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Heart Attacks, Cancer and strokes. Preventative approaches
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You want better health, you have to be assertive about it. READ THIS HEADER FIRST! This 12 minute video could be the most important video you have ever watched.

I was a asymptomatic, obese hypertensive 73-year-old male who used to drink and smoke when I paid for a heart scan at Holistica Lab in Oct of 2007. That revealed that I had a calcium score of 322. I set out to try to slow down the normal 25% annual increase in plaque though diet and supplements.

My initial weight was 247 with a 50” waist and a 32.4 BMI. I am now down to 177 with a 39” waist and a 24.5 BMI. I went on a low-glycemic diet and stopped eating wheat to drop this weight. I will be 86 in 2020.

A VAP advanced Lipid panel showed on 5/15/2009 that I have changed my numbers to an HDL of 46, a Trigliceride of 48, and a LDL of 54. With these numbers I will NEVER have angina or a heart attack from my heart disease. You can do the same. The next one showed that I had changed my LDL lipiprotein pattern from small dense LDL to large buoyant LDL. Even better news.

The body scan showed a kidney cyst that turned out to be malignant. I was able to save the kidney by finding the tumor early.

As someone who has heart disease and has survived both Colon and Kidney Cancer, I have a great interest in preventative approaches to these problems. It's mainly my own fault I have these problems. Twenty years of heavy smoking stopped in '74 and forty years of heavy drinking stopped in '92. Plus some bad cancer genes on my Mother's side.

Almost everything that the PHD's in nutrition tell you to do is wrong, IMO. I have spent the last twelve years researching health on this subject, and have come to the following conclusions.

The "Diet Heart Hypothesis" is wrong. Sat fat is fine to eat. The Gov is finally beginning to admit this.

The "Food Pyramid' is wrong. You don't need the carbs on it. You need fat and protein to thrive.

The "Calories in, Calories out," hypothesis is wrong. Turns out that, while you can get fat on anything if you eat too much of it, most bodies, if given a choice, wants to burn fat calories and store Carb ones.

The "Low Fat Diet" is wrong. It has you loading up on Carbs, the worse thing for you to eat. No wonder we are a nation today of overweight people.

Dr Davis's latest recommendations, If you want to join his site: LINK

I thought this would be a good place to post a summary of the steps to take when just starting out.

A heart scan is really needed if you are over 40. Google "Heart scan near me."


The Pro-Biotin L Reuteri

Suggested starting laboratory studies:

Lipoprotein analysis--e.g., NMR Lipoprofile, HDL laboratories, Berkeley HeartLab, Atherotech VAP
Hemoglobin A1c, fasting glucose (optional: fasting insulin)
TSH, free T3, free T4 (optional: reverse T3)
25-hydroxy vitamin D (optional: 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D, calcium)
Optional: Apoprotein E genotype

What does your Agatston score mean? Use this on line calcium calculator to tell you.

Suggested starting strategies:

23andme. This explains your ancestry. and your DNA. Very helpful to know.

Gut Flora: Read the three posts starting here.

BOWEL HEALTH, read the two posts here.


Fish oil--providing total daily EPA + DHA of 3000 mg per day, divided into two doses (unless Lp(a) proves positive; see high-dose fish oil strategy)

Vitamin D--5000 units per day in a.m. to start. Get tested to maintain 25-hydroxy vitamin D of 60-70 ng/ml.
Iodine--500 mcg per day, e.g., from kelp tablets. I take two a day. Vitamin K combo tablet, two a day.

What if I am getting too much Vitamin D?

Of course, this is just a starting place. There are many other strategies and refinements to consider, such as correction of small LDL particles, additional efforts required to achieve ideal thyroid status, etc. If you just follow the above, you are off to a great start!

Half the people who have heart attacks were not diagnosed with Heart Disease prior to their event. This thread is designed to make sure you are not one of them. Don't count on a Lipid panel to check your heart disease. Half the people on cardiac wards have normal lipids.

I will post info on them that I find of interest and hope others will also. I start with the premise that we all should exercise and lose weight. If you do it, fine. If you don't it's even more important that you do the other things I list. These will help you prolong your life and live better, but the most important thing you can do for yourself is: GET YOUR WEIGHT DOWN TO A BMI OF 25! Here is the BMI scale to let you know where you are and so that you can figure out what you need to do.

Take charge of health yourself. If you wait for your doctor to do it for you, you could be in the same situation as poor Tim Russert. This is an age when your physician should facilitate your success, not prevent it or leave you wallowing in ignorance.

I am going to tell every one of you, with heart disease or not, that if you want to "live long and prosper," the best thing you can do is stop eating sugar, wheat and corn.


I just can't overemphasize the need to watch this this tremendous presentation by UCSF's Dr. Robert Lustig on fructose: Link Dr. Lustig is the real deal: He is the primary source of much of the data on fructose metabolism. He minces no words during this cut-to-the-bone dissection of the metabolic consequences of fructose ingestion. What he says about fructose holds for sucrose. All sugar is bad. The biochem in the lecture is a little hard, but worth wading though.

How wrong the medical establishment went in 1983 when they insisted we drop our intake of fat from 40% to 30% cannot be overstated. The rise in sugar and simple starch intake from that pronouncement has resulted in the obesity epidemic we are suffering from.

If you have heart disease, the program I follow that "Curealty" recommends is:

First priority is LDL-C less than 60 mg, Triglycerides less than 60 mg, and HDL-C 60 mg. or higher; 25-OH-vitamin D3 of greater than 60 ng/ml. Back to basics: a general program of correcting blood pressure (125/75). I STRONGLY recommend you join the Curealty site, which will get you their book, and start reading up on your particular problems.

PERSONAL HEALTH: After constant reading of reports and my own personal experience, I have become convinced that the best thing you can do for your and your family's health is add supplemental Vitamin D to your daily intake. 5000IU for men and women, 2000 for children. Have everybody's 24OHD-3 level checked and make sure it is OVER 60. Don't worry about the upper limit, there really is none when taking D-3 softgels. Under 100 will keep your Doctor quiet. Anything you can read on the Net is testing done on D-2 prescription results, and there is almost nothing there that is negative. My D-3 level is over 80, and there is no known negative for that. Over 60 is where all the studies and anecdotal reports show results. You can order your own tests here. LIPID TESTING

Your Doctor will be negative on this dosage and level, Because he is behind the curve. He will be negative on ordering a blood test. Don't let him stop you. The benefits are just too good. Medical experimenters who work with D are taking 4-8 K of supplemental D-3 when they see the results. The tablets do not absorb well Buy the soft gel version. I buy the Costco "Nature's Bounty" D3-5000IU.

I am now using Carlson liquid fish oil, two teaspoons a day. Cheaper to take the capsules. You need six to ten of them daily.

Dr Davis recommends adding the following supplements:

# 3 grams of Omega 3 from fish oil per day. {six to 10 one gram capsules]

# 5000IU Vitamin D from Soft gel each day for men, 2000IU for women.

# Vitamin K-2 Carlson K2 supplement daily.

Iodine: I take 2 kelp tabs a day.


# Achieve BMI of 25 [body fat 17% male, 20% female] or less through weight loss. This should be regarded as a priority to reduce blood pressure if you begin with a BMI >25.

# Consider increasing exercise to 40 minutes 4 days per week, or use pedometer and increase steps or kcal burned by 50% over your current daily expenditure.

# Ensure that you get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation contributes to high blood pressure.

# Increase intake of monounsaturated oils (olive and canola; raw almonds and walnuts) and cut back sharply on intake of starches. Other than that, eat what you like, but STOP EATING WHEAT, SUGAR AND CORN! If you do, your weight will drop like a stone.


You can read all of Dr Davis's diet principles here.

CANCER: read this and the following five posts. Message 29832762


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