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A place to share info and have discussion, mostly on dividend stocks, but including ETFs, CEFs, mutual funds, and other income producing investments. The overall goal being to build a growing income stream, portfolio growth being secondary. With an abundance of very intelligent and experienced posters, and no real functioning retirement board on SI, imho a good place for any retirement questions or concerns.

My personal favorite book to give any young person. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

Two thread favorite reads:

The Single Best Investment: Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth by Lowell Miller

2006 Edition available as a free PDF online. Introduction and first 46 pages required reading imho.

The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight and Independence for Today's Investor by Josh Peters

Descriptions of Achievers, Aristocrats, and Champions:

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Printable list here:

Here's a handy website (courtesy of another board). The home page gives dividends, total return, dividend growth rate for various time periods and the like for any stock going back as far as 1970.

There's also a drop down menu ( top right ) where you can pull up inflation rate, S&P earnings and the like since 1960.

This site will give you a the 3 and 5 year dividend growth.

Dividend Safety Scores:

Another helpful site:

A few more some could find handy:

Stock screener:
All things closed end funds:
Dividend news:
Preferred stocks and baby bonds:

I am going to track my IRA here and update it monthly. Anyone who would like to do the same, I will link to the header. Real world always being better than hypothetical.

Current portfolio: Message 31733224
You can start at the beginning and follow over time by reading replies:

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29663Geoffrey, I would like it if you are correct, as it would benefit my spouse shoKip S150 minutes ago
29662For some in these uncertain times wrt SS future, the bird in hand is now... if tJimisJim54 hours ago
29661If Sam waits until he is 70 to claim social security, he gets a higher benefit. geoffrey Wren-5 hours ago
29660The way I see it is 8% annualized return. I have a hard time doing that on my oE_K_S15 hours ago
29659Maverick - part of the function of these threads is to educate oneself and learnRarebird-5 hours ago
29658I did not know that. Sometimes I learn something by speaking up. Thanks.edward miller-6 hours ago
29657Yes, my wife will get nothing, nada, zip, zero SS benefits whether I'm aliveJimisJim17 hours ago
29656Edward, your main point is correct, but your middle paragraph needs some clarifiKip S-7 hours ago
29655Yesterday I went to the SS website to see my numbers. I am no longer working anDaYooper18 hours ago
29654This sentence is not correct: ----- Lastly, for a married person with higher incedward miller-2 PM
29653That is a very individual answer applicable only to your situation. The reason maverick61-2 PM
29652The 8% is applied as 2/3% per each month you defer after the age when you are elresearch1234-12 PM
29651You are correct, I was recalling the % from a previous incarnation of the law.research1234-12 PM
29650Ah, your benefit is increased by delayed retirement credits and the impact of adresearch1234-12 PM
29649And if you are wondering how I figured out the percentage increase, I subtractedRarebird-12 PM
29648I just logged onto my social account and I can absolutely verify thRarebird-12 PM
29647There are two ways of looking at Social Security: as an investment, and as a fitgeoffrey Wren211 AM
29646Here at the Lake property (Stateline NV) the water bill is $200/month which 90% E_K_S110 AM
29645Good Question. I'm waiting for 70 - I do not know the specifics. Bobrobert b furman-10 AM
29644<i>8 % per year</i> Is that an annual event, on your birthday? orTigerPaw-10 AM
29643I believe it is 8 % per year after FRA (full Retirement Age) or 32% after the forobert b furman410 AM
29642I’m pretty sure the delayed retirement increase is 6% per year after full retireresearch1234-10 AM
29641<i>our well water is probably cleaner than what they're selling... surTigerPaw110 AM
29640I hear ya, Steve... I'm about as "rural" as one can be here in NW JimisJim-9 AM
29639I will have to log on to the SS website to confirm, but I was under the impressiRarebird39 AM
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