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It is requested no one posts on this thread.Any that do will be banned/ I have no choice/ be you friend or foe:)
CompleteProfileCanBeSeenBy, as follows:
It's Only Mystery( From Subway 1985)
Dos vías de perdón entre dos personas con una guerra psique entre ellos dando lugar a la tragedia inesperada, pero aún poseyendo amor entre ellos, requiere no disculpas, pero sólo para curar las cicatrices del pasado Bill/Max
I prefer Spanish! But for those not being able to translate; the below I now post. in english

Two-way forgiveness between two people with a psyche war between them leading to an unexpected tragedy, but still possessing love between them, requires no apologies, but only to heal the scars of the past

Bill/Max "T"
Posted this in 5/31/14 post "When The Night Was Young" discussed in post Note well the words in song :) "Keep Your Heart Beating in The Right Direction/ That Is How To Make The Real(True) Connection"
Bee Gees Words.
Just the yakety yak of an aging philosopher, one can ignore this post just from me, some nut that thinks "G" is Music that is trying to awaken! to Freedom: Santana is at one with the Spirit here, imho--I bet "G" adores Lil' Richard/Santana//JohnColtrane and on and on. o yes "G" would make a lousy economist and/or politician: "G' is Life/ wild and free and good( FWIW: VBG :)
Santana Rare Live Footage: Dedicated to that lady that warned me from the start she HATES Saints and proved she did even though she was saintly herself---talk about Self-Hatred!
************************************************************************************************************************** Gimme Shelter Paul Brady and The Forest Rangers(Great Cover) Love Sister Just A Kiss Away Just A Kiss Away.

CompleteProfileCanBeSeenBy, as follows: (click Revision History and then click 12/21/2013 08:05:28 ) and that takes you to the last revision before closing site. For the record I am opposed, in the SPIRITUAL sense / that being beyond this illusion/ I am opposed to erasing any being( unless ABSOLUTELY no alternative) as my view be "Let them be placed where the only torture/hell will be the company of themselves.Max "

New post #29 today 3/6/2014
Added 3/24/2014 :Tom Paine The Most Valuable Englishman EVER Part 2 ( It's Below Depiction Bruno's Agony)
Also New post 4/2/2014 Post #34 ( ignore post #33)

What a photo moment: prize winner. Going to put on wall:) One feels the oneness; it is my belief that bird (I suspect a finch) in the language that has no words is feeling just as we in such moments.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "FIELD OF INNOCENCE"

"As the years pass by before my face, As wars rage before me, Finding myself in these last days of existence, This parasite inside me, I forced it out. In the darkness of the storm lies an evil."

My Beloved by VNV
(Vengeance NOT Violence)

ReadLyric; TheRefrainOverAndOverAndOverBe "WeakMinds!!!!!!" WeHaveZeroToleranceForAnyEthnicGroupThatFeelsItIsSuperior. AnyThatThinkTheAfricanPygmiesAreLesserThanYouIsADamnedFool. iAmFedUpWithTeachingWhatShouldbeObvious p.s. it is my understanding African Pygmy origins are from Polynesia/ (We find these mysteries , such as the Ainu of Japan, which are from European area---the Finnish, are not Nordic, best guess they came from area of Turkey.)

iAmFedUpWith WeakMinds!!!(iDon'tEvenRecognizeDifferentRacialGroups/YouAre­OneRace:Period!)

Song by yes Metal Group "Napalm Death" a group with fine people that from here and from within Europe send a relentless message against both Fascism and Neo-Nazis.
Song titled "Evolves As One" NOT for people that cant handle the anger and passio of the Good-Side of Metal: there are Evil groups, however: especially within Black Metal which came out of Norway, and is rank Neo-Nazism again revealing my mind is perpetually young, as such I never get trapped in music of my youth./I will die as young as when I was born. The refrain over and over is a rage at the heart of the problem of Humainity, and is TOO MANY "WEAK MINDS WEAK MINDS !!!!!!"

i dedicate this page to Giordano Bruno who I identify with:

Woody Allen quote:"If Jesus returned and saw the things being done in His name/ he would start puking and never stop."

Note: of my surviving posts(they can't be removed) I recommend post #19 and post #5 as to me, anyway, they have real value--ignore the rest) #19 crisp and fresh, just posted:) Note: I will take extreme care all posts above 19 be essential, one way or another)

Video with raw reality for the world's majority--thru out history.

NeverEndingStoryWillAlwaysBeThat TheMajorityWillBeThe"LesMiserables" AndTheMinorityWillThinkThingsAre GettingBetter.Saying "O'Isn't It A Wonderlife" They Get Huffy If You Say There Never Will Be That Imagined Grand Tomorrow/ My motto since 18 "Do good for its own sake, and not for reward. Defy this Cruel Universe"
Nick Jonas - Empty Chairs' (Les Miserables) Album Version

iAmMovedBy 2:43 - 3:58 But it be something i best always be silent. Phosphorescent cover of "Ya Hey"
I speak now in mystery , having learned if you speak plainly or in codex, it matters not---all is wasted.

Ian y yo sean verdaderos hermanos pero yo no quiero entrar en eso ahora

Pero yo era el que fue enviado solo desde otro mundo. Busqué ayuda, pero no recibió respuesta alguna.
¿Por qué? Manny Enviado "Manny olvídalo, tu ha intentado todo amor, pero a cambio de nada: usted ha intentado la justicia y el amor en equilibrio, pero fue en vano , estás en un lugar peligroso y ellos son crueles con los extranjeros desde lejos./Hemos hecho sólo un error dos veces, pero ahora nunca más. Esta es la última vez"

Esta podría ser la última vez la última llamada. lo que será, será


Vampire Weekend;"Unbelievers"
My comments to this song at two different locations First:

"Why would G-d be such a creep to require one to BELIEVE in him, to be saved.
I give Kudos to Pope Francis Making an Official Decree that (Freely paraphrased:) "One does NOT! need to believe in G-d/JAH or Allah or whatever ever name you wish to use the G. word,and IN FACT one can be even a HARDCORE ATHEIST" for as it is all about one's inner being---as for sin, everyone is a sinner; EVERYONE(Jesus refused to throw a stone! Comprende why --who can teach Man--not many that is for sure, I guess: I say for the dead heads, he threw no stone because he TOO was a Sinner) G-d cares only about what be Evil. Sin and Evil are different words, that humans can't grasp, it seems. I am , in part, a Judaic Kabala esoteric, and like all True Gnostics, I believe that which calls itself the GAWD of this world( a pathetic stranded planet adrift in the Infinite/such tragedy this!) is AN Impostor, and that god is NOT G-d. Man has a very primitive superstitious mind---they would kill in a moment any that said what they believe they made-up. Here's to G-d, The Unbeliever In This World. iIi Myself Like Buddhists And Gnostics, do NOT believe G-d created this world. But Unlike Gnostics I Do NOT Blame The Demiurge.

Other comment in tightcaps, to fit in character limit space.

"TheWordSinnersShouldBeDestroyed/RemovedUtterly: 50/50/BS:TheLaughIsTrueG-dIsAnUnbelieverTOO! IsThatTooFuckingDeep!? EvilAndSinAreTwoDifferentWords! "

I was asked quite fairly this question "

Why are you afraid of typing GOD??

1:45 AM

Perhaps because spelled backwards it spells Dog-also the name GOD is just a fricking name made up by man, which has a thousand names for GOD-- the dash states there is no name except for what one tribe shouts above another tribes name--the world is just a bunch tribes saying they are the best by pushing their name for the G. word. I mean this is all noise anyway. My being evasive, is stressing I believe more in Daffy Duck, than some patriarchal fart--with long beard. Xenophanes once said if Cows could draw they would draw GOD as with the face of a Cow.
In my life I have found no reason To WORSHIP- I ask is G-d some megalomaniac that can't live without people kneeling a praying to It?? Gag Me! Max

"THE THOUSAND NAMES OF GOD" post #2"God is indeed a jealous God —
He cannot bear to see
That we had rather not with Him
But with each other play." Emily Dickinson Comment: Good for you Emily! That people can worship any Puffed Up Pig that rants " iIi Am A Jealous God, and you will NOT have any other before me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or" I am your creator, and without me you are nothing" I can say TRUTHFULLY say I despise this GAWD.
And that I am being hated more and more for refusing to tell BS lies--well I don't give a damn.
I will never LOWER myself to such stupidity--dedicated to Giordano Bruno.
and for those with the guts to see the UGLYNESS of man when confronted with a BRILLIANT heretic, watch this , and see the horrific end of Bruno's life It is a study in horror---- but few will watch, they rather watch things that make them FEEL GOOD . It's in spanish(with CC Spanish subtitles) and the images tell the whole story.

Thomas Paine The most valuable Englishman ever. - Part 2 ( And they are right in using the word EVER!)

In intense praise the greatest of men, Tom Paine: I am, sadly, forced via the application of my rigorous intellectual honesty to indict the bulk of the Human Race that the likes of Paine so fought for---
as humanity proved to be, in the vast majority, the betrayer of such persons, none more so than with Paine and Paine's Jesus/ i.e. the real Jesus and the horrendous lie the churches created.
(Watch The Pathetic End This Video/ That End Be Damning To The People This Idealist Paine Fought For: it tell us, we the idealist, a horrible truth.)
Don't romanticize the crowd; they, in the end, simply can't grasp Truly Great Men/ the Saints. The shame of this damned earth is it betrays The Giants amongst them.
Men and women like Paine give BELIEF in me of a G-d NOT of this Earth, for men like Paine are treated like Dirt/ like Pariahs by the ruling Majority but their minds be transcendent this earth: attached to something far beyond.
By the time of Paine's return the beauty of the American Revolution that HE Made Happen, was already turning to the rule the non-idealistic and greed materialists.
To be an idealist here, is to whistle in HELL and I do whistle, but I know it is in vain: humanity is step by step moving to extinction. That is UNLESS Something Breaks, even the Great Historian and Humanist Arnold Toynbee in volume 12 (last of appendixes to the 10 volume "The History of Civilization" and at the end of 30 years of thought research and the immense work of writing did Toynbee in the last page CONCLUDE; that unless those that hope for a miraculous intervention from afar come to pass; then humanity has no future but for endless repetition until their size and weaponry and power to devour resources: history will end in Man's destruction. Of course since BS positive thinking has become a "New Drug"(Don't Worry be Happy Robots) Toynbee has become an outcast: another great man being shelved.Humanity methinks will collapse in the heap of its own conceit. At age 73, I get ready to join the heap of the rejected, BECAUSE of those DAMNED FOOLS that believe it the Duty of Saints to Lose: and die but yet still be forgiving those that ruthlessly used them. (Only an insane mind could agree to that!)/ And WE reject them . May the Saint's learn to not FORGIVE those I have so indicated and learn the art of "Vengeance Not Violence"/ Love Without Justice is Blind (it be vacuous/ ignorant emotion incapable of grasping FAIR )
But True Love Be Not BLIND. and thus be both Just and Fair.

You Got To Hold On Hold On
Tom Waits

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