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Israel to U.S. : Now Deal with Syria and Iran
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Note: The original moderator has resigned and I [Cyprian] was appointed in his stead. This original subject intro was written by him, and he alone is responsible for its content.

"Israel's order to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran"... Ariel Sharon April 2003

These arrogant words from Sharon's Likudniks help expose Israel's toxic influence over America's domestic and foreign policy. Jewish-American organizations have basically one purpose: to subvert US political, economic, and military power so that it serves Jewish/Israeli ends. This is exactly what they have done and continue to do. The problem is that most Americans are not aware of this.

Israel is certainly not a true ally of the US. Israel is a parasitic nation that merely uses the US to the extent made possible by the Israeli fifth column in the US government. That fifth column, by the way, does not consist only of Jews. There are many Christian-Zionist wackos who are more loyal to Israel than to Jesus and their own native land.
Israeli lobbyists and their Jewish-American neocon comrades in the Department of Defense use their leverage over the media, Congress, and their Zio-Christian collaborators to push America into an Iraqi war primarily for the benefit of the Jewish state. The neocon/Zionist engineered invasion of Iraq has alienated many of America's historical allies, has weakened our military, has diminished our status throughout the world, has destroyed America's moral and Christian vision, and has added substantially to our deficits and financial instability. Now these Israel-First traitors are pushing the Israeli/Zionist demand for an invasion of Iran and Syria. We can expect the Israeli Mossad to facilitate more threats and more terrorist false-flag operations against America, England, etc. in order to soften the American/English populations for more pre-emptive wars on behalf of Israel. An increasing number of prominent Americans are beginning to resist this secret Zionist (both Jewish and Christian) tyranny over our political leaders.

Is it appropriate for this tiny Jewish nation with the help of their Jewish-American and Christian-Zionist collaborators to dictate America's political and military policies ? How should Americans respond to this aggressive and presumptuous subversion of America's internal affairs by Israelis and their treasonous internal Zionists supporters? Is it too much to ask of our leaders that they put America's interests first? Driven by a false theological vision of the future, both Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists are pressuring our government and demanding that the Israeli agenda have priority in shaping America's vision of the future as well as her foreign and military policies.

The excessive influence of Israel over America's political process is having serious economic and political consequences. Thomas Stauffer detailed Israel's economic drain on America in a lecture at the U.S. War College. Mr. Stauffer shows that the total cost of Israel to the U.S. taxpayers since 1973 is $1.6 TRILLION.
This $1.6 TRILLION drain on our economy has come mostly from the general fund which in turn is borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund. Because of this drain, the solvency of our Social Security system is in jeopardy. It is not a stretch to say that the hundreds of billions of taxdollars spent on Israel has, in effect, been stolen from the future benefits of America's seniors. Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan and President Bush are now advocating reducing Social Security payments for our elderly.

In addition to helping bankrupt the Social Security Fund, massive payments to the Jewish state coupled with proxy wars to secure Israel's hegemony over the Middle East are pushing our deficits to dangerous levels. America is presently running a deficit of over $400 billion and the American taxpayers are, in essence, forced to borrow additional hundreds of billions to continue the annual welfare gifts to the Jewish state in addition to the proxy wars fought on behalf of the Zionist state. Congressional leaders are intimidated by the power of the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) and the dominance of Zionists in our news media, and find it increasingly difficult to resist the Jewish demands for more and more billions in handouts to the Jewish state. In 1973 Israel demanded and received some $17 billion in documented handouts( $10 billion in guaranteed loans which are always forgiven, $3 billion for a Kissinger plan that guarantees funding for Israel's oil supplies, and an additional $4 billion in congressional gifts.) This amounts to almost $20,000 for each Jewish family of four living in Israel. While millions of Americans taxpayers are having difficulty making ends meet, they are forced to pay taxes to provide the average Israeli families with $20,000 in welfare. Can we Americans continue to fund this Jewish/ziochristian religious project in the Middle East without bringing economic and spiritual disaster to our own nation?

"Israel to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran

By Aluf Benn
Ha'aretz, April 13, 2003

Two of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's senior aides will go to Washington for separate talks this week. National Security Advisor Efraim Halevy will discuss the regional implications of the Iraq war and the fall of the Ba'ath regime, and the prime minister's bureau chief Dov Weisglass will bring the White House Israel's comments on the "road map" plan for a peace settlement.

Israel will suggest that the United States also take care of Iran and Syria because of their support for terror and pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. Israel will point out the support of Syria and Iran for Hezbollah, which the U.S. considers an important target in the war against international terrorism."
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