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1430I"m getting adds on the lock screen. I didn't get anything other thanStock Puppy110/4/2017
1429Yep, hard to generalize since things are so specific to each situation, but moreQuantHead-10/1/2017
1428Which is one of the reasons why I said its the general trend. Maybe even that sTimF-10/1/2017
1427Not necessarily. Total traffic doesn't say anything about the quality of thQuantHead-10/1/2017
1426None takenTimF-9/23/2017
1425I understand that, I was simply pointing out it's an inherently unequal (andJ.F. Sebastian19/23/2017
1424I wasn't trying to make an equal comparison between iPhones and Androids. ITimF-9/22/2017
1423On the hardware specs side, you're comparing apples to oranges, no pun intenJ.F. Sebastian19/21/2017
1422Forgot to mention another advantage of the S7. You can add a storage card. HavTimF-9/21/2017
1421I had a iphone 5c. Its been replaced by a Galaxy S7. What I like more about eaTimF19/21/2017
1420[youtube video] youtube.comTimF28/30/2017
1419Technically ad blocking isn''t under attack, the site that was remove frTimF-8/30/2017
1418What We Get Wrong About Technology Blade Runner (1982) is a magnificent film, bTimF18/29/2017
1417Ad blocking is under attack 11 August 2017 on Industry news Well, this is hTimF18/29/2017
1416 Should the ceiling fan direction be turned to clockwise or counterclockwiStock Puppy18/27/2017
1415From FPL EnergyNews August 2015 Should the ceiling fan direction be turnSr K-8/26/2017
141410 Most Common Ways to Make Money with Your Website 1 - AffiliTimF18/23/2017
1413If it's true, then the site would benefit whether or not the visitor saw theStock Puppy-8/23/2017
1412Am I incorrect in saying that the more traffic to a site, the more that the siteTimF-8/23/2017
1411Likely a contributing factor is the adblocker blocker probably misfires enough aStock Puppy-8/23/2017
1410While I'm glad to see that major websites blocking adblockers were seeing a J.F. Sebastian28/22/2017
1409Penetrating a Casino's Network through an Internet-Connected Fish Tank AttacTimF18/22/2017
1408The Ether Thief by Matthew Leising bloomberg.comTimF-8/22/2017
1407Sites that block adblockers seem to be suffering Martin Anderson Thu 21 Apr 2016TimF-8/21/2017
1406How Google fought back against a crippling IoT-powered botnet and won Behind theTimF28/19/2017
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