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Cosigo was a private co. which bought an ore deposit in Colombia from the Govt in a partnership with Fronteer Pacific Mining a public co some time in 07. Fronteer was bought out by Eldorado in 08 , leaving the property to Cosigo . This deposit is on land set aside by the Govt after coarse gold was found on surface in the early 80s . After the FARC moved out the Govt put the deposit up for auction . You will see from post 27 the Colombian Govt thought so highly of the deposit that they mentioned it at PDAC 2010 as a possible new producer in the near future . The claims are on elevated sandstone ridges that help draw the border between Brazil and Colombia .

Cosigo spent over 2 mill of their own private $ on the deposit ( possibly as much as 5 mill ) before realizing it was big and high grade . In order to raise funds for further exploration Cosigo did a reverse take over of a Canadian shell Horseshoe Gold HSX.v

* What makes this deposit special ? Not only is the geology styled for large structure , more on that below , but the soil anomaly is outstanding . The #s they are getting have not been found before . 100 RR is very significant for AU . Cosigo has several over 10000 and a 400 by 1200 m area in the 1000 to 5000 range . Notice Galway has a 50 MMI RR on one of its deposits . Check the assays . Read articles on MMI testing below . High grade bulk at surface in more than one location and placer in all 15 streams running off claims are suggestive of a large high grade deposit .From the SEDAR Tech Report the Colombia Govt thought , in the center of the project at Rojo Hill , locals were working an area that must have graded about 3 oz/ton . In the SEDAR report is also mention of an IP Anomaly about 200 m deep at Rojo Hill . See corporate presentation . This is a district size project with Cosigo owning all the claims .

* SO WHY IS THE PRICE SO LOW as of DEC. 2011 ? This is in a remote part of the Amazon Basin . We have all seen Avitar and no one wants a replay . When wild life groups knew that Cosigo was getting permits to explore/drill in this area they worked togeather to have a park established very close to the Machado project and over one or more of the other claims that Cosigo had . Negoiations are on going . 2. see post 318 for details on the govt abolishing mining dept ect . One year wait . 3. The deal with the Natives of Brazil , very close to the Colombian claims , is a 75/25 split . It is hoped that some thing similar will emerge from the Colombian talks . We wait for that decision . The Company has said their Brazilian claims appear to rival the Colombian but we have yet to see Bulks , Soil Anomalies ect to back this up . 4. With the bulks , channel samples , soil anomaly , IP anomaly this is a deposit outlined . Cosigo did all the early work as a private co . As a new public co it is priced as a junior explorer not as one that has a discovery .

* Why Anticlines can create large Mineral/Gold depsits if the conditions are right and why Dr Montgomery thinks it has the chance to be a big one . . In this case the plate was heated enough for the gold to melt but not enough to completely metamorphose/melt the host rock . Gold is also deposited by hydrothermal process around faults . There is the case of the IP test run by the Colombian Govt that shows a significant chargeability structure at Rojo Hill 200 m deep . Put that into the mix of anticline+12000 RR+IP Response=big hunka metal perhaps ? It is thought by the company that the intrusive is not ore but the event that carried the molten ore that eventually filled the faults .

Technical Report from SEDAR.

* Corporate Presentation

1.Most recent Aug 2012 .

2. This April 2011 Corporate Presentation , which shows the area of hematite , should be viewed with the Oct 2010 C.P. pdf . The earlier shows the area in colour of the MMI zones . They drop down in steps range 50 - 100 , 500 - 1000 , 1000 - 5000 . The hematite is altered and has higher grades . Company Geologist thinks because of high RR West and lower down hill from Rojo Hill the high grade found there may coninue . That was an estimated 3 oz/t in the pit at Rojo .

3. Brazil related .

Updated PDF may 05/11 on Cosigo . Good thumb nail sketch .

This is an example of what MMI can do in a tropical setting .

This is MMI compared to other Geochem systems . The older soil anomaly test was used by Shawn Ryan in Alaska to find his deposits . Google him and soil anomally to get an idea of its power when done right . The newer MMI test is an improvement over the older test used by Shawn . Camiro or SGS has a comparison study of MMI and the older test on a Zinc deposit . Eye opener .

This is a study done in Northern Finland on soils 1 to 2 meters and some free gold in soil . The depth of soil on our deposit are at max 3 m . MMI still picks out the deposit but does not out score the old method in soil so thin . The study shows that MMI selects mass of ore over high grades and does include free gold in the results .

These next 3 links are explanations of MMI as a new Geophysical method for finding buried mineral deposits with an over 90 % record in stable soils . If it is there MMI will find it . The first one is by Dr. M. Fedikow a Canadian expert . Note page 22 where he mentions strong correlation to shape and magnitude . The last link is every thing you need to know about MMI .

2/3 down page discussion of MMI process. Or every thing to know about MMI .

Best thumbnail sketch of MMI

Another good MMI example . This company found 2 significant deposits in 2 months .

Futher thoughts on MMI - It is such a simple cost effective test that it will eventually replace many other Geochem/ Geophysical tests for a lot of future exploration . This is opinion from published comments .

Metal ions are in the realm of Quantum Mechanics . We know that the Newton Laws of physics do not work at this level . So this is a new test that we are making use of . One that obeys rules that we are not yet fully sure of . However it is a better test in many ways than the older soil test .

Send a couple of men out with pastique shovels /scoops and zip lock bags . Take the scoop from the correct predetermined depth . Too easy . These samples do however have to be taken correctly for best results . This being very important .

In most situations it will provide a sharper more sensitive image of a deposit than any other test . Higher RR #s tend to indicate larger mass of ore . In the lab new equipment allows the ions to be separated out and counted . All by machine . Read the rest of the items about MMI on this header for an over view . Web Page .

Death of Indigenous Peoples will appear in a Google search . Discussed this with the co . They say it is all false . A professional agitation group in South America was responsible . See post 13 . Further searching and it does look like people were killed in the mid to late 80s over gold on Native land .

Any one who is/has been Native or Ward of the Crown or who feels they need additional info pm me .

90 % of first time investors in small explorers lose all their money .

This board is not an invitation to buy any thing . Hopefully it is a discussion of what may or may not be a major new deposit .
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