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653Can't help but to smile. [graphic] ShootieShoot1st2September 20
652H/T gamesmistress A very interesting article on this subject Message 31780997Carolyn-September 8
651All, if you're not reading this discussion thread already, you really shouldHawkmoon1September 8
650This lady has a good channel, Prepsteaders. Here she makes hardtack. [youtube vStan4August 12
649Interesting old America survival food/staple - Pemmican, what it is and how to mStan6August 5
648That's pretty cool. As to the meat, well the mud comes in handy for sealinStan1May 28
647Seems like a lot of work, for little reward, when someone can stab a stick throuHawkmoon1May 28
646Cooking meat in mud, plus some plants to go with it. [youtube video] This chanStan-May 26
645Boiling/disinfecting water with rocks: msn.comStan2May 16
644Interesting information.Stan-May 1
643Hawk, I raise chickens for egg production and I hold a Candling CertificatioVendit™6May 1
642Good point... I wonder why we refrigerate them when they really don't need GROUND ZERO™1May 1
641Yep... one of my first culture shocks in Asia was going to a grocery store and Hawkmoon1May 1
640We never tried an oil but it sounds a whole lot easier... by the way, eggs wereGROUND ZERO™2May 1
639I have never even heard of preserving uncooked eggs by this coating method whethStan1April 30
638Seems the wax makes them airtight, so that means the shells are somewhat porous.Hawkmoon-April 30
637Yes, apparently, good reasoning... GZGROUND ZERO™-April 30
636That's interesting about the eggs. Seems the wax makes them airtight, so thaStan-April 29
635Very good point, I never really relied on matches... but very excellent idea...GROUND ZERO™2April 29
634One of the things to do with matches, if you're going to have them as a fireStan-April 29
633I agree, taking matches is not smart, they only get wet and you run out of them GROUND ZERO™1April 29
632Thing is, these days people are much more likely to have batteries than matches.Stan2April 29
631If you have no matches or a magnesium stick, then a small piece of steel wool anGROUND ZERO™1April 29
63020 New AR-Style Rifles for 2018 by SI Staff - Monday, FUBHO2April 26
629A really challenging puzzle - Spot the Sniper Tips, press your F11 kStan2April 20
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