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This is a place to discuss Military strategy, present and past. What if, how come, favorite battles and wars from history, you name it. I will be posting articles I find interesting on the subject. Including weapons and tactics.

I would like to think it could be done without heat, but I suspect politics will rear it's head. Please try to keep that to the politics threads, if you can. Stay off Obama, etc.
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9062German Guided Weapons - Facts, Myths & Common Misconceptions [Fritz-X | Hs29TimF-an hour ago
9061Skunk Works Proposes Stealthy, Robotic Tankers for the Air Force The “KC-Z” woulTimF-yesterday
9060The First U.S. Hypersonic Weapons: Arrow and Hacksaw The U.S. is racing to catchTimF-yesterday
9059How B-52 Bombers Will Fly Until the 2050s The Air Force’s fleet of Cold War boTimF-yesterday
9058More and more these days, it seems that nothing is too good for the troops. Andunclewest3Wednesday
9057reduction in rank plus a personal lawyer equals an Honorable Discharge. if thisMrLucky2Tuesday
9056More information. Russian IL-20 Surveillance Plane Went Down Off Syrian Coast DHoa Hao1Tuesday
9055At first there were three. And then there were only two! Cruz was reduced in raunclewest1Tuesday
9054With the Stuka's lack of speed and slow climb the fighters shouldn't havTimF-Tuesday
9053Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian missile after attacking Israel’s F-16s used it asHoa Hao1Tuesday
9052I read a bio decades ago by a German fighter ace from the Russian front who survLindyBill-Tuesday
9051Another discussion was about how they would do vs. WWII or Korean era fighters. TimF1Tuesday
9050The Defense Quorum The A-10 Is NOT a Dogfighter Lynn Taylor Okay, folks. Let’s TimF4Tuesday
9049How does the A-10 stack against MANPADS? 5 Answers Lynn TaylorTimF3Monday
9048 Army Seeks 1,000-Mile Missiles Vs. Russia, China One Army weapon would be a hypTimF-Sunday
9047Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter: Analysis from former British technical liaison [yoTimF-Sunday
9046 Let Leaders Off The Electronic Leash: CSA Milley By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. TimF-Sunday
9045DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Instructors claim first female enlisted to earn Ranunclewest3last Saturday
9044Yesterday was National Anthem Day. Our National Anthem is The Star Spangled Baunclewest-last Saturday
9043 Naval Air: Newbies Blinded By The Light LindyBill1last Saturday
9042[youtube video] youtube.comTimF-September 13
9041Tunisia: The Forgotten Stalingrad of Africa [youtube video] youtube.comTimF1September 13
9040That One Time a Parachuting Soldier Took Down a Zero Fighter Plane With Nothing TimF-September 13
9039 US, Israeli Special Forces Test Innovative GroLindyBill1September 13
9038William Newman August 5, 2018 at 5:34 pm ...The Allies were good enough at logiTimF2September 10
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