The abortion issue: pro-choice vs. anti-abortion
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280"Ireland Votes to End Abortion Ban, in Rebuke to Catholic Conservatism"2MAR$-September 9
279Nobody has more in common with white supremacists than the abortion industry AlGreg or e18/28/2017
278You could argue abortion is actually worse than the Holocaust. Abortion victims golfer7218/9/2017
277Obviously the 'issue is still alive' as should be the child, a spark ofMJ-7/20/2017
276I've started a new thread dealing with the issues surrounding the interrelatGreg or e-9/13/2015 DAKLLCF-3/4/2014
274If President Obama were honest about abortion… By Denny Burk on January 22, 201Greg or e21/22/2014
273What Reduces Abortion Rates? As a follow-up to Sunday’s column on abortionTimF-12/31/2013
272Pro-life doctors banned from presenting scientific evidence at MWIA conference FGreg or e-8/12/2013
271[graphic]Greg or e-7/9/2013
270Texas abortionist twisted heads off living babies, say nurses (Video) by Ben JohGreg or e15/16/2013
269You can't be too strong. [youtube video]Greg or e15/2/2013
268 Bioethics Hates the Light By WeslGreg or e-5/2/2013
267Still think Gosnell is a one off? Sadly, Horribly, Not so much liveaction.orgGreg or e-5/2/2013
266Abortion is slaughter.[graphic] In case the advances in techGreg or e24/12/2013
265Bozell Column: Avoiding Dr. Kermit Gosnell [graphic] Once again the “news” medGreg or e34/7/2013
264I'm not sure what you are trying to say or how it pertains to the abortion iGreg or e-3/18/2013
263I'll take the side of the debate that the government wants me to be on so thposthumousone-3/17/2013
262New Pro-Choice Tactic Equivocates on "Life" As a follow-up to lastGreg or e12/6/2013
261Crushed with regret after an abortion By Denny Burk on January 21, 2013in ChGreg or e11/22/2013
260The Most Widely Misunderstood and Misrepresented Supreme Court Opinion of All TiGreg or e-1/22/2013
259Powerful. Children of rape speak out in support of Mourdock in Indiana [youtubePlayItDown™111/1/2012
258 ‘Abortion is genocide’: UK pro-lifers defend Scottish bishop’s Holocaust compaGreg or e19/26/2012
257What is the unborn? [youtube video] This video is part of a series given aGreg or e19/1/2012
256[youtube video]PlayItDown™48/28/2012
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