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On Friday, March 22, 2013, there will be much to celebrate for the management of Parametric Solutions (PAMT). This date will be the one year anniversary that they undertook a 1:5 reverse split of the company stock. The split took place with the stock trading for .95 cents and with the prevailing stock activity on many days, being no trades at all. Based on the reverse split, the stock was reset with a share value of $4.75 cents. The ensuing ‘sound’ heard in their company headquarters, coming from their supposedly new innovation sound quality device called a HSS-3000 for the discerning ear, could it be Johnny Mercer’s classic 1940 song, Fools Rush In, being sung by Frank Sinatra. From .95 cents until today's closing price above $17.00, leaves only one question--why is the stock zooming to the sky? What is the history of the never ending array of companies created by the founder of (PAMT).

The creator and mastermind behind this company and his never ending inventions, is one Elwood ‘Woody’ Norris. There is no doubt that Mr. Norris has a keen mind. It appears that Mr. Norris has no college degree, however, it should be noted that in 2005, he received the Lemelson-MIT award where $500,000 was given to him for his work on his ‘ultrasound’ innovation. And, yes! The MIT association is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But for such a unique innovation that was created nearly 8 yearsago and allows Mr. Norris’ latest public company to be sporting a stock price that has nearly quadrupled in price in less than one year, is it really the sweet music the investors are hearing? What gives with a company earning a total of six digit annual revenues(and not profits), but based on the stock price the company is sporting a multi-million dollar market capitalization!

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Norris stated his new supply of money would be used to fund other creative thinkers and their innovative products. I can find no record of such largesse to other struggling innovators, but that isn’t to say that it didn’t occur. However, as to the clear public record of what Mr. Norris has undertaken for his own personal wealth is fairly easy to trace. And that record shows Mr. Norris has a propensity for creating public stock companies and selling stock. Stocks that haven’t been as successful for investors buying into Mr. Norris’ never ending inventions that would bring them a ‘pot of gold’ at the end of his rainbow of promises.

It appears that Mr. Norris has been behind the creation of the following companies:


1980: American Technology Corporation of San Diego, CA. Company name changed to LRAD Corporation in March 2010 after Norris' departure from the company.

1988: Norris Communications Corporation of British Columbia, Canada and San Diego, CA - multiple corporate changes from origin. Name changed to e.Digital Corporation in January 1999.

1992: Patriot Scientific Corporation of Carlsbad, CA

2000: AirScooter Corporation of Henderson, NV

2010: Parametric Sound Corporation of Henderson, NV. Parametric Sound Corporation was spun off from LRAD Corporation in September 2010.

Non Public Companies:

1979: Norris Industries, Inc., a Utah Corporation (entity # 727009-0142)[3]

1983: Jabra Corporation, originally named Norcom Electronics Corporation, a Utah corporation (entity # 839976-0142). It was owned for a time by American Technology Corporation, which sold it to Norris Communications (now e.Digital Corporation), which sold it off to former Norris Communications employees.

1988: Norcom Communications Corporation, a Utah corporation (entity # 994358-0142)

2000: Aerotwin Motors Corporation, a Nevada corporation.[4]

2001: Mt. Savage Productions, a Nevada corporation motion picture production company.[5]

2005: Elwood Norris Inventions, LLC, a Nevada corporation.[6]

2005: The Elwood and Stephanie Norris Foundation, a Nevada corporation.[7]

The source of the above information is from Wikipedia.

However, let’s look at only a few of Mr. Norris’ public traded corporations with information also gleaned from Wikipedia.

e.Digital(EDIG) is perhaps best known for a phenomenal rise in the price of its stock during the dot-com bubble from a low of $0.06 in January 1999 to an intra-day peak of $24.50 on January 24, 2000, fuelled primarily by speculation on multiple internet message boards, most prominently the Raging Bull forum that the stock would become listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The share price quickly receded and NASDAQ eventually denied the listing. At the close of trading today (3/15/2013) the stock trades for .14 cents! Truly creating a lot of misery for those buying at the peak price of $24.50! At the end of about 25 years since being created, the company has earned a profit in only one year—and that profit was created by receiving funds from a patent infringement ruling.

Airscooter(ASCO)-The company's proposed product, perpetually under development, is the single-seat AirScooter II, which is intended to be classified as an ultralight aircraft. It is expected to weigh 254 lbs and be powered by a single 65-hp four-stroke engine capable of carrying a load of up to 350 lbs.[2] Although its operating ceiling is around 10,000 ft (2?700 m), the AirScooter II is incapable of autorotation emergency descent, and is intended for recreational flying at low altitude, i.e., at or below 50 ft (15 m) above ground level (AGL).Production of the AirScooter II was originally expected to begin in 2005. Production was pushed back to 2006 and then later targeted for 2007.[3][4] As of January 4, 2008, production has not yet been announced. Any definitive plans for production and sales of the Airscooter II would surely boost stock price. However, with many of Norris’creations they no longer exist, as with Airscooter. Taking the ‘merger’ route to create another identity and without going to the expense of doing an IPO for the stock, today Airscooter is Tatyana Designs(TATD), in the business of selling women’s clothing based on a 1950’s pin-up model. Apparently Norris’s aircraft design didn’t sell—but would you want an rotor aircraft that had no ability to land safely if there was engine failure?

Patriot Scientific (PTSC)—Closed today in Pink Sheet trading @.14 cents.

LRAD- The common thread company that Parametric was created from, as for most of Norris’s public stock companies. What better way to describe this company than to quote the words from a fund that owns 5% of their stock, and was issued on LRAD’s latest Q report of a few weeks ago:

Iroquois Capital Management, LLC today commented on the first fiscal quarter earnings released by LRAD Corporation (LRAD).

Iroquois Capital commented, “As the owner of more than 5% of LRAD’s common stock, we are very disappointed by LRAD’s results. The company indicated that quarterly revenues declined by 17% year over year. However, we were even more concerned by the large quarterly net loss suffered by LRAD that compares to a net profit just one year ago.” “While management disclosed some new information that had not been previously revealed on the direction of the business and the composition of its revenues, we note that any nominal disclosure closely followed our nomination of five independent nominees to replace the company’s incumbent board. This only reinforces our belief that stockholders need representation in the LRAD boardroom because we believe that this late stage attempt at transparency is not enough to stem further deterioration in shareholder value.”

Parametric’s product that has a long history of not being bought by the consumers is making sweet music. But it appears the investors are the ones who might remember eventually the prophetic words of Johnny Paychecks classic song about breaking up what seemed was a perfect marriage. ----“She got the ring and I got the shaft!”

Over the last few weeks, (PAMT) has soared on huge volume—from $4.75 post reverse split to now over $17.00. Yes! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! But who is going to be left holding the bag when the-Sound of Music- goes yodeling in the night?
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