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I Will Continue to Continue, to Pretend....
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I Will Continue to Continue, to Pretend....

This thread was created to expose & debunk:

- biased, slanted, false, deceptive, distorted & misleading "news",
- baseless & unsubstantiated opinions stated as fact,
- revisionist history,
- recycled, discredited propaganda,
- smears, slanders & acts of treachery,
- intentional misinformation.
- outright lies &
- all manner of reality defying claptrap.

We will do it with real facts & credible, independently verifiable evidence from reputable sources.

It boggles the mind to see otherwise intelligent people zealously clinging to alternate world views even as time & events unfold in stark contrast to these stated POV's.
    "The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie --
deliberate, contrived and dishonest -- but the myth --
persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."
-- John F. Kennedy

The following blog entry almost perfectly describes why this thread was created (Dr. Sanity's blog entry was posted on this thread by Brumar89.):

Message 23247011

This is but a sample of that post:
    The essence of psychological denial is a refusal to look at 
or acknowledge reality....
    One of the most serious psychological challenges that any
human being must face is to face reality, particularly
when the consequences of confronting truth are personally
unpleasant and very painful. That is exactly what
psychological denial seeks to avoid doing....
    Anna Freud once wrote that the ego of a child in denial
"refuses to become aware of some disagreeable reality....
It turns its back on it, and in imagination reverses the
unwelcome facts."
    Fortunately, reality exists outside of one's head and is 
objective and verifiable. It is not altered by whim,
desire, lies or myth.
- Dr. Sanity

I strongly suggest you read the whole thing if you wish to fully understand what this thread is attempting to do - expose "psychological denial and self-delusion" that permeates the political landscape, that for whatever reason has widely impacted those on the left.

Any subject is fair game here as long as it directly pertains to what is described above. Be advised! If your opinions are based mostly on "feelings", "emotions" & the "opinions" of your like minded peers, then this thread is not for you.

For those so inclined feel free to discuss any of the issues brought here as long as it is civil & reality based. Please limit your discourse to issues that can consistently be supported with facts & credible evidence from reliable, independently verifiable sources.

Disagreements are welcome - even vehement disagreements. If you are going to debate differing POV's, civilly attack the subject matter, not the person. Yes, you can on occasion use strident rhetoric (the keys are frequency of use & accuracy). I'll have a very low tolerance for personal attacks & uncivil behavior aimed at anyone*.

If something you post is challenged, be prepared to provide reality based evidence to support it. Just because you or your ideological peers fervently believe something doesn't make it reality based. That won't work here. If you fail to adequately respond when challenged, you will be warned. Repeat offenders will be banned**.

I have no illusions this thread will ever be wildly popular. That was never the point. The standards here are quite high & they will remain that way. Quality trumps quantity on this thread. I'd rather there be a scant few reality based discussions than hundreds of dishonest partisan diatribes, invective laced smears, slander, misinformation & propaganda based on an inflexible political ideology.

If this isn't your cup of tea, fine. Move On.
There's plenty of other threads where almost anything goes - It will not be tolerated here.

* Personal attacks, name calling, insults, etc., directed at anyone will be dealt with harshly.
Yes you can be civil & still point out harsh yet reality based truths (again the keys are frequency of use & accuracy). I.E., when someone has repeatedly lied or asserts discredited propaganda as fact, etc., I do allow appropriate descriptors to be used only when it can be clearly substantiated. Do not use those descriptors as an excuse to attack or marginalize.

** As thread moderator, I will be the final arbiter of what is & what is not acceptable for this thread. Bans will generally be temporary suspensions that will increase in length for repeat violations. Be advised, trolls will not be tolerated.
    "Do you love truth for truth’s sake, and will you endeavor
impartially to find and receive it yourself, and communicate
it to others?" - Benjamin Franklin
    “Most people nurture the facts that confirm their world 
view and ignore or marginalize the ones that don't, unable
to achieve enough emotional detachment from their own
political passions to see the world as it really is.”
- David Brooks
    None are so blind as those who will not see

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