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The Politics for Conservatives thread is a community of Conservatives. The thread exist to exchange and discuss conservative ideas/practices. This thread does not exist for liberals to come in solely for the purpose of trying to stir the pot. Polite debate may be tolerated for a period, but as you and I both are aware, there is little success in trying to change the other side's mind. Bans aren't automatic though as on some threads.

I ask that post be civil to the posters, attacks from regular members to other members will be met with temporary bans. If you wish to practice ad hominem attacks, there are plenty of threads on SI for that. This isn't one of them.

The Flight 93 Election

Understanding Trumpism:

Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself

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105682Here's the James Woods meme that cause Twitter to suspend him: Said he'DMaA111 AM
105681Week in pictures! Many targets this week. powerlineblog.comkech-8 AM
105680 Posted on September 22, 2018 by Steven Hayward in The Week In Pictures The WJ.B.C.37 AM
105679Dershowitz calls Ford's demands "unamerican". [youtube video]DMaA2yesterday
105678When are we going to pull the plug on this clown show? The globe-trotting traveDMaA-yesterday
105677Every year we get a crop of interns at my place of employment. Most of them areStock Puppy2yesterday
105676Every year we get a crop of interns at my place of employment. Most of them are Tom Clarke3yesterday
105675Stamps? What are they for? To mail the ballot? Mail? Oh that's the patriaStock Puppy1Thursday
105674Anything we say is a slur, at best. :-) You realize that remark is racist and sStock Puppy-Thursday
105673If it's possible for the Bushs to hate Trump any more, this will do it. DonDMaA3Thursday
105672OMG, you have got to be bagging me. By Aaron Bracamontes DMaA-Thursday
105671I have a friend who went to ASU. Next time I see him, I'll say Gee Mike, IDMaA1Wednesday
105670ASU has a beautiful campus and a very nice law school. They spend a lot of dollD. Long-Wednesday
105669Apparently they have a bottomless wallet for litigation. Funded by student loanThehammer-Wednesday
105668I did not know this: Arizona State University, the most popular, with an enrolmDMaA1Wednesday
105667There's shenanigans in the data if so-called scientists will go to those lenD. Long3Wednesday
105666Talk about kicking and screaming all the way. Nearly sevenDMaA4Wednesday
105665Unlike other popes, he's not hiding where he stands on the issue.Bill1Wednesday
105664Schools have been in decline for some time, this is a fairly recent development.Tom Clarke-Wednesday
105663Of the top 1000 things that have gone wrong with schools arranged from worst to DMaA-Wednesday
105662No. Why Writing by Hand Could Make You Smarter In surprising studies, researchTom Clarke1Wednesday
105661"The dark cloud will not pass until we know why Benedict XVI abdicated.&quoTom Clarke-Wednesday
105660Are you being facetious ?DMaA-Wednesday
105659Things began to deteriorate rapidly when they quit teaching cursive.Tom Clarke2Wednesday
105658Athena the grey-eyed goddess is the protectress of heroes.Tom Clarke-Wednesday
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