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Welcome from Humble1

I want to thank Silicon Investor for this site.

Nothing said or done here by me or anyone should be construed as trading or investment advice! I am not certified or qualified as an analyst or a financial adviser. I am a private trader who tries to make money swing trading the daily SPX bars and selected equities, with help from friends.

H1&STF is for discussions about Time and Price for use in swing trading the SPX and selected equities. All charts and discussions concerning gold and silver are welcomed.

Your posts and comments are encouraged. Whether bull or bear, they will be appreciated. Swing trading means trading in both directions.

Absolutely no foul language, or faux foul language and related acronyms, of any kind. We do not do politics (except strictly market related) or food fights or flaming.

Good Luck!

Fortuna Cornucopia

Ancient Roman amethyst intaglio of Fortuna, dated to the 1st century BCE to the 1st century CE. Found in the Hermitage Museum.

H1 Motto: In Utraque Fortuna Paratus

Astro Section

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.” - J.P. Morgan

"As above ...

"... so below."

Astrology > Horoscope > Transits > 2021

Planet transits in year 2021
01.01.2021 h.11:18: Mercury sextile Neptune
02.01.2021 h.17:08: Sun sextile Ceres
03.01.2021 h.10:21: Venus trine Kora
04.01.2021 h.12:18: Mercury square Kora
05.01.2021 h.00:58: Mercury conjunction Pluto
06.01.2021 h.22:26: Mars ingres Taurus
08.01.2021 h.11:59: Mercury ingres Aquarius
08.01.2021 h.15:40: Venus ingres Capricorn
08.01.2021 h.16:52: Sun sextile Neptune
09.01.2021 h.02:44: Mercury square Mars
09.01.2021 h.15:52: Venus trine Mars
10.01.2021 h.03:17: Mercury conjunction Saturn
11.01.2021 h.17:19: Mercury conjunction Jupiter
12.01.2021 h.14:59: Mercury square Uranus
13.01.2021 h.10:24: Sun square Kora
13.01.2021 h.11:01: Mars square Saturn
14.01.2021 h.00:21: Venus trine Uranus
14.01.2021 h.14:18: Sun conjunction Pluto
17.01.2021 h.22:49: Jupiter square Uranus
19.01.2021 h.20:39: Sun ingres Aquarius
20.01.2021 h.20:37: Mars conjunction Uranus
22.01.2021 h.03:34: Ceres conjunction Neptune
23.01.2021 h.07:48: Mars square Jupiter
23.01.2021 h.19:49: Venus sextile Neptune
24.01.2021 h.03:01: Sun conjunction Saturn
24.01.2021 h.10:07: Venus sextile Ceres
24.01.2021 h.16:54: Mercury sextile Kora
26.01.2021 h.12:48: Sun square Uranus
27.01.2021 h.09:10: Venus square Kora
28.01.2021 h.16:18: Venus conjunction Pluto
29.01.2021 h.01:39: Sun conjunction Jupiter

01.02.2021 h.10:33: Sun square Mars
01.02.2021 h.14:05: Venus ingres Aquarius
05.02.2021 h.10:00: Mercury sextile Kora
06.02.2021 h.07:06: Venus conjunction Saturn
07.02.2021 h.03:32: Venus square Uranus
08.02.2021 h.13:47: Sun conjunction Mercury
09.02.2021 h.04:24: Ceres sextile Pluto
10.02.2021 h.12:15: Mercury square Mars
11.02.2021 h.14:59: Venus conjunction Jupiter
12.02.2021 h.01:27: Sun sextile Kora
13.02.2021 h.07:47: Mercury conjunction Venus
14.02.2021 h.02:12: Mars sextile Neptune
14.02.2021 h.21:39: Mercury conjunction Jupiter
17.02.2021 h.19:08: Saturn square Uranus
18.02.2021 h.10:43: Sun ingres Pisces
19.02.2021 h.23:03: Venus square Mars
20.02.2021 h.10:22: Venus sextile Kora
21.02.2021 h.05:20: Ceres ingres Aries
25.02.2021 h.01:51: Mars trine Pluto
25.02.2021 h.13:11: Venus ingres Pisces
25.02.2021 h.21:12: Sun sextile Uranus

03.03.2021 h.17:08: Venus sextile Uranus
04.03.2021 h.03:29: Mars ingres Gemini
05.03.2021 h.03:27: Mercury conjunction Jupiter
10.03.2021 h.23:01: Mercury sextile Kora
11.03.2021 h.00:00: Sun conjunction Neptune
14.03.2021 h.04:07: Venus conjunction Neptune
15.03.2021 h.22:26: Mercury ingres Pisces
16.03.2021 h.18:25: Sun sextile Pluto
18.03.2021 h.17:19: Venus sextile Pluto
19.03.2021 h.18:43: Ceres sextile Saturn
20.03.2021 h.09:37: Sun ingres Aries
21.03.2021 h.14:16: Venus ingres Aries
21.03.2021 h.23:34: Mercury sextile Uranus
22.03.2021 h.02:34: Mars trine Saturn
24.03.2021 h.03:26: Mercury square Mars
25.03.2021 h.16:32: Mars sextile Ceres
26.03.2021 h.06:57: Sun conjunction Venus
30.03.2021 h.03:23: Mercury conjunction Neptune
30.03.2021 h.15:46: Venus sextile Saturn
31.03.2021 h.21:04: Sun sextile Saturn

02.04.2021 h.06:03: Mercury sextile Pluto
03.04.2021 h.15:56: Venus conjunction Ceres
04.04.2021 h.03:41: Mercury ingres Aries
05.04.2021 h.00:56: Jupiter sextile Kora
06.04.2021 h.11:17: Venus sextile Mars
07.04.2021 h.07:05: Sun conjunction Ceres
09.04.2021 h.19:17: Mars square Neptune
09.04.2021 h.23:16: Venus conjunction Kora
10.04.2021 h.15:08: Mercury sextile Saturn
10.04.2021 h.18:52: Venus sextile Jupiter
12.04.2021 h.03:20: Venus square Pluto
13.04.2021 h.17:51: Mars sextile Kora
13.04.2021 h.19:55: Sun conjunction Kora
13.04.2021 h.23:09: Sun sextile Mars
14.04.2021 h.18:21: Venus ingres Taurus
14.04.2021 h.23:47: Mercury conjunction Ceres
15.04.2021 h.16:58: Sun sextile Jupiter
16.04.2021 h.13:26: Sun square Pluto
16.04.2021 h.15:17: Mercury conjunction Kora
17.04.2021 h.05:13: Mars trine Jupiter
17.04.2021 h.15:59: Mercury sextile Jupiter
17.04.2021 h.19:09: Mercury sextile Mars
17.04.2021 h.21:49: Mercury square Pluto
18.04.2021 h.04:26: Mars quincunx Pluto
19.04.2021 h.01:49: Sun conjunction Mercury
19.04.2021 h.10:29: Mercury ingres Taurus
19.04.2021 h.20:33: Sun ingres Taurus
23.04.2021 h.01:01: Venus conjunction Uranus
23.04.2021 h.11:48: Mars ingres Cancer
23.04.2021 h.16:54: Ceres conjunction Kora
24.04.2021 h.06:41: Mercury conjunction Uranus
25.04.2021 h.04:21: Venus square Saturn
25.04.2021 h.11:57: Mercury square Saturn
25.04.2021 h.22:19: Mercury conjunction Venus
30.04.2021 h.02:26: Mercury sextile Neptune
30.04.2021 h.06:16: Ceres square Pluto
30.04.2021 h.19:53: Sun conjunction Uranus

02.05.2021 h.09:18: Mercury trine Pluto
02.05.2021 h.22:38: Venus sextile Neptune
03.05.2021 h.09:33: Mercury square Jupiter
03.05.2021 h.10:01: Sun square Saturn
04.05.2021 h.02:48: Mercury ingres Gemini
05.05.2021 h.21:02: Ceres sextile Jupiter
06.05.2021 h.11:24: Venus trine Pluto
08.05.2021 h.08:50: Ceres ingres Taurus
08.05.2021 h.13:37: Venus square Jupiter
09.05.2021 h.02:01: Venus ingres Gemini
12.05.2021 h.02:47: Mars sextile Uranus
12.05.2021 h.18:33: Mercury trine Saturn
13.05.2021 h.05:45: Sun sextile Neptune
13.05.2021 h.22:35: Jupiter ingres Pisces
15.05.2021 h.14:48: Mars quincunx Saturn
17.05.2021 h.09:48: Sun trine Pluto
20.05.2021 h.01:58: Venus trine Saturn
20.05.2021 h.19:36: Sun ingres Gemini
21.05.2021 h.15:03: Sun square Jupiter
23.05.2021 h.02:42: Mercury square Neptune
27.05.2021 h.19:24: Venus square Neptune
27.05.2021 h.20:22: Mercury sextile Kora
29.05.2021 h.02:29: Venus sextile Kora
29.05.2021 h.05:12: Mercury conjunction Venus
30.05.2021 h.17:46: Venus quincunx Pluto
31.05.2021 h.05:15: Mars trine Neptune
31.05.2021 h.20:21: Mercury sextile Kora

02.06.2021 h.13:18: Venus ingres Cancer
02.06.2021 h.18:42: Mars square Kora
03.06.2021 h.19:05: Sun trine Saturn
03.06.2021 h.23:32: Venus trine Jupiter
05.06.2021 h.19:04: Mercury square Neptune
05.06.2021 h.19:45: Mars opposition Pluto
11.06.2021 h.01:12: Sun conjunction Mercury
11.06.2021 h.02:28: Ceres conjunction Uranus
11.06.2021 h.13:33: Mars ingres Leo
11.06.2021 h.20:42: Ceres square Saturn
13.06.2021 h.05:38: Venus sextile Uranus
13.06.2021 h.08:14: Venus quincunx Saturn
13.06.2021 h.23:39: Sun square Neptune
14.06.2021 h.01:03: Venus sextile Ceres
14.06.2021 h.22:00: Saturn square Uranus
15.06.2021 h.00:39: Mars quincunx Jupiter
15.06.2021 h.13:51: Sun sextile Kora
17.06.2021 h.05:23: Sun quincunx Pluto
21.06.2021 h.03:31: Sun ingres Cancer
21.06.2021 h.13:57: Venus trine Neptune
22.06.2021 h.20:06: Venus square Kora
23.06.2021 h.10:11: Sun trine Jupiter
23.06.2021 h.23:39: Venus opposition Pluto
27.06.2021 h.04:26: Venus ingres Leo
28.06.2021 h.21:30: Venus quincunx Jupiter

01.07.2021 h.13:08: Mars opposition Saturn
03.07.2021 h.22:50: Sun quincunx Saturn
04.07.2021 h.01:39: Mars square Uranus
05.07.2021 h.19:14: Sun sextile Uranus
06.07.2021 h.07:39: Mercury square Neptune
07.07.2021 h.02:35: Venus opposition Saturn
07.07.2021 h.18:59: Mercury sextile Kora
08.07.2021 h.15:35: Mercury quincunx Pluto
08.07.2021 h.19:25: Venus square Uranus
09.07.2021 h.19:18: Ceres sextile Neptune
11.07.2021 h.20:35: Mercury ingres Cancer
12.07.2021 h.19:45: Mercury trine Jupiter
13.07.2021 h.13:32: Venus conjunction Mars
15.07.2021 h.08:48: Sun trine Neptune
16.07.2021 h.06:41: Venus quincunx Neptune
17.07.2021 h.03:23: Sun square Kora
17.07.2021 h.03:32: Ceres trine Pluto
17.07.2021 h.16:36: Venus trine Kora
17.07.2021 h.22:46: Sun opposition Pluto
18.07.2021 h.07:47: Venus quincunx Pluto
18.07.2021 h.09:23: Sun sextile Ceres
18.07.2021 h.17:13: Mercury quincunx Saturn
18.07.2021 h.18:21: Mars quincunx Neptune
18.07.2021 h.18:57: Venus square Ceres
20.07.2021 h.09:37: Mercury sextile Uranus
21.07.2021 h.12:52: Mars trine Kora
22.07.2021 h.00:36: Venus ingres Virgo
22.07.2021 h.12:44: Venus opposition Jupiter
22.07.2021 h.14:08: Mars quincunx Pluto
22.07.2021 h.14:26: Sun ingres Leo
23.07.2021 h.04:10: Sun quincunx Jupiter
24.07.2021 h.16:34: Mercury trine Neptune
25.07.2021 h.13:32: Mercury square Kora
25.07.2021 h.20:14: Mercury opposition Pluto
27.07.2021 h.12:01: Mercury sextile Ceres
28.07.2021 h.01:11: Mercury ingres Leo
28.07.2021 h.01:44: Mercury quincunx Jupiter
28.07.2021 h.11:54: Mars square Ceres
28.07.2021 h.12:42: Jupiter ingres Aquarius
29.07.2021 h.15:50: Mars opposition Jupiter
29.07.2021 h.20:32: Mars ingres Virgo
30.07.2021 h.13:59: Ceres square Jupiter
30.07.2021 h.16:26: Venus quincunx Saturn
31.07.2021 h.08:08: Ceres ingres Gemini

01.08.2021 h.14:07: Sun conjunction Mercury
01.08.2021 h.21:49: Mercury opposition Saturn
02.08.2021 h.06:14: Sun opposition Saturn
03.08.2021 h.06:53: Venus trine Uranus
04.08.2021 h.01:56: Mercury square Uranus
06.08.2021 h.23:57: Sun square Uranus
08.08.2021 h.02:24: Mercury quincunx Neptune
09.08.2021 h.03:33: Mercury trine Kora
09.08.2021 h.07:02: Mercury quincunx Pluto
10.08.2021 h.00:19: Venus opposition Neptune
11.08.2021 h.01:19: Mercury opposition Jupiter
11.08.2021 h.18:05: Venus quincunx Kora
11.08.2021 h.21:56: Mercury ingres Virgo
11.08.2021 h.22:45: Venus trine Pluto
13.08.2021 h.16:26: Mars quincunx Saturn
13.08.2021 h.23:58: Mercury square Ceres
14.08.2021 h.10:57: Venus quincunx Jupiter
15.08.2021 h.04:13: Sun quincunx Neptune
16.08.2021 h.04:26: Venus ingres Libra

h.14:07: Sun conjunction Mercury
01.08.2021 h.21:49: Mercury opposition Saturn
02.08.2021 h.06:14: Sun opposition Saturn
03.08.2021 h.06:53: Venus trine Uranus
04.08.2021 h.01:56: Mercury square Uranus
06.08.2021 h.23:57: Sun square Uranus
08.08.2021 h.02:24: Mercury quincunx Neptune
09.08.2021 h.03:33: Mercury trine Kora
09.08.2021 h.07:02: Mercury quincunx Pluto
10.08.2021 h.00:19: Venus opposition Neptune
11.08.2021 h.01:19: Mercury opposition Jupiter
11.08.2021 h.18:05: Venus quincunx Kora
11.08.2021 h.21:56: Mercury ingres Virgo
11.08.2021 h.22:45: Venus trine Pluto
13.08.2021 h.16:26: Mars quincunx Saturn
13.08.2021 h.23:58: Mercury square Ceres
14.08.2021 h.10:57: Venus quincunx Jupiter
15.08.2021 h.04:13: Sun quincunx Neptune
16.08.2021 h.04:26: Venus ingres Libra
16.08.2021 h.23:34: Mercury quincunx Saturn
17.08.2021 h.10:04: Sun trine Kora
17.08.2021 h.13:31: Sun quincunx Pluto
19.08.2021 h.03:27: Mercury conjunction Mars
20.08.2021 h.00:28: Sun opposition Jupiter
20.08.2021 h.08:05: Mercury trine Uranus
20.08.2021 h.21:23: Venus trine Ceres
22.08.2021 h.06:37: Mars trine Uranus
22.08.2021 h.21:34: Sun ingres Virgo
23.08.2021 h.12:48: Venus trine Saturn
25.08.2021 h.01:13: Mercury opposition Neptune
26.08.2021 h.14:06: Mercury quincunx Kora
26.08.2021 h.14:23: Mercury trine Pluto
27.08.2021 h.15:05: Mercury quincunx Jupiter
28.08.2021 h.03:25: Pluto square Kora
28.08.2021 h.17:43: Venus quincunx Uranus
30.08.2021 h.05:09: Mercury ingres Libra
30.08.2021 h.23:40: Sun square Ceres
31.08.2021 h.08:45: Sun quincunx Saturn

01.09.2021 h.11:32: Ceres trine Saturn
02.09.2021 h.17:42: Mars opposition Neptune
04.09.2021 h.00:12: Venus quincunx Neptune
05.09.2021 h.01:30: Mercury trine Saturn
05.09.2021 h.21:07: Mercury trine Ceres
06.09.2021 h.03:06: Venus square Pluto
06.09.2021 h.04:41: Venus opposition Kora
06.09.2021 h.12:19: Mars trine Pluto
06.09.2021 h.13:04: Venus trine Jupiter
06.09.2021 h.15:15: Mars quincunx Kora
07.09.2021 h.01:28: Sun trine Uranus
07.09.2021 h.03:50: Mars quincunx Jupiter
10.09.2021 h.09:29: Jupiter sextile Kora
10.09.2021 h.16:17: Mercury quincunx Uranus
10.09.2021 h.20:38: Venus ingres Scorpio
14.09.2021 h.09:20: Sun opposition Neptune
15.09.2021 h.00:13: Mars ingres Libra
16.09.2021 h.14:17: Sun quincunx Jupiter
17.09.2021 h.01:52: Sun trine Pluto
17.09.2021 h.04:41: Sun quincunx Kora
17.09.2021 h.06:14: Venus square Saturn
18.09.2021 h.04:17: Mercury quincunx Neptune
20.09.2021 h.13:06: Venus quincunx Ceres
20.09.2021 h.22:52: Mercury trine Jupiter
22.09.2021 h.13:11: Mercury square Pluto
22.09.2021 h.19:06: Mercury opposition Kora
22.09.2021 h.19:20: Sun ingres Libra
23.09.2021 h.09:40: Venus opposition Uranus
25.09.2021 h.21:49: Mars trine Saturn
29.09.2021 h.16:13: Venus trine Neptune
29.09.2021 h.22:19: Sun trine Saturn
30.09.2021 h.23:31: Venus square Jupiter

01.10.2021 h.11:15: Mercury opposition Kora
01.10.2021 h.14:26: Mercury square Pluto
02.10.2021 h.07:47: Venus sextile Pluto
02.10.2021 h.09:09: Venus quincunx Kora
03.10.2021 h.12:19: Mars trine Ceres
04.10.2021 h.00:04: Mercury trine Jupiter
05.10.2021 h.02:49: Sun trine Ceres
05.10.2021 h.13:52: Mercury quincunx Neptune
06.10.2021 h.09:26: Mars quincunx Uranus
06.10.2021 h.23:10: Sun quincunx Uranus
07.10.2021 h.11:20: Venus ingres Saggitarius
08.10.2021 h.04:00: Sun conjunction Mars
09.10.2021 h.04:16: Pluto square Kora
09.10.2021 h.16:18: Sun conjunction Mercury
09.10.2021 h.22:48: Mercury conjunction Mars
12.10.2021 h.05:29: Mercury quincunx Uranus
13.10.2021 h.19:26: Venus sextile Saturn
14.10.2021 h.00:37: Mercury trine Ceres
14.10.2021 h.03:31: Sun quincunx Neptune
15.10.2021 h.11:46: Sun trine Jupiter
17.10.2021 h.00:31: Mars quincunx Neptune
17.10.2021 h.01:23: Mercury sextile Venus
17.10.2021 h.09:33: Sun opposition Kora
17.10.2021 h.12:12: Sun square Pluto
18.10.2021 h.11:12: Venus opposition Ceres
19.10.2021 h.02:36: Mars trine Jupiter
19.10.2021 h.23:15: Venus quincunx Uranus
21.10.2021 h.21:40: Mars opposition Kora
22.10.2021 h.04:19: Mars square Pluto
22.10.2021 h.15:38: Mercury trine Ceres
23.10.2021 h.04:50: Sun ingres Scorpio
24.10.2021 h.17:44: Mercury quincunx Uranus
27.10.2021 h.01:05: Venus square Neptune
28.10.2021 h.19:15: Venus sextile Jupiter
30.10.2021 h.09:24: Venus trine Kora
30.10.2021 h.09:53: Sun square Saturn
30.10.2021 h.14:20: Mars ingres Scorpio
30.10.2021 h.19:39: Mercury quincunx Neptune

01.11.2021 h.04:18: Mercury trine Jupiter
02.11.2021 h.03:09: Mercury opposition Kora
02.11.2021 h.09:38: Mercury square Pluto
02.11.2021 h.10:27: Sun quincunx Ceres
04.11.2021 h.23:57: Sun opposition Uranus
05.11.2021 h.10:43: Venus ingres Capricorn
05.11.2021 h.22:34: Mercury ingres Scorpio
06.11.2021 h.15:58: Mercury sextile Venus
10.11.2021 h.12:56: Mercury conjunction Mars
10.11.2021 h.17:03: Mercury square Saturn
10.11.2021 h.23:13: Mars square Saturn
11.11.2021 h.07:33: Mercury quincunx Ceres
12.11.2021 h.03:23: Mars quincunx Ceres
12.11.2021 h.16:23: Sun trine Neptune
13.11.2021 h.15:56: Mercury opposition Uranus
14.11.2021 h.06:09: Venus quincunx Ceres
14.11.2021 h.22:42: Ceres trine Saturn
15.11.2021 h.19:58: Sun square Jupiter
16.11.2021 h.02:36: Sun quincunx Kora
16.11.2021 h.21:01: Sun sextile Pluto
17.11.2021 h.17:22: Mars opposition Uranus
18.11.2021 h.12:40: Jupiter sextile Kora
18.11.2021 h.15:37: Mercury trine Neptune
19.11.2021 h.06:07: Venus trine Uranus
20.11.2021 h.19:36: Mercury quincunx Kora
20.11.2021 h.23:42: Mercury square Jupiter
21.11.2021 h.09:13: Mercury sextile Pluto
22.11.2021 h.02:33: Sun ingres Saggitarius
24.11.2021 h.15:36: Mercury ingres Saggitarius
27.11.2021 h.03:49: Sun opposition Ceres
27.11.2021 h.18:58: Mercury opposition Ceres
29.11.2021 h.04:39: Sun conjunction Mercury
29.11.2021 h.14:10: Mars trine Neptune
30.11.2021 h.07:18: Mercury sextile Saturn
30.11.2021 h.20:46: Venus sextile Neptune
30.11.2021 h.23:14: Sun sextile Saturn

02.12.2021 h.02:15: Mercury quincunx Uranus
03.12.2021 h.15:14: Sun quincunx Uranus
04.12.2021 h.12:25: Mars quincunx Kora
06.12.2021 h.11:41: Mars sextile Pluto
07.12.2021 h.11:03: Venus square Kora
07.12.2021 h.15:15: Mercury square Neptune
08.12.2021 h.06:21: Mars square Jupiter
09.12.2021 h.18:46: Mercury trine Kora
11.12.2021 h.16:28: Venus conjunction Pluto
11.12.2021 h.19:24: Mercury sextile Jupiter
12.12.2021 h.06:20: Sun square Neptune
13.12.2021 h.09:52: Mars ingres Saggitarius
13.12.2021 h.17:51: Mercury ingres Capricorn
14.12.2021 h.12:49: Mercury quincunx Ceres
15.12.2021 h.01:05: Mars opposition Ceres
15.12.2021 h.12:33: Sun trine Kora
20.12.2021 h.00:31: Sun sextile Jupiter
20.12.2021 h.20:18: Mercury trine Uranus
21.12.2021 h.10:52: Ceres ingres Taurus
21.12.2021 h.15:17: Sun quincunx Ceres
21.12.2021 h.15:59: Sun ingres Capricorn
24.12.2021 h.07:16: Saturn square Uranus
25.12.2021 h.12:01: Venus conjunction Pluto
25.12.2021 h.18:12: Ceres square Jupiter
26.12.2021 h.21:28: Mercury sextile Neptune
28.12.2021 h.22:39: Mercury square Kora
29.12.2021 h.01:03: Mars quincunx Uranus
29.12.2021 h.04:09: Jupiter ingres Pisces
29.12.2021 h.10:27: Mercury conjunction Venus
30.12.2021 h.00:21: Mars sextile Saturn
30.12.2021 h.09:53: Mercury conjunction Pluto
31.12.2021 h.03:38: Venus square Kora

01.01.2022 h.07:07: Mercury trine Ceres
01.01.2022 h.09:49: Sun trine Uranus
02.01.2022 h.07:09: Mercury ingres Aquarius
05.01.2022 h.16:02: Venus sextile Neptune
09.01.2022 h.00:47: Sun conjunction Venus
11.01.2022 h.03:27: Sun sextile Neptune
11.01.2022 h.21:43: Mars square Neptune
13.01.2022 h.21:47: Sun square Kora
15.01.2022 h.19:12: Mars trine Kora
16.01.2022 h.14:50: Sun conjunction Pluto
18.01.2022 h.03:30: Sun trine Ceres
20.01.2022 h.02:38: Sun ingres Aquarius
21.01.2022 h.23:02: Mars quincunx Ceres
23.01.2022 h.10:27: Sun conjunction Mercury
24.01.2022 h.12:52: Mars ingres Capricorn
26.01.2022 h.03:04: Mercury ingres Capricorn
27.01.2022 h.11:13: Mercury trine Ceres
29.01.2022 h.04:15: Mercury conjunction Pluto
30.01.2022 h.19:31: Sun square Uranus

04.02.2022 h.13:37: Mars sextile Jupiter
04.02.2022 h.19:04: Sun conjunction Saturn
08.02.2022 h.14:57: Mars trine Uranus
09.02.2022 h.02:01: Ceres ingres Gemini
11.02.2022 h.14:03: Mercury conjunction Pluto
12.02.2022 h.12:53: Sun sextile Kora
14.02.2022 h.21:53: Mercury ingres Aquarius
16.02.2022 h.05:18: Mercury trine Ceres
16.02.2022 h.14:28: Venus conjunction Mars
18.02.2022 h.00:12: Jupiter sextile Uranus
18.02.2022 h.16:42: Sun ingres Pisces
20.02.2022 h.20:25: Sun square Ceres
23.02.2022 h.19:11: Mars sextile Neptune
24.02.2022 h.16:03: Venus sextile Neptune
25.02.2022 h.02:21: Mercury square Uranus
26.02.2022 h.00:54: Mars square Kora
26.02.2022 h.19:59: Venus square Kora

02.03.2022 h.05:05: Sun sextile Uranus
02.03.2022 h.16:32: Mercury conjunction Saturn
03.03.2022 h.08:43: Mars conjunction Pluto
03.03.2022 h.17:55: Venus conjunction Pluto
05.03.2022 h.14:06: Sun conjunction Jupiter
06.03.2022 h.02:13: Mercury sextile Kora
06.03.2022 h.06:22: Mars ingres Aquarius
06.03.2022 h.06:29: Venus ingres Aquarius
06.03.2022 h.07:12: Venus conjunction Mars
10.03.2022 h.01:32: Mercury ingres Pisces
13.03.2022 h.11:42: Sun conjunction Neptune
14.03.2022 h.19:39: Venus trine Ceres
14.03.2022 h.21:49: Mercury square Ceres
17.03.2022 h.12:13: Mercury sextile Uranus
17.03.2022 h.21:26: Mars trine Ceres
18.03.2022 h.19:37: Sun sextile Pluto
19.03.2022 h.11:16: Venus square Uranus
20.03.2022 h.15:33: Sun ingres Aries
21.03.2022 h.06:06: Mercury conjunction Jupiter
22.03.2022 h.20:43: Mars square Uranus
23.03.2022 h.17:43: Mercury conjunction Neptune
26.03.2022 h.10:34: Mercury sextile Pluto
27.03.2022 h.07:44: Mercury ingres Aries
28.03.2022 h.19:27: Venus conjunction Saturn
31.03.2022 h.03:36: Venus sextile Kora

02.04.2022 h.23:10: Sun conjunction Mercury
03.04.2022 h.09:26: Mercury sextile Ceres
04.04.2022 h.02:26: Sun sextile Ceres
05.04.2022 h.01:51: Mars conjunction Saturn
05.04.2022 h.15:17: Venus ingres Pisces
07.04.2022 h.12:37: Mercury sextile Saturn
07.04.2022 h.12:53: Mars sextile Kora
08.04.2022 h.07:43: Mercury conjunction Kora
08.04.2022 h.18:18: Mercury sextile Mars
10.04.2022 h.08:45: Mercury square Pluto
11.04.2022 h.02:09: Mercury ingres Taurus
12.04.2022 h.14:42: Jupiter conjunction Neptune
13.04.2022 h.00:14: Sun sextile Saturn
14.04.2022 h.07:24: Sun conjunction Kora
15.04.2022 h.03:05: Mars ingres Pisces
18.04.2022 h.01:08: Mercury sextile Venus
18.04.2022 h.04:51: Mercury conjunction Uranus
18.04.2022 h.07:14: Venus sextile Uranus
18.04.2022 h.15:14: Sun square Pluto
20.04.2022 h.02:24: Sun ingres Taurus
24.04.2022 h.13:49: Mercury square Saturn
24.04.2022 h.22:36: Mercury sextile Neptune
25.04.2022 h.20:44: Venus square Ceres
27.04.2022 h.05:11: Mercury sextile Jupiter
27.04.2022 h.19:11: Venus conjunction Neptune
28.04.2022 h.12:04: Mercury trine Pluto
29.04.2022 h.22:22: Mercury ingres Gemini
30.04.2022 h.21:13: Venus conjunction Jupiter
30.04.2022 h.23:44: Ceres trine Saturn

01.05.2022 h.10:37: Venus sextile Pluto
01.05.2022 h.15:15: Ceres sextile Kora
01.05.2022 h.18:46: Ceres square Neptune
02.05.2022 h.16:10: Venus ingres Aries
03.05.2022 h.22:33: Jupiter sextile Pluto
04.05.2022 h.15:46: Mars sextile Uranus
05.05.2022 h.07:21: Sun conjunction Uranus
06.05.2022 h.06:00: Mercury sextile Venus
07.05.2022 h.03:37: Saturn sextile Kora
07.05.2022 h.09:47: Sun sextile Mars
10.05.2022 h.23:21: Jupiter ingres Aries
11.05.2022 h.18:24: Ceres quincunx Pluto
15.05.2022 h.07:07: Ceres ingres Cancer
15.05.2022 h.18:48: Sun square Saturn
15.05.2022 h.19:14: Sun sextile Neptune
18.05.2022 h.06:32: Mars conjunction Neptune
18.05.2022 h.23:36: Ceres square Jupiter
19.05.2022 h.12:10: Sun trine Pluto
20.05.2022 h.01:32: Mercury sextile Jupiter
21.05.2022 h.01:22: Sun ingres Gemini
21.05.2022 h.19:17: Sun conjunction Mercury
22.05.2022 h.22:15: Mars sextile Pluto
23.05.2022 h.01:14: Mercury ingres Taurus
23.05.2022 h.11:04: Sun sextile Jupiter
24.05.2022 h.02:52: Venus conjunction Kora
24.05.2022 h.03:26: Mercury sextile Mars
24.05.2022 h.11:05: Venus sextile Saturn
24.05.2022 h.23:17: Mars ingres Aries
25.05.2022 h.21:48: Mercury trine Pluto
27.05.2022 h.06:28: Venus square Pluto
28.05.2022 h.14:45: Venus ingres Taurus
29.05.2022 h.10:30: Mars conjunction Jupiter

04.06.2022 h.23:19: Venus sextile Ceres
06.06.2022 h.12:06: Mars square Ceres
10.06.2022 h.21:21: Mercury trine Pluto
11.06.2022 h.22:57: Venus conjunction Uranus
13.06.2022 h.15:26: Mercury ingres Gemini
16.06.2022 h.01:24: Sun sextile Kora
16.06.2022 h.07:13: Sun trine Saturn
16.06.2022 h.13:41: Sun square Neptune
18.06.2022 h.21:31: Venus square Saturn
19.06.2022 h.04:05: Venus sextile Neptune
19.06.2022 h.08:09: Sun quincunx Pluto
20.06.2022 h.07:43: Mercury sextile Jupiter
21.06.2022 h.08:23: Venus trine Pluto
21.06.2022 h.09:13: Sun ingres Cancer
23.06.2022 h.00:34: Venus ingres Gemini
24.06.2022 h.01:21: Saturn sextile Kora
25.06.2022 h.12:12: Ceres sextile Uranus
27.06.2022 h.22:28: Mars sextile Saturn
28.06.2022 h.03:24: Mars conjunction Kora
29.06.2022 h.00:59: Sun square Jupiter
29.06.2022 h.03:51: Venus sextile Jupiter

02.07.2022 h.02:13: Mars square Pluto
02.07.2022 h.10:38: Mercury trine Saturn
02.07.2022 h.15:05: Mercury sextile Kora
02.07.2022 h.20:52: Mercury square Neptune
04.07.2022 h.02:13: Mercury quincunx Pluto
05.07.2022 h.06:03: Mars ingres Taurus
05.07.2022 h.06:24: Mercury ingres Cancer
05.07.2022 h.06:36: Mercury sextile Mars
09.07.2022 h.06:13: Mercury square Jupiter
10.07.2022 h.08:38: Sun sextile Uranus
10.07.2022 h.19:21: Ceres quincunx Saturn
12.07.2022 h.12:41: Ceres square Kora
13.07.2022 h.04:27: Venus trine Saturn
13.07.2022 h.08:24: Ceres trine Neptune
13.07.2022 h.22:18: Venus sextile Kora
14.07.2022 h.00:16: Mercury sextile Uranus
14.07.2022 h.05:23: Venus square Neptune
15.07.2022 h.22:51: Venus quincunx Pluto
16.07.2022 h.11:34: Sun quincunx Saturn
16.07.2022 h.15:55: Mercury quincunx Saturn
16.07.2022 h.19:37: Sun conjunction Mercury
17.07.2022 h.04:14: Mercury square Kora
17.07.2022 h.07:52: Mercury trine Neptune
17.07.2022 h.14:57: Sun square Kora
17.07.2022 h.21:49: Ceres opposition Pluto
17.07.2022 h.22:55: Sun trine Neptune
18.07.2022 h.01:32: Venus ingres Cancer
18.07.2022 h.07:00: Mercury opposition Pluto
18.07.2022 h.09:35: Mercury conjunction Ceres
19.07.2022 h.12:34: Mercury ingres Leo
20.07.2022 h.01:38: Sun opposition Pluto
22.07.2022 h.01:25: Sun conjunction Ceres
22.07.2022 h.20:06: Sun ingres Leo
23.07.2022 h.17:25: Ceres ingres Leo
23.07.2022 h.17:52: Mercury trine Jupiter
25.07.2022 h.06:12: Venus square Jupiter
26.07.2022 h.19:12: Mercury square Mars
28.07.2022 h.21:15: Mercury square Uranus
31.07.2022 h.06:05: Mercury opposition Saturn
31.07.2022 h.22:36: Sun trine Jupiter

01.08.2022 h.09:40: Mercury trine Kora
01.08.2022 h.11:23: Mercury quincunx Neptune
01.08.2022 h.23:53: Mars conjunction Uranus
02.08.2022 h.12:25: Venus sextile Uranus
02.08.2022 h.13:23: Mercury quincunx Pluto
03.08.2022 h.01:59: Venus sextile Mars
04.08.2022 h.06:57: Mercury ingres Virgo
05.08.2022 h.16:22: Venus quincunx Saturn
07.08.2022 h.16:10: Venus square Kora
07.08.2022 h.16:42: Venus trine Neptune
07.08.2022 h.19:56: Mars square Saturn
09.08.2022 h.05:17: Venus opposition Pluto
09.08.2022 h.13:05: Mercury quincunx Jupiter
11.08.2022 h.12:51: Ceres trine Jupiter
11.08.2022 h.12:53: Sun square Uranus
11.08.2022 h.18:29: Venus ingres Leo
11.08.2022 h.21:43: Mars sextile Neptune
14.08.2022 h.17:10: Sun opposition Saturn
14.08.2022 h.21:27: Mars trine Pluto
16.08.2022 h.17:46: Mercury trine Uranus
17.08.2022 h.17:56: Sun quincunx Neptune
17.08.2022 h.21:38: Sun trine Kora
18.08.2022 h.08:02: Venus trine Jupiter
18.08.2022 h.19:05: Mercury quincunx Saturn
19.08.2022 h.16:09: Sun quincunx Pluto
20.08.2022 h.07:56: Mars ingres Gemini
21.08.2022 h.07:40: Mercury opposition Neptune
21.08.2022 h.11:57: Mercury quincunx Kora
22.08.2022 h.17:03: Venus conjunction Ceres
22.08.2022 h.21:58: Mercury trine Pluto
23.08.2022 h.03:15: Sun ingres Virgo
26.08.2022 h.01:02: Mercury ingres Libra
27.08.2022 h.04:33: Venus square Uranus
27.08.2022 h.05:27: Sun square Mars
28.08.2022 h.18:27: Venus opposition Saturn
30.08.2022 h.10:08: Sun quincunx Jupiter
31.08.2022 h.16:36: Venus quincunx Neptune

01.09.2022 h.00:38: Venus trine Kora
01.09.2022 h.11:51: Mars sextile Jupiter
02.09.2022 h.06:33: Venus quincunx Pluto
03.09.2022 h.01:49: Mercury opposition Jupiter
03.09.2022 h.23:46: Ceres square Uranus
05.09.2022 h.04:04: Venus ingres Virgo
07.09.2022 h.01:09: Ceres opposition Saturn
09.09.2022 h.22:06: Venus quincunx Jupiter
11.09.2022 h.13:08: Sun trine Uranus
12.09.2022 h.16:08: Sun quincunx Saturn
15.09.2022 h.17:38: Ceres quincunx Neptune
16.09.2022 h.18:48: Venus square Mars
16.09.2022 h.22:20: Sun opposition Neptune
17.09.2022 h.07:43: Ceres trine Kora
17.09.2022 h.16:13: Sun quincunx Kora
18.09.2022 h.22:33: Mercury opposition Jupiter
19.09.2022 h.03:57: Sun trine Pluto
20.09.2022 h.04:44: Venus trine Uranus
20.09.2022 h.14:33: Ceres quincunx Pluto
20.09.2022 h.20:11: Venus quincunx Saturn
23.09.2022 h.01:03: Sun ingres Libra
23.09.2022 h.06:49: Sun conjunction Mercury
23.09.2022 h.12:04: Mercury ingres Virgo
24.09.2022 h.08:50: Venus opposition Neptune
25.09.2022 h.01:32: Venus quincunx Kora
26.09.2022 h.05:45: Venus trine Pluto
26.09.2022 h.17:58: Mercury conjunction Venus
26.09.2022 h.19:32: Sun opposition Jupiter
27.09.2022 h.12:55: Mercury trine Pluto
28.09.2022 h.05:48: Mars trine Saturn
29.09.2022 h.07:48: Venus ingres Libra
29.09.2022 h.08:55: Ceres ingres Virgo
30.09.2022 h.02:43: Mercury quincunx Kora

01.10.2022 h.18:11: Venus opposition Jupiter
04.10.2022 h.12:50: Mercury quincunx Kora
05.10.2022 h.08:17: Ceres quincunx Jupiter
07.10.2022 h.03:55: Mercury trine Pluto
10.10.2022 h.23:50: Mercury ingres Libra
11.10.2022 h.09:12: Sun quincunx Uranus
12.10.2022 h.01:06: Sun trine Saturn
12.10.2022 h.05:46: Mars square Neptune
12.10.2022 h.07:23: Mercury opposition Jupiter
13.10.2022 h.16:57: Venus quincunx Uranus
14.10.2022 h.06:20: Venus trine Saturn
16.10.2022 h.15:39: Sun quincunx Neptune
17.10.2022 h.16:15: Mars sextile Kora
17.10.2022 h.21:01: Sun opposition Kora
17.10.2022 h.21:59: Venus quincunx Neptune
17.10.2022 h.22:05: Sun trine Mars
18.10.2022 h.21:38: Venus opposition Kora
19.10.2022 h.02:20: Venus trine Mars
19.10.2022 h.13:33: Sun square Pluto
20.10.2022 h.06:02: Venus square Pluto
22.10.2022 h.11:24: Mercury quincunx Uranus
22.10.2022 h.21:17: Sun conjunction Venus
23.10.2022 h.01:00: Mercury trine Saturn
23.10.2022 h.07:51: Venus ingres Scorpio
23.10.2022 h.10:35: Sun ingres Scorpio
23.10.2022 h.15:57: Venus quincunx Jupiter
23.10.2022 h.20:20: Sun quincunx Jupiter
25.10.2022 h.16:29: Mercury quincunx Neptune
26.10.2022 h.11:16: Mercury opposition Kora
27.10.2022 h.03:36: Mercury trine Mars
27.10.2022 h.13:08: Mercury square Pluto
28.10.2022 h.05:10: Jupiter ingres Pisces
29.10.2022 h.17:31: Mercury quincunx Jupiter
29.10.2022 h.19:21: Mercury ingres Scorpio

04.11.2022 h.03:03: Venus sextile Ceres
05.11.2022 h.22:21: Venus opposition Uranus
07.11.2022 h.07:33: Venus square Saturn
08.11.2022 h.16:42: Sun conjunction Mercury
08.11.2022 h.22:37: Mercury sextile Ceres
09.11.2022 h.02:39: Mercury opposition Uranus
09.11.2022 h.04:23: Sun sextile Ceres
09.11.2022 h.08:26: Sun opposition Uranus
09.11.2022 h.14:23: Ceres trine Uranus
10.11.2022 h.07:51: Mercury square Saturn
10.11.2022 h.12:21: Venus trine Neptune
11.11.2022 h.08:03: Sun square Saturn
11.11.2022 h.15:42: Venus quincunx Kora
11.11.2022 h.21:06: Venus quincunx Mars
12.11.2022 h.18:35: Mercury trine Neptune
13.11.2022 h.09:40: Venus sextile Pluto
13.11.2022 h.10:44: Mars sextile Kora
13.11.2022 h.15:46: Mercury quincunx Mars
13.11.2022 h.16:23: Mercury quincunx Kora
15.11.2022 h.02:27: Mercury sextile Pluto
15.11.2022 h.03:43: Sun trine Neptune
15.11.2022 h.07:33: Ceres quincunx Saturn
15.11.2022 h.09:35: Venus trine Jupiter
16.11.2022 h.01:06: Sun quincunx Mars
16.11.2022 h.06:08: Venus ingres Saggitarius
16.11.2022 h.14:01: Sun quincunx Kora
16.11.2022 h.15:42: Mercury trine Jupiter
17.11.2022 h.08:41: Mercury ingres Saggitarius
18.11.2022 h.21:37: Sun sextile Pluto
19.11.2022 h.15:43: Mars square Neptune
21.11.2022 h.04:06: Sun trine Jupiter
21.11.2022 h.22:54: Mercury conjunction Venus
22.11.2022 h.08:20: Sun ingres Saggitarius
22.11.2022 h.19:23: Mars square Ceres
25.11.2022 h.09:52: Ceres opposition Neptune
27.11.2022 h.19:15: Mercury quincunx Uranus
28.11.2022 h.17:55: Mars trine Saturn
29.11.2022 h.02:18: Venus quincunx Uranus
29.11.2022 h.13:33: Ceres quincunx Kora
29.11.2022 h.20:30: Mercury opposition Mars
30.11.2022 h.04:17: Mercury sextile Saturn

01.12.2022 h.05:27: Venus opposition Mars
02.12.2022 h.01:07: Mercury square Neptune
02.12.2022 h.03:09: Venus sextile Saturn
02.12.2022 h.23:27: Mercury trine Kora
03.12.2022 h.22:39: Mercury square Ceres
04.12.2022 h.07:12: Venus square Neptune
05.12.2022 h.09:55: Venus trine Kora
06.12.2022 h.07:04: Mercury square Jupiter
06.12.2022 h.22:07: Mercury ingres Capricorn
07.12.2022 h.11:45: Venus square Ceres
07.12.2022 h.22:34: Sun quincunx Uranus
08.12.2022 h.05:41: Sun opposition Mars
08.12.2022 h.12:50: Ceres trine Pluto
09.12.2022 h.12:54: Venus square Jupiter
10.12.2022 h.03:53: Venus ingres Capricorn
12.12.2022 h.18:11: Sun sextile Saturn
14.12.2022 h.17:09: Sun square Neptune
15.12.2022 h.23:57: Sun trine Kora
16.12.2022 h.03:11: Mercury quincunx Mars
17.12.2022 h.21:36: Mercury trine Uranus
18.12.2022 h.05:51: Ceres opposition Jupiter
18.12.2022 h.23:26: Ceres ingres Libra
19.12.2022 h.17:36: Venus quincunx Mars
20.12.2022 h.14:31: Jupiter ingres Aries
21.12.2022 h.21:47: Sun ingres Capricorn
22.12.2022 h.00:50: Sun square Jupiter
22.12.2022 h.09:47: Venus trine Uranus
22.12.2022 h.22:13: Sun square Ceres
25.12.2022 h.01:16: Mercury sextile Neptune
27.12.2022 h.05:39: Mercury square Kora
28.12.2022 h.08:31: Venus sextile Neptune
29.12.2022 h.05:57: Venus square Kora
29.12.2022 h.13:58: Mercury conjunction Venus
30.12.2022 h.23:20: Sun quincunx Mars
31.12.2022 h.12:02: Mercury square Kora


1) Lunar eclipses or full moons one cycle away from a lunar eclipse were always coincident to the beginning of the famous market crashes.
2) The full moon coincident to the beginning of the crash has always been within six weeks of a solar eclipse.
3) The “panic phases” of all 12 crashes Puetz studied were entirely encompassed within one of the following periods:
a) February 4-April 5
b) September 3- October 29

Perspective Gallery

“All of humanity’s problems, stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” - Blaise Pascal

A Cup of Tea

Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen. Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!" "Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

te esse hominem memento; mortalem te esse. memento mori. respice post te. nam mors indecepta!

"Don't identify with anything. Be completely empty – no one. Be no-body and see if you lose anything but delusion." Mooji

Meditative withdrawal from the day's turmoil into creative silence is not a luxury, a fad, or a futility. It dissolves mental tensions and heals negative emotions.





Note: There was a Full Moon on 9/2/20, the same day that Venus was in opposition to Saturn. One of our (RM) basic geocosmic trading rules is that any market that is spiking (up or down) into a hard Venus/Saturn aspect is a candidate for a reversal.


Chart Gallery



Jim Reid and team of DBK have been busy trying to figure out the next big tail risk. Conclusion;

"The main takeaway is that there’s a one-in-three chance that the next decade will see at least one of a major flu pandemic killing more than 2m people; a globally catastrophic volcanic eruption; a major solar flare; and a global war. So some pretty striking stuff."


The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction has an even higher correlation to primary cycles (high or low) in the U.S. stock market than Venus direct.

For after all, this is a waxing square, the first quarter phase of the Mars cycle to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Waxing squares, like waning squares, coincide with crises. But unlike waning squares, the waxing square usually resolves the crisis and continues its forward momentum. It is a crisis in action, a threat to the status quo, but it not usually a crisis in survival. It requires a change in approach or direction, but it doesn’t require the termination of that direction. In other words, we may have a dispute or uncomfortable confrontation, but it doesn’t have to lead to a war or a revolution. Not this year, anyway. - RM

RM mentions:

The 2021 Saturn/Uranus square is especially interesting because these two planets were also in square aspect to one another in 1999-2000, but in exactly the opposite signs: Saturn was in Taurus and Uranus was in Aquarius. In 2021, that will be reversed.

and again ...

It would be totally naive to think that we live in safe times right now, or to believe that everything is under control. It’s not. From the cosmic perspective Saturn rules law and order. It can be very authoritarian and repressive on the one hand, or very responsible, goal-oriented, and just on the other. But it has been in Aquarius, March 21-July 1, 2020, and it will return there December 17, 2020 through March 7, 2023. Aquarius is the sign that values independence, freedom, and revolutionary thought or activity. Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius, so in a square aspect from Saturn (authority), it is apt to be in conflict with Uranus, which seeks freedom and abhors repression and authoritarianism. The combination may result in the path of least resistance as not just protests, but radical demands for change that can turn violent. Thus, the threat to life is not likely to be solely or even mostly about the COVID-19 virus as time progresses, but more upon the threat to civil order and the potential for violence.

However, when Mars goes retrograde in its ruling sign (September 9-November 13), the assertive nature of Mars in its ruling sign can turn to aggression and war-like rhetoric or behavior. The temperature in the room may become unbearable if controls on one’s basic impulses are not implemented. If not checked, this can be a recipe for destruction or self-destruction. Under retrograde Mars, the aggressor is usually the loser.

And he was!


11/19/21: Venus trine Uranus; Lunar Eclipse; November Expiration;

With Uranus, the keywords for financial markets are erratic, disruptive, sudden, and unexpected. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and like the Trickster, its momentum can change abruptly. The major difference is that with Uranus, the price swings are usually much steeper than those exhibited under Mercury retrograde. Mercury might fall off a hill. Uranus falls off a cliff.

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36804i'm guessing we chop sideways now - probably for days - working off the overhumble115 AM
36803another look at a fascinating day. overshot the measured move just by a tad. 481humble114 AM
36802[graphic] [graphic] [graphic]Sendme1yesterday
36801yup, spike bottoms are almost always tested at some future time. The rally taggestuffbug1yesterday
36800impressive day; rallied off of obvious support. but, still, a lot of chart damaghumble11yesterday
36799time will tell.....charts definitely followed the downdrafttechtrader73-yesterday
36798Not to imply the market takes the same path, but the similarity to how I felt atcrashwatch-yesterday
36797although looking back at that time frame the market made a new high.....i skeptitechtrader73-yesterday
36796Here's another analysis (bearish) but with n = 3, the statistical significanstuffbug1yesterday
36795good eye ....... those are very similar.....techtrader73-yesterday
36794Did anyone who was trading today get that feeling of deja vous? As I contemplatcrashwatch1yesterday
36792I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen, of meadow-flowers and bhumble1-yesterday
36791Topping process ideas. When I look at the weekly charts and we see the bounces Sendme1Sunday
36790Great weekend update from Sven. Very worthwhile northmantrader.comstuffbug-Sunday
36789Nice chart, very simple and looks ugly. I was just looking at the weekly chartSendme1Sunday
36788I want to say that I am just a pattern trader and am always open to the markets Sendme3Sunday
36786Been looking more at the Wycoff accumulation/distribution stuff with the 1.27 fiSendme3Sunday
36785AstroNuts Only! Merriman ... It wasn’t as if one should be surprised. After alhumble11last Saturday
36784a few interesting charts on a cold friday night ... [graphic] [graphic] think humble11last Saturday
36783That's a keeper Sendme......great stuff!Lou Weed-last Saturday
36782Great question stuffbug. Looking at price action and time on SPX, I would have Sendme3last Saturday
36781normalizing p/s = spx ~ 50% lower. could happen fairly quickly. by 4/12, is my ghumble11last Saturday
36780[graphic] [graphic]humble1-last Saturday
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