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Since the Laughter thread has degenerated into a politcal name calling and spam posting cesspool, I thought it was time to start a moderated thread so political bickering could be totally eliminated and what was once considered a joke thread could return to its roots without the unwanted interruptions of people who have no consideration for others.

Of course, NEW political jokes are fine, as are non-joke humor like URLs to funny sites. Since I'll be the moderator, I'll be able to kick out violators so folks who read the thread everyday won't have to suffer again through the garbage recently posted on the Laughter thread.

Any poster that shows a m.o. of attacking a political figure or party other than once in a blue moon is out of here.

Consider this the new, improved, Laughter thread. Hope it works.

July 11, 2002 Amendment: No comments to other posters, just jokes or humor. Use the PM function if you want to communicate to someone

June 14, 2012 Amendment.....No political jokes or cartoons anymore--- the Laughter thread seems to specialize in that sort of thing, which is usually offensive to those who don't agree with the premise. Please post political cartoons on that thread from now on. Thanks.
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4337Why are pool tables green? [graphic] If your balls were racked, you’d be greenTomato15 hours ago
4336Three Jewish women are eating lunch. The waiter comes over and asks: [graphic] Tomato-yesterday
4335Just bought a new ‘Lesbian Bed’ from Ikea. Instructions say no nuts or screwing Tomato-Sunday
4334A little girl goes to the barbershop with her father. While her dad is getting hTomato-last Saturday
4333I was having an argument with my friend the other day [graphic] He was saying Tomato-last Friday
4332A Scotsman and Irishman walk into a bar... [graphic] As they walk in the ScotsTomato-last Friday
4331People always ask where I got my incredibly detailed tattoo done, but they neverTomato-last Friday
4330My wife just asked, "What was Jesus' full name?" [graphic] So I Tomato-last Thursday
4329What's the difference between an ISIS outpost and an Iraqi preschool? [grapTomato-last Wednesday
4328The other night my girlfriend and I had parked in a quiet road for a bit of fun Tomato-last Wednesday
4327A guy turns to his wife in bed and whispers, "Did you know it's NationaCautious_Optimist-last Tuesday
4326I ran across some douchbag millennial in the store running his mouth, calling meTomato-last Tuesday
4325Why is it so difficult to remodel x-rated theaters? [graphic] All the walls arTomato-last Tuesday
4324The craziest thing happened at a bar tonight. A woman got her nipple pierced rigTomato-November 4
4323Today in sex ed our teacher asked what’s the difference between a male reproductTomato-November 3
4322My son, while gazing up at the sky, asked me how stars die [graphic] "UsuTomato-November 2
4321There was a man in Jamaica who had only one testicle. Jamaicans being Jamaicans Tomato-November 2
4320On the morning that Daylight Savings Time ended I stopped in to visit my aging fTomato-November 1
4319I got invited to a bad taste halloween party. I was going to go as a suicide vicTomato-October 31
4318Q: Why do skeletons make good comedians? A: They are two humerus. Q: What’s a Tomato1October 31
4317What do rednecks do to celebrate Halloween? [graphic] Pumpkin - What is an OpTomato-October 31
4316I had to break up with my tennis-playing girlfriend. Love meant nothing to her.TimF-October 30
4315I just found out that the mascot for a famous brand of baked goods overdosed on Tomato-October 29
4314Why is the KKK against triathlons? [graphic] They don't believe in the mixTomato-October 28
4313A man goes into a brothel [graphic] He says to the madam, "Hi, I'm a Tomato1October 27
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