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You have reached profile's end when you see these words:)

He Vivido Una Vida

Una Vez y Para Siempre/ As in Once and Forever:

Watching her, these things she said,
The times she cried,
Too frail to wake this time.

Avenues all lined with trees,
Picture me and then angels start watching,
Watching forever, forever,
Watching love grow, forever,
Letting me know, forever.
full profile 2007 from another sight; a just Max site. i am editing now: 11/9/2012( i will use posts to add videos and comments/this site/ be newly created and i ask that no else post. That can be done where this thread actually already exists and one is free to post)

Me Summer 1943 sitting on curb in front of my home in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania(a twin house, which was really one house cut in two, but behind my house was 200 acre farm that had gone wild(they ceased farming--just had a garden of less than an acre--The Walton Farm however was its name, and it became a wonderland for me to study animals/plants and birds(it had creek also). i became friends with this sweetly crazy family, the Waltons, that just clipped coupons, as their father had made a fortune in an invention having to do with the printing press . It now is just a crowd of homes called The Walton Estates, as Walton's finally sold the land , a homebuilder in the 60s or 70s--based on the classic victorian mansion, i'd say they were there since 1890s) Incredibly, via Google Satellite, the home where i sit in that photo is STILLthere--was built in the depression i think)

0/4/2009 Nemesis by VNV-Nation
(edit: This group REJECTS all organized religion and all Fundamentalism, so those of the apocalyptic ilk, you know the type, if don't believe in Jesus you are damned and will be "the left behind": that delivers what i mean, me thinks:)
We are searchers who like to know of matters deep spiritual UNIVERSALIST in nature.
We know of and study matters such as dark matter, non-benign matrixes , the extreme power of Illusion to FOOL most all. (We are , however, just what we are, we disdain elitism--and thus reject any pretense of superiority: for the measure of all be of one's Heart and Soul . One's knowledge and intelligence is NOT a criteria of superiority--we are searchers just because, and are NOT Bourgeois SNOBS and all that kind of BS!)
This thread is not for those unable to go beyond the limits of their brains and travel the infinite of MIND.
Rule of this thread, Mind and Brain are NOT the same. The brain but a proccesor engulphed in a world it can neither see/nor touch/or realize in any normal way but that engulphs all.Now to Nemesis.Max
Everybody wants to live in a lie
But why should we delude ourselves?
It's not as if we can't see something's wrong
Where's the duty to what's right?
Intentions end with empty words
and chaos replaces order

Those who shout loudest impose their will
Upholding laws that serve a few
Declaring peace while the sirens sing
In the name of progress,
In the name of madness
Drum beats faster
Crowd shouts louder
and chaos replaces order

I want justice for a voice that can't be heard
Vindication for every suffering and hurt
Let retribution(justice a beeter word here) hold dominion over earth
Because judgement day's not coming Judgement day's not coming
soon enough

Because judgement day's not coming
Because judgement day's not coming
Because judgement day's not coming
Because judgement day's not coming
Soon enough

I want justice for a voice that can't be heard
Vindication for every suffering and hurt
Let Justice hold dominion over earth
Because judgement day's not coming Judgement day's not coming

I want justice for a voice that can't be heard
Vindication for every suffering and hurt
Let Justice hold dominion over earth
Because judgement day's not coming Judgement day's not coming
Soon enough

Soon enough (note: i replaced word retribution with Justice as i do NOT like word retribution: Max/Bill)

You Are Essentially Buddhist? Yes But With Belief InThere IsA Place For Passion. And Most Importantly JUSTICE. i Relate To The DalaiLama's Brother Who When Asked About Forgiving Real Evil. Said "i Personally Reject That Belief.There Must Be Justice" Digo "El Amor Sin Justicia Es Ciega.Pero El Verdadero Amor No Es Ciego" So Quoth Max:)

Added 3/23/13 A poem i love--deeply. Will that moment ever come? In hard truth this world wide has NEVER occurred. i have yey to hear justice ahd hope rhyme. i cherish that we know, that easily as far backed as Sophocles i love its words, but as to another Irishman(OfBritain)/ that courtly snobs should recognize as man of Genius:one John Lydon i justapose this with "Humam Beings Suffer" as have had to use Anger As An Energy, now and they to stay free and shake my fist that promises swing hollow like skeletons hung from a dying tree, This Pil/JohnnyPowerfulTourDeForce The Song RISE! This i attach as link after Seamus has first turn..Read by "Famous Seamus" as he is called in Ireland:)

Seamus Heaney reads from The Cure At Troy, his translation of The Philoctetes by Sophocles - The Convention Centre, Dublin 18 March 2011 - The verses are spoken by the chorus at the end of the play.

Human Beings Suffer
From The Cure At Troy
by Seamus Heaney (1939-)


Human beings suffer,
They torture one another,
They get hurt and get hard.
No poem or play or song
Can fully right a wrong
Inflicted and endured.

History says, don't hope
On this side of the grave.
But then, once in a lifetime
The longed-for tidal wave
Of justice can rise up,
And hope and history rhyme.

So hope for a great sea-change
On the far side of revenge.
Believe that a farther shore
Is reachable from here.

Believe in miracles
And cures and healing wells.

Call miracle self-healing:
The utter, self-revealing
Double-take of feeling.
If there's fire on the mountain
And lightning and storm
And a god speaks from the sky

That means someone is hearing
The outcry and the birth-cry
Of new life at its term.

It means once in a lifetime
That justice can rise up
And hope and history rhyme./ Seamus reading the preceding

Pil (PublicImageLimited): RISE! BTW People That Can't Grasp Why i Rank Johnny "Rotten" Lydon.As A SPECIAL PERSON, simply don't grasp the width and depth of me/ i FIGHT boundaries--always have and do NOT mean that as a
Brag. Just an Honesty. Hell i Wasn't Even Aware Of It. Took Awhile Too Realize i Was Like Strange, Perhaps/ i Sure Never Intended To Be Strange:) Max/Bill

Comment here was on thread, about Buddhism

Bowen wrote ".please note to be fully free from passion and anger and what are commonly considered to be negative emotions you must be able to feel them without indulging them." Wise words that too many miss/imHo. To be free passion and anger one need be able To Feel these Emotions, but NOT indulge them (This is for some of us in part our ever lasting battle to NOT be trapped and turned into a vegetable, ala The BodySnatchers 1953 movie--at least i will die free. .:). One can quibble this is an irrelevant nuance, but i say, it is a quite relevant nuance. In fact, in my own life, understanding the NUANCES be essential to really move one to A Higher Enlightenment. imHo/Max

How to be of real value to children: This is Dedicated to The Barynya Ensemble:" Barynya dance with kids" .video (For some reason one need run courser over this and click and then click go to link--quite safe)

We don't want that life within destroyed by the world relentless demand to be obedient
Wiki:"The Russian music, dance and song ensemble Barynya , established in the year 1991 in New York City, is a world renowned group that enjoys exalting stature as the premier Russian folk ensemble outside of Russia. Barynya presents Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Jewish AND Gypsy Roma dancing, music, songs, and virtuoso performances on instruments including the balalaika, garmoshka , balalaika contrabass, bayan, Gypsy guitars, domra, violin." i applaud their mission.It has VALUE.MadMax/DulceMax:
"When The Night Was Young" Great flashback/flashforward song by Robbie Robertson/written in 2010.
Robbie who hated the "Blond On Blond" Tour saying "Dylan was all cleverness and meaness/ he emanated no soul, i hated it" The Band Manuel dead[Robbie has "Angel" song to Manuel] Manuel gone missing(Suicide)/Levon gone missing(Cancer)/RickDanko Gone Missing (O.D. Heroin) AllWithGoodHearts.

My elsewhere posted comments:This song contains as great a line of HighWisdom i have ever heard. That line/however/ can be blurred within the song itself The line "Get your heart beating in the right direction. That's when you make a real? connection" i amNow71/LongAgo26TheVillage67/ InTheBurstLoveLightThatSumme­r,Its'GlareExposedTheDarkSeeds­OfTheYoungNight/AlwaysThoseCan­cerousSeeds/TheEverUnderMiners/SoVivid Ii CouldSee[Huge Aside Warning: NeedExplain Ii Think In Pictures:iBattleTo Put Those Pictures Into Words:iCouldNeitherReadNorWrite UntilAge12 And Ii Became AMystery Because i WasTheLeaderOfThePack(Joan Healis-Aikens From Lansdowne Messaged Me That On Facebook, It Was Not My Perception Of Myself/ And AmongstMyPeersIiCarriedMoreGeneralKnowledgeThanThey/ MyHearingMemoryIs/WasOverTheTop/ I HadToLearnToDisguise It As My Memory Could Frighten People/ThisLedToAThreeHourTestThatRequiredNoReadingNorWriting/iWillSayNoMoreExceptAWorldRenownedProfessionalEvaluatorWasVisiblyExcitedAtTheEndAndMuttered"Amazing"AndYes i Was A Primary Dyslexic/iWasPleasedToLearnEinstein Only Thought In Pictures, And Is Famous For Saying His Knowledge Was 99% Imagination And 1% What He Read---Aside Is Over) So That is What i mean When i say So Vivid That Ii Could See This War/ The Darkness/TheLight. WhatEverIsYourBagWasNaive.iHeardSomeBlownOutMindsActuallySaying "Hey, Hitler, That was his bag; It was cool for him. You know do you own thing Man" i hear speech like that and realized how SHALLOW HOLLOW DEBASED was cliche phraseology of be "Hey, whatever is your Bag, is O.K. with me:" i never did acid, i was born with it in my blood:)
Arthur Lee's Song "A House Is Not A Motel" really nails this dualism, and is ominous about the future. That song was recorded Septemper 1967(released November 67). BuenaSuerte MaxBaldur1377--i like to play with numbers--later.Love's "ForeverChanges Album Has Finally Been Recognized As Hugely Influential And RolingStone Rates The #40 Best Album of All Time./ ArthurLee What Can i Say:Bless Him:He Has Gone Missing Struck Down By Leukemia AllHis Writing and Composing Was Entirely Stream Of Conciousness/Automatic. P.S. You Think My Writing With CapsTo Depict New Words Is Strange; The Ancient Greeks wroteallwordstogetherwithoutcapitals! i Have Done it to Battle With 500 character limits on Net.

As i fade fade fade into the shadows Ii within my mind i see me driving a long twisting mystery road called "Keep Moving In The Right Direction" Road signs for The Curtain read "CLOSER"


Zionism( i was myself a Zionist at heart until 1968 when i awakened from romantic beliefs not based in truth: i now make this IMPORTANT TO ME statement/one that be understood; My Statement "If it was not for the EVIL fires of Anti-Semiticism in 19th century into the 20th century their would NOT have been The Zionist Movement.And if their had not been the Holocaust their would NOT have been a State of Israel declared(May15,1948). A desperate and shattered people did desperate and not good things as Palestine became the SCAPEGOAT for the Evil Of The Crimes of Europe. But though i see why this tragic war for territory came to pass and overtime Zionism became a horror and with it exposed the insanity of organized religion. i say it once i will say it a thousand times, any that think G-d is a Real Estate Agent be delusional.
i reject that G-d oversees and controls the movement of history, if their be any such GAWD, it be Quite Insane.
i am a scholar of both Kabbalism and Christian Gnosticism which, to be frank, is atheistic regards this Place Called Earth. The great man Yeshayahu Leibowitz was branded an Atheist(Yeshayahu L. who settled in Israel in the late 30s, and was a Zionist, he became , then, as he saw it, a Prophet: and lashed out at Israel, saying Istrael had lost its soul with the occupation. He called Jews that followed and believed in the views of Rabbi Meir Kahane, to be Nazi Jews.As he was quite famous an Israeli(via he was a brilliant world renowned Physicist) this created shock waves, and major hostility against him. But the REFUSENIKS he founded still exist, and one of his sons be their leader. Yeshayahu L himself died in 1994 at age 91. i dedicate this video to Yeshayahu Leibowitz) The Group know of me, i say no more.(With Max Cavalera forming SoulFly, the group moved its core being to SoulFly) But so your not shocked by the this bringing Heavy Metal, my ear for music is vital and young, thus is Supremely Eclectic.
Song: "Territory!"

A sacred intuitive insight? into what oft be a real part of being a saint.Dave Mason himself has lived a life worthy of the song he wrote. It is people like this that that gives me the most intense "Raison d'etre". Woody Allen stated he was a quite SAD person that just happens to have the gift of humour. . Woody Allen in '77 said "i see being born into this world is to be born into a Concentration Camp" i had said that years back.. Do Good For Its Own Sake And Smile For­ The Children And Elderly : DefyThe­Night
Now "As Sad and Deep As You" My kind of Love Song, FWIW, if anything.
Section Dedicated To Carmen Amaya

"ButItWasNotJustTheDanceThat MadeCarmenAmayaSoGreat/ButAlsoHerSharpGypsyWitAndPers­onality" i Adapt a PosterRemark"ToGiveOfHerSuperbGiftTillShatteredByDisease.ThisMoreThanGenious.ThisIsSaint" AlsoMoneyMeantNothingtoHer/APersonOfGenorosity/Giving/DanceFlamencoFromChestHeartAndNotWithTheFeet! She Died At Age 50 Soon After Being Diagnosed With Kidney Disease And Being Told She Could Never Dance Again. She Was Celebrated For Her Gift From Age 5/Where She Performd In Her Gypsy Barrio In Spain. She Was Also A Fine Vocalist and With A SoulTotally Alive UnChainable. She A Heroine Of Mine.

Also one sample to all to reveal my favorite female singer/songwriter/composer: this song applies many millions that just hang-on: this also be Sade intent in presenting this song;
O how countless be the anonymous that somehow make it from one day to the next until it is over. These the mutitude of anonymous saints fighting to endure this life; i say to "god" how can you think you are "god" what know you of suffering what know "you" the of bravery of those that make it thru the night (line in song at start "i died AGAIN last night") She sings "i feel like the king of sorrow" As i scan the world in my life i am counting over and over and over saints that people never even notice(often, very often, if the saint be themself)/ these they shame any megalomaniacal "god that says -" i am the lord almighty your creator and thou shall have no other god before me" and has the insanity to demand devotion. What madman is this? This "god" be a petty charlatan-- no wonder Leonard Cohen, bless him, became an ordained Buddhist Monk decades ago. Sade: my favorite female combination singer/songwriter and composer--deeply mystic, says her songs come at mystic moments in time. i dedicate this section to Helen Folasade Adu, OBE (Yoruba: Folásadé Adú; born 16 January 1959), better known as Sade is a Nigerian-born British singer-songwriter, composer or simply SADE---

i add this post from thread today 5/12/2009 as i view it as ULTRA IMPORTANT as we get deeper into the IMMENSITY of the mystery of the Cosmos:

In case you haven't picked up on this yet, one should like this--really!:)

From the work of a Nicolas Gisin, it is now known the speed of change between two SEPARATED entangled quanta is AT LEAST, i repeat, AT LEAST, 10,000 times! the speed of light(i am trying to get my zeros right, but my guess is that speed would be AT LEAST 1 Billion and 860Million MILES per Second!!!)

This was done by simply separating two entangled photons by a distance of 7 miles and having a change in one that recurs virtually instantaneously in the other photon, 7 miles away.
The best their instruments can resolve is the speed of change between the two occurs at AT LEAST 10,000 times the speed of light. Gisin and Penrose are now developing an observational experiment to show this happens on the Macro level ALS0---they are going to use "BuckyBalls", "monster" sized molecules.

One of history's great ironies, Quantum Theory is a DIRECT RESULT of Einstein's thought experiments, but he himself refused to accept what could not ever have been pondered until his gigantic steps were taken.
Einstein as time went by, said Quantum Theory may be right on a infinitisimal scale of the micro world, but he couldn't yet accept it would be the reality on the Macro scale.

If Gisin and Penrose succeed in their Macro-scale level, Einstein would APPLAUD, and say gentlemen, Bravo, you were right.
i myself have EXTREME confidence Penrose and Gisin will be able to replicate this on the macro side.
The implications are?? Well just use one's imagination:) Max

WARNING: i relate to/love this movie and this photo(VBG!:)

Lyrics "Carry You" by VNV Nation Which means "VictoryNotVengeance"

Though the past, the unwanted memories,

Are holding onto you,

All the power in the universe,

Conspires to carry you.

Truths you find through your adversities,

Will defend you,

As your powers and all your energies,

Conspire to carry you.

The adversary of your soul,

The blackest thoughts,

That try to poison you,

These storms subside.

Lay down your greatest burden,

Relinquish that,

Which has control of you,

And let yourself through.

VNV Nation - Carry You (lyrics)


AS kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies dráw fláme; As tumbled over rim in roundy wells Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung bell's Bow swung finds tongue to fling out broad its name; Each mortal thing does one thing and the same: Deals out that being indoors each one dwells/Selves—goes itself/ myself it speaks and spells/ Crying Whát I do is me: for that I came.Gerard Manley Hopkins. Poems 1918( he died in 1889)

"Echoes from the Heart and Soul caught still in this Abyss
An Abyss That Laughs at creation
A Circus Without Rules
Foundations Through The Ages
Never to part their RUSE" from Heart and Soul Joy Division

Always The Dangers/Face The Danger/ Don't Walk Away In Silence/ Your Confusion My Illusion : Rowetta
Does A Marvelous Performance: This Song("Atmosphere":Originaly By Ian Curtis/JoyDivision) Needs A Feminine Voice; And Rowetta Handles Superbly
My Life Did Have Some Ultra Rough Patches:But So Do Many Millions Of Others:
For Those That Know Me More Intimately: Know The Story Behind This Song:
Peter does a great job of it and in Philly No Less: i love how he cries out "Where Will It End?!!!"

TheBlack Interceptor

i once was just naive Max with a big smile but then i got Mad, so now i am a dual personality, Max and MadMax, and so now i have in one garage a Model T Ford and in another The Black Interceptor:)
Max in The Forbidden Zone(which in my mysticism i see as the planet earth, itself.Max)

My guideline
i Max recognize no flags , i am my own government , to be ruled only by my conscience and the force of EMPATHY.
i take full responsibility for what i am , if i do something wrong, i must be my own judge and make amends to whomever i , in weakness, hurt in someway.
i never make excuses.
This is i at 57.i am NOW 71 and Bald and fading away.And getting closer to becoming but one of the missing:Death is pain for the living/the constant shock of vanishment of someone one loves. i do NOT romanticize this "life". Life is unkind.The challenge is to be kind in a cruel world.

Regards Punk Philosophy: Punk Philosophy holds we are born into BS and we reject the Pollyana BS that this is a good place .

So we stoically do the work bit, the ball and chain, putting in our bloody 'ell time.But damned if we are such brainwashed bots to romanticize it.

Underlying to punk philosophy is Buddhism.

i feel being demanded to get on your knees to thank a creator is some horrid EGO-TRIP that feeds off subservient devotion

But like a Buddhist, i do believe in other worlds, but this one must be the Basement (or maybe the sewer beneath the basement).

i rather be nothing, utterly annihilated on death rather than fart around in this Carbon-Based Biologic Machine. This skin wrapped around a mix on waste material and living cells, where my intestines are but a colony for benign E.Coli, and where 6 kinds of bacteria live on everybodies inner elbow NO matter the washing---yup, adapted to live their life on the inner elbow of humans.

i have NO problem with atheists, i can see their point of view, but i do have beliefs of much other than this----but that is another story.

i just don't want people to think my view is rooted in atheism, as i was a militant atheist until something happened 48 years ago--what that was is my business.i never speak it.

Live like you will live forever,live like you will die tomorrow.

i think the REAL JESUS was a totally COOL GUY that has nothing in common with CRW assholes that preach Jesus---if Jesus was alive today he would tell them to all go "Fu-- Off!".Gone1001/max
And this is an admission to how deep my hope is, not just for myself but for all that endure this thing "called life"(i have never been able to call a biologic body doomed to death as life but, instead, sort of a cruel TEASER, harumph!:), and , as this indicates, the message(paraphrased don't have quote in front of me "He who is hurtful to the least is hurtful of me" That Jesus guy, said some really neat stuff(When studies to learn the BS remarks the Church RAMMED INTO To Bible a 100 years after his death many things Jesus Never Said Nor Did:) But i preach nothing, i only care what is in a person's heart.///A few things he never said or did. One Jesus performed ZERO Miracles.He as PERSONALITY Bubbling With Real Life And Passion(including a Passion To Care!) He never said anything what so ever about founding a new religion. There never was a Euchurist/T heChurch stole it from Mithraism and put the whole lie of Eucharist in Bible 100 or so years after the crucifiction. Note:Paul Of Tarsus (the earliest source we have:about 35C.E. Never refers to Jesus performing a miracle; in fact he says the ONLY THING one need believe to be a "christian" was to believe in the resurrection(Remember The Letters of Paul includes some written by Pseudo Paul( He was the flaming idiot Woman Hater that pretended to be Paul--probably was some creep in the Vatican. But the real creep/hypocrite/lunatic was Augustine of Hippo: you want an Anti-Christ you need look no farther than Augustine. i shock catholics by saying he removed Jesus from the Church and Replaced him with himself:Augustine But i need note i have LOVE for Liberation Catholics(They are Anti-Vatican The Vatican is Anti-Them.) The 8 Maryknoll Sisters that were assassinated were Liberationist and we now KNOW they were killed by henchment of ruling ultra rightwing which had council and support in all matters by the C.I.A..--yada yada--i close here.(Weston Priory defied U.S.Government and gave Guatamalan Refugees Sanctuary to keep U.S. from arresting them to deport them back to the sadistic fascist government the U.S. was BACKING--that little Priory is Liberationist)
Ah well, i can't avoid this parting shot; i saw Pasolini's "The Gospel According To Matthew"(Which Matthew The Disciple Did NOT Write!) in 1964 this was my reaction This i put here is from Private Site: i quote "Don'tSayThatMax:TellThemLies:TalkOfGod'sThroneAndHis Wimp"PleaseKickMe"SonByHisSide. YouKnowThatZomboidCreepyDudePasoliniCreated.ThisScene.TalkAb­­outBad!. HatedThisMovie. JesusDidNoMiracles;HeWasPersonality.BubblingWithLife.(RealLi­­fe!AndNotThisPasolini'sDrip!) RepeatThereWereNoSayingsOnTheCross.AnotherHugeLie:HeWasInSil­­entAgony:" The scene here

The preceding quote is worth considering all conjecture of a metaphysic nature is now legitimate as we now know with certainty Dark Matter Exists.That debate has ended.
It is now then to what does this incredible change in our knowledge mean, one result is that Physics and Metaphysics have now interfaced, for these new events are the death of Materialism. The fact of Dark Matter and Dark Energy being existent has destroyed the fundamental foundation of Hard-Core Materialism(to the question " is that all there is?" Hard-Core Materialist answer "Yes!!!" but that answer has now been shown to be ultra invalid. The Material World(that being the world that is of Elemental Mass) is now known to be indeed but a small fraction of the all that is--thus it is time for hardcore-materialist to connect a few dots or they will be as ludicrous as creationist.. Max

Five Part history of DarkMatter/DarkEnergy, this video(in 5 parts)has its definite major limitations but gives a fine foundation to getting at the history of this: it, however, contains the huge CONCEIT that our 4% Universe is the only one that contains life.This once again revealing the colossal NARROW MINDEDNESS of Man.

The presumption that because the Universe is Expanding into absolute destruction is ONLY the evaluation(and correct one i believe) for the minute little bit we know, the meagre 4%.

As one Nobelist has stated, these latest awakenings are implying we, THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE WE STUDY, is like IRRELEVANT, like it is some pollution in the rest.

Man people that can't lite up over that i do not comprehend.

Key point to consider is that scientist MUST in their for publication work MUST be very conservative in what is said, but i assure you off the record The OutRiders are ablaze with conjecture about the AWESOME implications--it is not uncommon to hear the phrase "Mind-Blowing".

One key, this darkness bit is so misunderstood, for instance it could indeed BE LIGHT, but out of the spectrum of Human technology to perceive, yes, as it could well be ANOTHER kind of Light, this is a wide open mystery.

There is nothing to say it could not move at speeds far faster than the "Speed of Light" for that is ONLY a limitation for Einstein's Universe(we already have the concept of Shadow Speed).

Yes we are here stepping beyond Einstein's Universe, and it appears Einstein's Universe is ONLY 4% of what is, when Saganite Level knowledge believed it was ALL that is----yes this is A REVOLUTION, but fact, hard fact, the majority in the world humans do NOT like revolutions in knowledge.

So we that do will remain in our private realm networking while the rest SNOOZE(that is the nature of the human race, it is NO WAY oneness, there is always(Thank G-d!) the roques/the outsiders/the explorers of the unknown, but they are ALWAYS a small minority and society does all it can to destroy them, but they NEVER WILL!!!!!

i dedicate this to the rebels/the outsiders/those that are born to fight CHAINS, those that seek the OUTER LIMITS and then to go beyond.GONE1001/max90(The 5 parts up to about 45 minutes)

i give link to post where i address the error of the word DARK being used, and how it gravely misleads
i blame science for the terrinble choice of words, they should just have said UNKNOWN MATTER and UNKNOWN ENERGY, but this terrible term got embedded because at first at least 90% of cosmologisyt/physicist thought "this stuff" was but non-light emitting elemental mass. That view has been annihilated except the scientist that are of the type that rejected Copernicus, or called Pasteur crazy, this type of doltheaded scientist will always be a part of the scientific community when science is in REVOLUTION.Max
link to post that addresses this(this was corrected 3/18/13) This paragraph dedicated Giordano Bruno.


Quote From the book The Black Swan

NASSIM TALEB writes "Most (advice) consisted of recommendations such as ' be measured and reasonable in your statements,' contradicting the Black Swan idea, since empirical reality is NOT 'measured' and its own version of 'reasonableness' does NOT correspond to the conventional definition.To be genuinely empirical is to reflect reality as faithfully as possible, to be honorable implies, NOT fearing the appearance and consequences of being OUTLANDISH."

i can say i have practiced this oft as a poster these past years though i had no idea a brilliant communicator was to write a book that eloquently approaches this methodology.Max

UTUBE "Radio Like Transmission" We Could Dance And Test Our Love Dedicated To: IanCurtis/JoyDivision

Two Jefferson quotes

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

Every generation needs a new revolution.
Beatles LIVE 1968:Rare: "Revolution"

i spent 1967 through to 1972 a quite active activist When mcGovern got destroyed against ThatEvilCreepNixon; i decided to Boycott Politics; And i loss all faith in The United Stares Public As In "The Main" i was still so NAIVE!!!! i couldn't believe Nixon could win. Hope For This Country Died For Me In 1972: It Remains Dead. Phil Ochs, who died by Suicide in 1979, had / per his Last Will And Testament demand/ had his gravestone read "Died Chicago 1968" Mine Should Read "Died Election Day 1972"

Key issues PKD/ Non-Elemental Mass/ Jacob Boehme/GrouchoMarxism:)
/**What happens to a revolutionary after he turns 65?/** SCTV-Canada was the best//** If G-d does NOT exist(somewhere) yikes we are in trouble:)/** If Bush was a mosquito he would be an Aedes aegypti /**The Movie "PI" /** antitotalitarianism /** i am so Far Left i might be Right/** DaffyDuck and yes Mel Blanc was a Great Man /** The Beliefs of the Hopi Elders and all things Mystic/** DavidFosterWallace author of Infinite Jest loved the man Bless Him/** Tom Paine was TOO GOOD for this world/** Link to my inevitability post This also applies to what i call The Entropic Nature of all False Systems*********************************a favorite site We do better in attacking the dark powers with truth and NOT fantasies/**.
Three quotes spawned from my zonked noggin:)
***He played his video game night and day.The MAZE of Death.But that is the game we all are in, the trick, don't believe it.Get above it all and imagine nothing is what it seems.Kill the machine.Max90**
***The belief that through the ages there has been a world conquest conspiracy theory gives people but an excuse for not facing the world is a sick chaos where the lust for power by divergent self-interest power groups by RANDOM collisions blend into a homogenization of evil that ends up ruling the world .Max90*********************************************************************************"

What good can be said about life when it is evident it only proceeds from the ancient SWAMP to the now by DEVOURING itself Max90


" The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice." Mahatma Gandhi*************************************************************

links below are to posts about dark energy/ dark matter/non-elemental mass for those that might be interested.Why should one indulge in study of my dark matter/dark energy/matrix cosmology links? Answer "The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science." Albert Einstein*******************************************The Hidden Universe /Out There ( this is first rate in approachability to anyone. --max) *************

Very High Frequency Radiation Makes Dark Matter Visible Matter Emits Gamma Rays, X-Rays, EUV Ultraviolet Rays Constants (June 2005,S.A. Magazine) Accelerating universe is the idea that our universe technica number one event in 2006 for Observational Physics:" the matter of "dark matter/dark energy" changes almost surely EVERYTHING we THOUGHT matter hides, physicists seek THE MATRIX: MARTIN REES critical note on this link: Lord Martin Rees does believe in Anthropomorphism. I do NOT.Rees knowledge is essential but i do NOT agree with all of what he interpolates from these mattters.That is mos def.Max90*************************************************************

in this video they will flash a picture they do not explain--i posted this to S.A. a couple years ago so to point out something about that picture.i think it will go a long way showing elemtal mass and Dark(Unkown)Mass be indeed an OTHERNESS.

When i get time i will explain more of what they observed in these two galaxiies in head on collision, but let's just say one Galaxy is A and the 2nd Galaxy is B where The Unknown Matter(unknown matter could be bright with color and light, BUT outside our spectrum , out side even x-rayss and ultraviolet light.) Constitutes 90% of the Mass of each Galaxy.
[Aside:The colors we know is only because we have seen them, a person 100% blind can not picture any color.
So as we could not picture a color if never seen.]

O.K. the Unknown Matter is stained BLUE all known matter is stained RED.
As A and B Crash into each other at an incredible velocity one sees the BLUE A pass through BLUE B so you have BLUE B where BLUE A had been and BlueA where BlueB had been, as they have passed through each other with No Pain/No Strain, even though their total gravity majorly exceeds the REDMass.
As BLUE A and BLUE B pass through each other, The RedA and RedB clump into one mass of UTTER DESTRUCTION such say then that every single planet of theREDMass is annihilated, pulverized , all becomes death.
But the BLUE that surrounds a planet and is even within aRED Planet, has zero destruction.
This is why they are now conjecturing there may be in huge numbers Galaxies that are 100% Unknown Matter and thus not detectable--what are these invisble worlds????
The great physicist Richard Feynman said Science is like putting your imagination into a straight jacket as you must somehow prove, give evidence for your imaginings but Voila a Cosmological Physicist in a Scientific American Article has offeRED some evidence to base a hypothesis that we are wrong to think this vast UNKNOWN INVISIBLE is inert--but has VITALITY, that he has gotten computer created images that demonstrate the Unknown Matter have a web of highways throughout the Universe, one massive unified COBWEB(edit:10/21/2011, see next photo for this:Bill/Max)----stimulating to the grey cells are brain, no?:) Max

Exceptional Video! Need watch to its' end or don't watch at all WhatWeDon'TKnow/AreWeReal? Part 3 BBC series

Today; 3/11/2013(this profile was started in 2007! LOL!) i close with song COLONY

Sugiero la palabra Colonia: Considere las palabras "se quedó solo en esta colonia" Y, por último, pensar y amar, pero tenga en mente la justicia. .El amor sin justicia es ciega, pero el verdadero amor no es ciego

Me:Now:) "71 and my race about run. But i can say, as in AutoSuggestion" i tried. Peace/Lovespecial To Any That Actually Went Thru This Profile All The Way To This Last Link "Autosuggestion"(VBG:)
He Vivido Una Vida

Una Vez y Para Siempre
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