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Biotech / Medical
Immunomedics (IMMU) - moderated
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Welcome to the troll-free, moderated message board for Immunomedics (IMMU).

IMMU is in a very exciting phase, one that promises real benefits for patients.

As far as the company is concerned:
- the new management (aka Gold for the proxy ballot color) is delivering on the stated plan
- the BLA for TNBC has been accepted by the FDA, target action date is January 18, 2019.
- there are other possible indications for Sacituzumab Govitecan (IMMU-132).
- the share price has enjoyed a very nice run-up since January 2017
- for the first time in a long time there's quite a bit of cash in the bank
- IMMU is building out staff, the expectation is that sales cycles start in late 2018/early 2019.

The above doesn't include other drug candidates, possible partnerships and the like. With the above in mind, here are links to a few posts, resources, and sites you might want to peruse:

- IMMU's status:
-- Company website:
-- News release about BLA for TNBC being accepted:
-- Staff build-out:
-- Company goal (stand-alone biopharma): Msg # 46214
-- Other irons in the fire besides TNBC: Msg # 45237
-- BLA approval timeline is Q1, 2019.

- Thoughts on this year's ASCO presentation (June 3, 2018):
-- Msg # 45911
-- Msg # 45929

- Buyout rumors and why they're almost, but not quite totally, a waste of electrons: Msg # 46157


This board is moderated, meaning the moderator (me) can stop people from posting here if they violate our norms. What are "our norms"? Well, be adult, play nice about sums it up. There are three responses I encourage for keeping the discussion civil and useful when you encounter a post that annoys you. In order of preference:

1> report a ToU violation to the SI admins via the link at the bottom of each post, they're good at dealing with problems.

2> send the person who posted a private message and work it out. Privately.

3> send me a private message. Wait a couple of days before doing so please, I'll usually see the message in that time frame and act (or not).

4> stay focused on IMMU and leave politics out of it, even by inference. There are numerous forums you can spend as much time expounding on your favorite "why (insert favorite hot-button) is evil", we don't need to reiterate all that here.

5> do not engage in discussions about poster's motivations, etc. First of all, it's unprovable. Second I'd rather not wade through the inevitable pointless back-and-forth over something that'll never be settled anyway.

This board provides a forum for honest, civilized and friendly conversation. It is not a vehicle for spam or hidden agendas. New posters are not only welcome but are an important way to bring additional information and insights to the board. Over the years new posters have been welcomed into the group and have helped make the board successful. However, if you’re a new poster it is especially important to be sure that material assertions, be they pro or con, are thoughtful and supportable. While all posters must abide by the TOU, leeway can and will be granted to long-time posters who have made substantive contributions to the board and whose credibility has been established.

Please consider becoming a paid member. The SI admins do a very good job at keeping this board useful/fun. If you derive value from this forum, then SI deserves your support!

Finally, we all have internet connections and the like, please just skip all the breathless "It's up/down $X.Y in the first hour!" posts. Short-term price moves are generally noise anyway absent major news so we can wait until the evening to discuss price moves if we discuss them at all.

Again, welcome! I think you'll find this a place to learn about and contribute to others' understanding of IMMU and its prospects.

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50344FDA posted the summer 453 - on 2/12/2019 because it was a "Most&JoeP1-an hour ago
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50342presentation [graphic]winners1812yesterday
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50338That was a nice event... felt like giving space to Recarte's friend. JJINV3Thursday
50337Finally, maybe all the speculation is over..alwayshope2Thursday
50336Has no one posted or have I been banned?rodneyh07-Thursday
50335If there are any prayer warriors out there, just asking for my buddy and long tirecarte30Wednesday
50334What management would do when it looked like a financing was needed was to put iidahoranch11Wednesday
503332 years ago SGEN was willing to pay $2 Billion for IMMU. $250 million up front.EMU2-Tuesday
50332They are a biotech hedge fund and while they were aware of Emab in SLE they staystockdoc771Tuesday
50331Perhaps your can recommend to SEGN to buy out IMMU - That way everybody wins...JJINV-Tuesday
50330Does 132 (or derivative there of ) work on BHP (benign hyperplasa <sp) of thsamcat500-Tuesday
50329Does anyone know of how Benzahd Group heard of Immunomedics ? The giant leap is samcat500-Tuesday
50328To be clear, SGEN has been a core holding of mine for decades; I'm not dissicsbiomajor2Tuesday
50327I am with IMMU since 2006, based on the history, Shorts are always right todate,Karuna1-Tuesday
50326Hard to do an apples to apples comparison but clearly both drugs are active. Thecsbiomajor11Tuesday
50325JJINV, Those were posted prior but from a site other than FDAerippetoe2Tuesday
50324I do not think these have been posted before... appears the August CEDR reports.JJINV1Tuesday
50323AT LAST.... A convivial exchange.... appears your plea was heeded IdahoDietman-Tuesday
50322Ok thank you!!!Teetime-Tuesday
50321SGEN, but they did come out of ph I safety trials and are now in an ongoing pivoweatherproof-Tuesday
50320Sorry if I seem a little confused. But when I was reading this morning we saw soTeetime-Tuesday
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