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The purpose of this board is global economic trend analysis. It will cover commodities such as oil, gold, silver, and copper, as well as currencies, interest rates, and US treasuries.

We will attempt to perform cross trend analysis such as but not limited to: how rising or falling interest rates will affect gold, silver, and oil; how a rate cut or hike in Europe might affect a hike or cut in the US; how a falling US$ might affect a rate cut decision in the UK, Europe, or Australia.

This board is most interested in interest rate plays in all the major currencies: US$, Euro, Canada, and Australia. We are also interested in major market indicies: US, India, Nikkei, etc, but we are not looking for discussion on individual stocks.

Market anlaysis can include what is happening on the housing scene in the US, UK, Australia, etc, fundamental analysis of US treasuries, discussion of commentary from Mauldin, Roach, Fleck or others, and/or technical analysis of currencies, gold or silver.

Our aim is to be on the correct side of the great inflation/deflation/stagflation debate that is raging on SI and elsewhere. Our discussion of these global trends will hopfully help us make better investment decisions in light of fluctuating global economic conditions.

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116413I think "Jill Stein has a show on RT" is akin to saying Michael AvenatElroy Jetson-July 9 Glenn Greenwald July 8 2018, 1:19 a.m. [graphic] Photo: ColinBroken_Clock1July 9
116411laundering operations for Eastern Europeans the Trump group has been busy doing Joe Btfsplk-July 7
116410Yeah right so vote for Democrats who care only about power!golfer72-July 7
116409IRS cooperation with major businesses is quite to the money laundering operationElroy Jetson-July 7
116408some years ago is quite diff than what happens today mateggersh-July 6
116407add in corporate tax evasion Some years ago I sold a tiny business to a conglomJoe Btfsplk-July 6
116406It's not even close and then add in corporate tax evasion and such and it beggersh2July 6
116405Well Elroy, my medicare got hammered when the messiah crammed the ACA through...Broken_Clock1July 6
116404Be sure to vote Republican so we can be sure to eliminate Medicare.Elroy Jetson-July 6
116403Hawaii would hardly be called a Republican enclave. And we consistently rank abBroken_Clock-July 6
116402That's the magic of Republican "tax cuts". High Taxes are shiftedElroy Jetson-July 6
116401I agree My effective tax rate after deductions for State and fed last year was Broken_Clock-July 6
116400everything since 08 has pretty much been an illusion for all but the 1%.ggersh1July 5
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