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More than half the population of USA agrees that the Hollywood crowd and liberal-biased media CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC, NY Times are big losers in many ways. Proof of that fact should be deposited here as well.--- of the moronic Media who consider themselves "elites" and we consider merely obnoxious airheads: Geo Soros'Media Matters, Maureen Dowd-NY Times, Chris Matthews,Krugman-NY Times,Tom Brokaw-NBC, LA Times, Daily KOS, Arianna HuffnPuff. Message 20806862
List of empty headed, LaLaland types who should keep their political opinions to themselves:Bill Moron Maher,Sean Screwball Penn,Bill Pudgey Baldwin,Whoopi Foul-mouthed Goldberg,Geo Clueless Clooney,Rosie O'Donnell,Susan Sarandon,Barbra Streisand,? Fey and many more.(Their following is pathetically small it's about the same miniscule size as MSNBC's audience. Both groups pander to the radical left libs. FOX news & conservative entertainers have much larger audiences...Clint Eastwood comes to mind)

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213098kenny here is a poll your fake news can't deal with lol [graphic]rayrohn-an hour ago
213097…."<I>Trump should have them all placed under arrest</I>".lorne-5 hours ago
213096Trump should have them all placed under arrestDeplorableIrredeemableRedneck-6 hours ago
213095DOJ stonewalling Trump order to release Russia docs Unredacted FISA application,lorne11 PM
213094Red wave coming? Newt Gingrich: Texas offers a blueprint for a red wave electiotonto212 PM
213093Democrats Don’t Fear Brett Kavanaugh, They Fear The Constitution thefederalist.cDeplorableIrredeemableRedneck312 PM
213092"Plastic does not ‘poison’ anything. It’s non-toxic.... It’s litter, not pogrusum211 AM
213091Straw Ban Straw Man Policymakers should let people suck in peace. Christian BritTimF111 AM
213090Kavanaugh Has Edge in Voter Trust, But 29% Undecided in PoliticsTideGlider-11 AM
213089AMERICA UNLEASHED: Stock Market HITS ALL TIME HIGH, Unemployment at 49 YEAR LOW DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck310 AM
213088My bet is on POTUSDeplorableIrredeemableRedneck110 AM
213087The Democrats have gone from a lost election to a confident cup and now they areTideGlider410 AM
213086DEMOCRATS 5 hours ago Anti-Kavanaugh voices Hirono, Feinstein took campaign catonto110 AM
213085Heading for a constitutional crisis if the FBI doesn't comply with Trumps orTideGlider59 AM
213084[graphic]FUBHO19 AM
213083comrade...IMO, young students brains are being programmed and have been programmlorne49 AM
213082EXCLUSIVE: Cornell tells students if they are 'privileged' or 'oppreTimF18 AM
213080[graphic]FUBHO-12 AM
213079Alan nails it! [graphic]DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck6yesterday
213078How it went down... [graphic]DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck1yesterday
213077Shallow move... [graphic]DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck4yesterday
213076Democrats fear............... About time they are on the receiving end!Joe Btfsplk2yesterday
213075Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Yearbook Was Scrubbed to Hide Culture of Raclorne4yesterday
213074Make no mistake, the Dems are NOT interested in truth & justice in the case DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck4yesterday
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