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Welcome to the Gold board!

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This board is dead.... nobody seems to have an interest in gold. What a perfect time to buy!
I took over the reigns after it seems the original moderator moved on to other pursuits.

I write for Seeking Alpha and my own web site:
Back in 2011 after gold hit $1,856.40, I submitted an article warning that the price of gold had reached a major resistance level. My article was rejected because it didn't have "fundamental analysis" so I suggested on Ground Zero's board that maybe they had too many gold advertisers the I posted the graph on my web site:
with this text:
August 25, 2011. This graph shows the price of gold (more gold charts and current quote) from January 1, 2000 through August 24, 2011. The dashed green lines show major support levels. The dashed red line shows the major resistance level line that has been tested three times in the past decade. I also show GLD, the exchange traded fund for gold.
It looks like that resistance line marked a top. Last year I wrote an article showing where I thought the major support levels were at for a potential bottom:
and posted a new article today (3/10/15) showing this support line holding
I'll keep this from the former moderator:
I'd like to add a disclaimer at this time.

I post here for fun and to create discussion about Technical Analysis. Under no circumstances should anyone take anything I post as investment advice since it isn't. I started the thread for discussion and that is all.

Further I have no control over other posters claims they make regarding the markets and individual stocks since this is an open forum and only posts of abusive or repeatedly foolish nature would ever cause me to ban someone.

Happy trading to all : )
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