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Eason Knew, CNN Eschew
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I'm as stunned as I've ever been..

Eason Jordan has unburdened himself of knowledge of atrocities committed against Iraqis by the Saddam Hussein regime for over a decade. He feels it is now safe to reveal what he knows in a letter to the editor in the New York Times on Friday now that the regime is no more.

You know.. I have to stress the fact that there is a need for a company to protect the people in their employ from harm that may or may not come to them in the course of doing their jobs.

But that does not explain the way CNN covered all of this. You had the President of the United States and a number of his associates, members of his staff and administration almost daily over the past year not only talking about weapons of mass destruction , but talking about the Atrocities! And the Evils! Committed against the population of this country.

It seems to me that Mr. Jordan could have taken his lead anchors over to the side and in private reveal to them what he knew. Now I don't know if he did this but it would be hard to conclude that he did based on CNN's coverage. But he could at least without naming specifics tell them to try harder not to doubt the tales of atrocities coming from Iraq.

You read what he wrote Friday and compare it to the coverage of CNN and there is no connection at all.

This was news worthy content he supressed.

He should be ashamed of himself. Not only him.. But all members of the media and Congress that knew this shit was going on and ignored it.

We have known about the brutality going on in Iraq for years and now we know that Eason Jordan knew on a first hand personal basis.

And what's really different about the debate leading up to this war from past wars is that no matter how much evidence of atrocities that was presented to the main stream media and liberals in this country. They we NOT moved!

They were not moved and Mr. Jordan's piece in the NYT friday proves he was not moved either. At least in the way his network appeared to cover this story. They knew what was going on in those prisons and torture rooms.

The sad reality is that if Eason Jordan knew this stuff a lot of other news exec's and reporters knew it too!! It's hard to believe Mr. Jordan kept all this to himself.

All because of their seething hatred of President Bush!!

How about the phrase uttered by these Liberals we have all come to know and love..

"I support the troops, but oppose the war."

Doesn't that phrase in 20/20 hindsight say it all?

This is a bankrupt statement. Uttered by people that have lost their moral compass and their ability to lead. What this phrase means is they oppose the liberation of millions and millions of Iraqis.

What's the mission of the troops? It's to liberate the population and to change the regime.

I admit that they will deny that when confronted with the meaning of the statement. They'll try to swerve and bend and go around it. But the truth is the truth. They oppose the use of military force so as the suffering of millions might end.

They've cast their lot with the UN bureaucracy and the obstructionism of the French, Germans and Russians. They've sided with this whole appeasement plan in hopes of derailing the President in this war of liberation and embarrassing him so as to score political points against him. Because they hate him that much!

Eason Jordan and his ilk sit there and pass judgement on a man that has had to make life and death decisions every day now for almost 2 years but they don't have the balls to make them themselves. How many lives could have been saved if Mr. Jordan had come forward last November during the debate in the UN? Or better yet.. 12 years ago when this started happening to CNN employees. But he didn't.

And that's the bottom line..
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