59PM/ET. If your post is posted at l:00PM/ET or later for a l:00PM/ET game, you will receive a 'dnp' (did not play) for each applicable game posted. No excuses, no do overs, no exceptions. However, picks for later games, i.e., 4:30pm games still count.

7. You can revise any pick prior to that game's kickoff. If you make any "revisions" to your picks after you have already submitted your picks, you must resubmit your entire pick list. The post title must read: "NFLPICKS Week #_...Revision".

8. If you are having trouble with the internet and for whatever reason are unable to post directly on this board, you must post your picks directly to me at...""...(write it down).

9. If you are leaving for a vacation your picks may be posted and recorded early; weeks in advance if necessary.

10. Not posting your weekly picks will never be excused, as there are always additional computers at family members, neighbors and/or libraries.

11. Most 'Wins' total for the full regular season wins the full season event. The playoffs and Super Bowl contest will be held separately, after the conclusion of the regular season event.

12. Anyone who receives 33 DNPs (Did Not Play) will be eliminated from play for the given season.

13. No new players will be added after the 2nd week of the season concludes.

14. This is the NFL football contest board...'rules of the road' will be followed.


Past Winners (Note: the contest began a couple years prior to 2003, but when our msg. board at the time changed owners, we lost records of those previous contests, so the following winners' list does not include those early years' winners):
2016-17benduck Cup Regular Season Winnerfreelyhovering
bobbie-bonds Trophy Super Bowl Winnerscuba_chic...........................................................
2015-16benduck Cup Regular Season WinnerTom Daly
bobbie-bonds Trophy Super Bowl WinnerSusie924 (aka, SusieG).......................................
2014-15benduck Cup Regular Season Winner bill3425 (aka, Blue)
bobbie-bonds Trophy Super Bowl Winner Susie924 (aka, SusieG).......................................
2013-14 benduck Cup Regular Season Winner mac319 (mr. mac)
bobbie-bonds Trophy Super Bowl Winner JimisJim
2012-13 benduck Cup Regular Season Winner wmarini (aka: Billy The Kidd)
bobbie-bonds Trophy Super Bowl Winnermac319 (mr. mac)
2011-12 benduck Cup Regular Season Winner buncha-chumps (aka: Chump-monkey) & marty
(aka: MartyB1959) (tied)
bobbie-bonds Trophy Super Bowl Winnerburntjohn
2010-11 Regular Season WinnerJimisJim
Super Bowl Winner bobbie-bonds
2009-10 Regular Season Winner JimisJim
Super Bowl Winner tree
2008-09 Regular Season Winner mac319 (mr. mac)
Super Bowl Winner mac319 (mr. mac)
2007-08 Regular Season Winner mac31952 (aka, debmac, mrs. mac)
Super Bowl Winner bobbie-bonds
2006-07 Regular Season Winner Midas
Super Bowl Winner minicat
2005-06 Regular Season Winner mac31952 (aka, debmac, mrs. mac)
Super Bowl Winner mac31952 (aka, debmac, mrs. mac)
2004-05 Regular Season Winner JimisJim & techhunter (tied)
Super Bowl Winner mullahmaker
(aka: ArtVandelay, aka: artvandelay2013)
2003-04 Regular Season Winner benduck
Super Bowl Winner benduck
2003 Super Bowl Winner jcamp (aka: poole)
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7288Yeah, I know how you feel... except my favorite baseball team is vying for worstJimisJim-August 10
7287I'm a big baseball fan so I usually don't get seriously into feetsball uTom Daly-August 10
7286Are we getting ready for some feetsball??? Preseason cranking up (during record JimisJim-August 8
7285Season getting closer :) eomDayTraderJedi-June 10
7284Wonderful film. Thanks for sharing. Great season. Many cheers for JimisJim.freelyhovering-February 14
7283NFL Films Presents | I gotta go talk to my acquaintance at that place about thisspitsong-February 13
7282Thanks for another great season Jim.Susie924-February 10
7281Congratulations Kevin!Susie924-February 10
7280Jim thanks for another great year.scuba_chic-February 7
7279Great Job Kevinscuba_chic-February 7
7278FWIW: Kevin joins club of 4 who won both regular season and post season the sameJimisJim-February 7
7277Jim - Thanks again for all you did in this years contest. FATSMNFATS-February 7
7276Kevin - Fantastic job. FATSMNFATS-February 7
7275Just you wait, mr. vandelay.... just you wait.....JimisJim-February 6
7274Shhhhhhhhhh .......... don't tell EVERYBODY! Sheesh... /eomJimisJim-February 6
7273Jedi, I owe it all to protein shakes, meditation and yoga....and finally passingartvandelay2016-February 6
7272You cant be having that much fun then. Bahahahahaha!!artvandelay2016-February 6
7271New cheating strategies must be employed!artvandelay20161February 6
7270As a gift, Jim... in anticipation for next Year - I shall have the highest VoluDayTraderJedi-February 6
7269K-Pod, you killed it. Well Done!DayTraderJedi-February 6
7268It is a delightful consolation prize, huh Art? I'm not certain how you justDayTraderJedi-February 6
7267Many congratulations to Kevin Podsiadlik, who won the postseason and tied for thspitsong-February 5
7266Thanks everyone, but I would do this anyway because it is fun for me... OK, therJimisJim-February 5
7265mumble... mumble... mutter... I'll get even... some day... just you wait andJimisJim-February 5
7264Blue, this was our 15th or 16th year -- hard to say for sure because remember thJimisJim-February 5
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