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Welcome from Humble1

I want to thank Silicon Investor for this site.

Nothing said or done here by me or anyone should be construed as trading or investment advice! I am not certified or qualified as an analyst or a financial adviser. I am a private trader who tries to make money swing trading the daily SPX bars and selected equities, with help from friends.

H1&STF is for discussions about Time and Price for use in swing trading the SPX and selected equities. I consider gold and silver coins a valuable long term holding to be accumulated during sharp sell offs. All charts and discussions concerning gold and silver are welcomed.

Your posts and comments are encouraged. Whether bull or bear, they will be appreciated. Swing trading means trading in both directions.

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Good Luck!

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Astro Section

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.” - J.P. Morgan

"As above ...

"... so below."


Astro Gallery

The cosmic emphasis upon Jupiter and Neptune last week was a preview of what to expect for most of 2019, when Jupiter will make its waning square to Neptune three times, starting in mid-January.

This is one of the classical bankruptcy signatures in Financial Astrology, a time when people, as well as counties and companies, are prone to become too careless with monies, spending far more than they can afford. It is a time of over-optimistic hopes and dreams, most of which are not realistic. It is a combination of comedy and tragedy, because on the one hand, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, with the eclipse coming up in Capricorn in early January, portends the resolution to be disciplined and careful in finances. But then, on the other hand, Jupiter square Neptune looks at that shiny new car, that sparkling new piece of jewelry, and suddenly out goes that promised practicality and commitment to build one’s bank account. Out the window it goes for the fulfillment of an urge for immediate gratification. And then the bill comes due and you ask: “What was I thinking?” That’s the problem. You weren’t thinking. You were wishing upon a star, convincing yourself that you deserved this. Instead, you deserved a credit downgrade. I speak as if it is personal, but this is not just an individual problem. It is a problem with many governments that we are likely to see explode next year with Jupiter square Neptune. And that’s just the setup for the Capricorn Stellium that follows in 2020. If Jupiter in Sagittarius was overconfident and positive in 2018-2019, then Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto converging in Capricorn right afterwards can be downright worried and pessimistic, unless it has planned well for this period. After all, in recessions and downturns, great bargains are possible for those who have cash.

The major challenge for Financial Astrologers is to determine whether the 2019 Jupiter/Neptune waning square will be the start of a real financial panic, or if this downturn will suddenly reverse and witness a huge rally and a “bubble” in stock prices. With Jupiter and Neptune, it can either be “irrational exuberance,” to borrow a phrase from former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan, or hysteria and panic where people lose all sense of control and faith in their leaders. Right now, it looks more like the latter is happening. But I would not give up on Jupiter in Sagittarius just yet. After all, historically, it is one of the strongest planet-sign combinations correlating to strong rallies in global equities before it is over. Of course, you can have a steep selloff first, after which rallies can look very impressive. But generally speaking, the stock market makes longer-term cycle highs with Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 8, 2018-December 2, 2019), and then the air escapes out of the bubble as Jupiter advances into Capricorn-Aquarius (2020-2021). What went up must come down. - from Ray Merriman's free 12/10/18.

More from RM:

All of this precedes the first of three passages of the Jupiter/Neptune square on January 13, the dominant major aspect involving the outer planets in force in 2019. As described in greater detail in the Forecast 2019 Book, this aspect is the “setup” for the powerful “Capricorn Stellium” that will unfold December 2019 through December 2020. It pertains to irrational exuberance, complacency, and/or hysteria and panic. I would say we are collectively experiencing a combination back and forth between complacency and hysteria right now as we head into the first encounter, and the markets are reflecting this.


There are other geocosmic factors approaching that will be of interest to Financial Astrologers. For instance, on Sunday, January 20, Venus will form a square to Neptune. Two days later, on January 22, it will conjoin Jupiter. This is known as a “translation” to the Jupiter/Neptune square. Sometimes it takes a “translation” to the longer-term planetary aspect to coincide with its reversal. More important to Mundane Astrologers is the fact that a few weeks later, Venus will then conjoin both Saturn and Pluto. This “transition” of Venus from the Jupiter/Neptune square to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is a preview of the “setup” we described in Forecast 2019. The “setup” of 2019 pertains to Jupiter square Neptune (January-September 2019), followed by the “Edge of the Cliff” symbolized by Saturn square Pluto and the entire “Capricorn Stellium of December 2019 through 2020, and even into 2022. In other words, we may get a preview of that “setup” and “cliff” might look like.

Each translation of Jupiter/Neptune by a faster moving planet, followed by that same planet’s translation of Saturn and Pluto soon afterwards, is likely to exhibit this pattern: first optimism based on hopes and wishes, then worry based on “How can we afford this with such debt?” This back and forth pattern progresses to less and less optimism and more and more concern the closer we get to 2020. The danger for traders and investors is that they become complacent, because every downturn in the market is still followed by healthy rallies, until Jupiter and Neptune finally separate after September. The danger for governments, institutions, companies and individuals is that if not careful, they may be headed for a credit crisis, such as bankruptcy (classical Jupiter/Neptune occurrences), where they spend far beyond what they can afford, falsely believing that everything is OK and will work out.


from ray, 12/9+. this is a good one:

excerpt, worth reviewing the entire commentary:

Yet, with Jupiter trine Uranus following those conjunctions, there may also be signs of a trade deal between the U.S. and China, which would make sense as new tariffs are scheduled to be launched December 15. It would appear, in a perfectly ordered universe, that the talks start to break down again with Venus (agreement) conjoining Saturn (delays) over tariffs (Pluto). But it could also mean the final details of a limited agreement suddenly come to fruition. That could be the trigger providing the impetus for another record high by the end of the year, for the Sun will then conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus, December 24-27. Failure to get an agreement signed by the end of the year puts a trade deal back into the dark, as the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto then conjoin with one another in the serious sign of Capricorn, January 10-13. It is also a full moon and Uranus changes directions. Equity markets – and all financial markets – could abruptly change directions then. It may not be pretty if a trade deal fizzles out again.

1) Lunar eclipses or full moons one cycle away from a lunar eclipse were always coincident to the beginning of the famous market crashes.
2) The full moon coincident to the beginning of the crash has always been within six weeks of a solar eclipse.
3) The “panic phases” of all 12 crashes Puetz studied were entirely encompassed within one of the following periods:
a) February 4-April 5
b) September 3- October 29

Perspective Gallery

“All of humanity’s problems, stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” - Blaise Pascal

A Cup of Tea

Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen. Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!" "Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

te esse hominem memento; mortalem te esse. memento mori. respice post te. nam mors indecepta!


More Astro: The Capricorn Stellium

As we look forward, past the final passage of the Jupiter/Neptune waning square of last week, there are two long-term geocosmic factors looming ahead. The first is the end of Jupiter’s 13-month passage through Sagittarius, which will take place on December 2. The second is the “Capricorn Stellium” that will then begin, in which Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will cross one another in Capricorn throughout 2020. The highlights of the “Capricorn Stellium” begin with the 32-37 year Saturn/Pluto conjunction cycle that will take place on January 12, 2020, and will end December 17-21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn cross over from Capricorn to Aquarius near the winter solstice.

The first long-term geocosmic factor will mark the end of a time band that has a rather high historical correlation to the culmination of long-term cycle highs in U.S. stock indices. In fact, those highs typically end well before the ingress takes place on December 2, 2019, when Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn for the next year. The correlation between Jupiter in Sagittarius and long-term cycle crests is not 100%. There are cases where the rallies continued to higher prices even after Jupiter moved into Capricorn, although the amplitude of the rallies was greater before that ingress occurred. Our thought on this, as expressed in prior columns, was that the all-time high in U.S. stocks would be completed within two months of August 2019. So far, the high has been in late July 2019. Yet, there is no technical or charting confirmation that the crest has been completed, and won’t be until the DJIA falls below 24,680.

The second factor, the “Capricorn Stellium,” is interesting because it involves both a Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction nearby to one another. The former is a 32-37 year planetary synodic cycle and the latter is a 20-year synodic cycle that is given great importance by Mundane Astrologers for centuries because of its association with broad changes of trends in the social and political arenas of human activity. As pointed out in the Forecast 2019 Book, this instance of Jupiter and Saturn ingressing together into Aquarius may mark the emergence of a new world leader, someone who comes onto the world’s stage and affects a major change in the path of civilization. It will not necessarily be in the arena of politics or involve the United States. It may be in the field of something more Aquarian – like a group or world movement that will alter the arc of the future in a way that benefits all of humankind.


Chart Gallery

and: 1990 -> 2009



9/30/20: October 2020 Disaster!!!!!

Mars squares Saturn -> Direct c Pluto in the Capricorn Stellium on a Full Moon

9/30/20 is 10/3/19 + [1.618 x 224 (2/9/18 -> 9/21/18) = 363].

There is an intervening perfect C = 1.618 A:

9/21/18 -> 12/26/18 = 96
96 x 1.618 = 155
5/1/19 + 155 = 10/3/19

This on a f29 hitting in election eve October 2020.


The SPX 3450 on 12/26/19 Time/Price Scenario, with its beautiful Ganniversay symmetries and solar eclipse finish.

Message 32360274

1. Draw lower and upper parallel channel lines using 12/26/18->10/3/19 and 10/3/18 -> early 2020.

2. Extend the 2346 -> 3028 price segment by 1.618. (3028 is not on the channel line and thus a separate confirmation.)

2346 -> 3028 = 682
682 x 1.618 = 1104
2346 + 1104 = 3450

3. Now find 3450 on the upper channel line. It intersects at 12/26/19, the Solar Eclipse and Ganniversary of 12/26/18.

4. Pattern Confirmation: The Big W, \ = / at 3450 on 1/26/19

10/3/18 at 2940 ->12/26/18 at 2346 = 594
10/3/19 at 2856 ->12/26/19 at 3450 = 594

5. 1.732 x SPX 1992

6. Root 1.618

1810 -> 2728 = 918
2728 -> 3450 = 722
918/722 = 1.272

7. Into major resistance at 1.618 x 2134

8. Note the seasonal charts for further support and 2013 analogy:

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