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Fascinating research wrt how the human brain works. A place to share info and discuss...
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929Hi Roadwalker, I saw a Ted talk yesterday by James Flynn that mirrored a conceptkoan-Wednesday
928Maria Konnikova Shows Her CardsThe well-regarded science writer took up poker whRoad Walker-Tuesday
927ted.comRoad Walker-June 17
926I should have been clear - I meant physical scientific cosmology such as that prSun Tzu-March 29
925What you are saying is that S uses H to produce something that could be wrong. Sun Tzu-March 29
924<I>They don't care that they were wrong before. But the same is not trRoad Walker-March 29
923>> As I said, there is not much difference between science and religion atSun Tzu-March 29
922<I>Panpsychism is one of the oldest philosophical theories, and has been aRoad Walker-March 29
921The more you know the more you know about the gaps in your knowledge... A lot mTimF-March 29
920Exactly what I’ve been saying. Except that much stuff is eventually proved wrongRoad Walker-March 29
919Astronomy is more observational science than experiment. Still you an observe sTimF-March 29
918<I>Astronomers think coronas have one of two likely configurations. The &qRoad Walker-March 29
917Speaking of black holes, did you see that “stuff” was observed coming OUT of a bTimF-March 29
916<I>So an untestable hypothesis is not science.</I> I suspect we’reRoad Walker-March 29
915I don't know of any scientific theory that cannot be (dis)proved *and* is noSun Tzu-March 29
914When you get to the question of consciousness science and religion are not so faRoad Walker-March 29
913In this context, "couldn't" and "can't" are apples aSun Tzu-March 27
912I try enjoying myself. I play poker several days a week and enjoy that. And swikoan-March 27
911I’m trying to hibernate from “thinking too much”. The Trump effect. Life is bettRoad Walker-March 27
910<I>I love the idea of a conscious universe, but how would we test if the uRoad Walker-March 27
909So nice to hear from you again. Yes I am struggling with it too. I have been koan1March 27
908I read most of it, then became distracted. Old age strikes again.Road Walker-March 27
907For any theory to be scientifically viable, it has to be testable and refutable.Sun Tzu-March 25
906The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academicRoad Walker-March 25
905Sedate a Plant, and It Seems to Lose Consciousness. Is It Conscious? By JOANNARoad Walker-February 6
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