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Please note: No flaming allowed. It's OK to be wrong -- if you disagree, criticize the message, not the messenger... that's fine. Ideas are welcome -- but not attackers. They will be banned.

On this thread we discuss trading using mostly TA, with some use of FA when relevant. The special emphasis is on Elliott Wave analysis. We welcome ideas and discussion related to Sentiment, Momentum and Trend Following.

Prechter's Page
Join club EWI and read the free tutorial first. It's basically an online version of Elliott wave Principal. IMO, it is well worth the money to subscribe to EWI services for a while. Reading them regularly, for at least a few months, is probably the best and most cost effective training available. But - would not advise to follow them (or anyone) blindly in your trading. Use your own judgement. Take responsibility. Be in the driver's seat.

Always give a lot of weight to the prevailing trend. E-waves have a tendency to make you look for "completed structures" and too expect reversals. You will find that a lot more often waves will just keep subdividing in the direction of the larger trend. Big, important reversals will happen, of course.... but they're just too uncommon to make looking for them a worthwhile effort.

Watch out! Sometimes, unrelated cycles and events may appear as "meaningful" patterns.... :)
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29929I really do not care.POKERSAM-6 hours ago
29928I like white [3], as I have since Feb. when I noted that in a post to you here. pedro_deleon-yesterday
29927 For the size of fork I think it's early to tell if that tine will hold. JMJack of All Trades-yesterday
29926Here is a chart so we do not lose perspective. Sometimes the insane noise can bPOKERSAM-yesterday
29924Trying to climb back in that tine that broke would expect to fail but could rideJack of All Trades-yesterday
29923That is a little i, ii. It sure is taking its time. iii down will be longer.POKERSAM-yesterday
29922 And another larger fork (RED) lining up nicely... [graphic]Jack of All Trades-yesterday
29921 SPY 5min, following the modified schiff forks nicely, first break, Sam may get Jack of All Trades-yesterday
29920That is a shooting offense!Robohogs-yesterday
29919Lol. I had 450 my year in high school. Smaller of the 2npublic schools then.Robohogs-yesterday
29918We'll see what SPY 284 (283.89) looks like if we get there, that would be .2Jack of All Trades-yesterday
29917Y'all are my age! I think we are young...but dude did call me a "vile kimberley1yesterday
29916I have a lot of friends that work at Kohler. My deer hunting buddy is in R&robert b furman-yesterday
29915I grew up in the country, no kindergarten, only hanging with Grandparents... HeJack of All Trades-yesterday
29914No one could keep the hours, the schedule and have the energy President Trump haPOKERSAM-yesterday
29913Yeah,but I didn't go the Wharton. That's serious stuff. I had a free rrobert b furman-yesterday
29912You are my age! Class of 90 but I flunked kindergarten.Robohogs-yesterday
29911I am a few years younger than you, graduated in '89, calculators were mandatJack of All Trades-yesterday
29910I had a TI calculator. There was a lot of complaining that calculators were unfarobert b furman-yesterday
29909I don't know, look in the mirror maybe? Why bring that up here?Jack of All Trades-yesterday
29908Sorry, engineer in me... My wife and kids hate it too... <VBG>Jack of All Trades-yesterday
29907 No slide rules for me, just HP RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculators... JuJack of All Trades-yesterday
29906Fake news!!sandeep-yesterday
29905For it to reach 0, I hope he starts. How can a 70 year old man be so fat and be sandeep-yesterday
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